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  2. JK Rowling and Chelsea Clinton have gone after Trump on twitter after he spoke about an attack in Sweden that he made up. View the full article at
  3. Tom Daley had sex with another man, and predictably the press is spinning out of control. View the full article at
  4. A child carer was allegedly told not to disclose her sexual identity incase parents of the children thought she was a paedophile. View the full article at
  5. Love how you say it!! And cursing someone, badmouthing someone, angry at someone, etc etc etc are all sins it seems Oh, living on the Earth is a sin as well, because we human are destroying the mother Earth.
  6. Being part of LGBT feels just so great! But given the condition in my country, in terms of gay marriage and punishments, I will choose not to be gay if I ever given the choices.
  7. A wrestling league in a Texas university has had a lawsuit launched against it because a transgender teen won the competition. View the full article at
  8. An 87-year-old woman has trolled Trump from beyond the grave using her obituary. View the full article at
  9. Razors leave behind itchy spots and bleeding so I don't exactly enjoy shaving. There has been at least one occasion when I accidentally shaved off a patch of skin on my leg and wow, was the shower floor bloody. I let my arm hair be since I've never felt the need to shave it off. I still try my best to shave my legs and underarms when necessary though because someone could get frightened if I didn't. Summer is the time for shaving in my case since I tend to wear shorts a lot. I don't shave during winter (if there aren't any gym classes in the swimming bath) - why bother when no one's going to see the effort anyways!
  10. A leading plaintiff in the landmark Roe v Wade case has died at 69. View the full article at
  11. A gay couple in Poland got the opportunity to meet their idol and we’re kind of jealous. View the full article at
  12. A bar and restaurant owner in a conservative part of Florida is aiming to raise LGBT visibility with the help of burgers and drag queens. View the full article at
  13. I asked my gay friends the same question and most of them answered that they would choose to be not an LGBT. Instead, they will choose to be real girls rather than be men LOL Some choose to be straight since it will be less complicated for them. I guess it depends on the person's perspective and preference as well as in the environment they live in
  14. You're right. There's definitely nothing wrong in loving another person, even if it's the same gender. As long as you're not hurting other people, you give love, you don't judge and you are being fair then I believe you're not doing anything wrong I believe no one has the right to judge since nobody is perfect themselves.
  15. Yes they did. They gave some Bible verses and scriptures as their source for their belief. Yeah I agree all of us are sinners in our own way. We commit sins and we don't have the right to judge other people. It's just sad that they treat LGBT people differently as if they aren't human beings at all. I'm straight but I have friends who are LGBT and it's just infuriating if someone discriminates them
  16. Some fans of the BBC singing competition ‘Let it Shine’ are outraged after crucial LGBT lyrics were taken out of a performance of Lady Gaga’s hit Born This Way. View the full article at
  17. The NBA has said that it will monitor state inclusion laws regarding protections for transgender people. View the full article at
  18. WWE wrestler and bodybuilder Nicole Bass has died at the age of 52. View the full article at
  19. Last week
  20. A teenager from Texas was kicked out of his home after his mum found out he was gay, but everybody is loving this rapper’s response. View the full article at
  21. Comedian Larry Wilmore has gone head to head with Breitbart editor and internet troll Milo Yiannopoulos over his treatment of transgender people. View the full article at
  22. The internet is a brilliant breeding ground of all things weird and wonderful. Whether it’s twitter spats from the President, or a funny dog video, you can always find something to make you laugh. The people of reddit have really pulled through this time though, as hundreds of photoshop masters have taken it upon themselves […] View the full article at
  23. Trump’s administration is now in full swing and LGBT activists are gearing up for numerous tough battles ahead. View the full article at
  24. A gay asylum seeker is close to being deported to Uganda by Norway because the court does not believe his sexuality. View the full article at
  25. Tanzania’s deputy health minister has threatened to publish a list of gay people who are allegedly selling sex online. View the full article at
  26. A former RuPaul’s drag race contestant has been arrested on drug possession charges. View the full article at
  27. Delta airlines phone the police on gay rapper Mykki Blanco after a passenger sat next to the singer complained about their appearance. View the full article at
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