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  2. I am disappointed maybe the one who said it could not think beyond her own beauty or was too happy for her achievement. She should have considered the fight of women in the sports field and the way the women are coming up in different sports and fighting for equal pay. I am sure men in show business are making as much impact and participating in different manly beauty contests leave no space for statements like sports are men and beauty contests for women.
  3. I quit smoking almost 12 years before on request of my most beloved. She said "chose out of smoking and me". She won and I admit that I was a chain smoker with 30-35 cigarettes a day. I quit smoking in one go and have never touched a cigarette after that. Now, I see lesser people smoking these days compared to what it was a couple of years back. Probably, they are more aware about smoking hazards.
  4. I agree wholeheartedly with your reply brittney. Love should grow stronger as each day passes. I think when people say they want to take a break they are basically saying they are sick of being around their significant other. I have witnessed relationships that have said they were taking a break, and the break ended up being permanent. I think it should not be for more than one day either.
  5. I am a man so I have no such problem like big or small breasts but if you ask me my personal choice there is nothing wrong in big or small as long the small is flat and the big is as big that it makes its presence felt before the woman herself. I know most men have different choice as far women with big or small boobs go but I prefer smaller size to bigger ones. I don't think it is anything but a psychological problem for most women.
  6. God is Love. One of my favorite Scriptures is 2 Corinthians 5:17. I know since I accepted God into my life, I have become new, his love is unconditional.
  7. The state of Virginia has done away with a bill similar to North Carolina's which would limit transgender bathroom use. View the full article at
  8. Troye Sivan has continued to celebrate LGBT love in his new video for 'Heaven'. View the full article at
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  10. Controversial rapper Azealia Banks has said she would like to perform at President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday. View the full article at
  11. Gender fluid actor Ruby Rose has opened up about considering gender reassignment surgery when she was younger. View the full article at
  12. I don't know about anyone else but I am ready for Spring. Just the feel of the warm Sunshine on my face, and the smell of flowers and fresh cut grass is being anticipated. I really look forward to seeing the trees bud and bloom also. My favorite Tree is the Dogwood Tree, we had one in our yard that we had gotten off of our families farm, it was a Pink Dogwood. How about everyone else do you have a favorite tree? Or a Specific memory that comes to mind of your foliage in your yards growing up?
  13. The man who says he was "delivered" from homosexuality in the "I'm not gay no more" viral video is suing anti-gay preacher Kim Burrell. View the full article at
  14. I don't actually believe in prayer, as recital, but I believe in doing good, and I believe in karma and I believe in hope. I also believe that if something bad happens, you shouldn't blame God, which is why I don't really believe in prayer. Things will happen, good or bad, whether you pray or not. I guess I believe more in the energies of the universe, if I cal call them that. Do good and attract positive things. Be a bad person and karma will kick butt.
  15. OMG, people actually say this? I know many are thinking it, but saying it to someone's face, wow! I'm sure it's annoying when you have to deal with it yourself, but come on, how do you "treat" a person if not.. like a person?
  16. I'm really sorry to hear you have such problems, since trust is one of the things of most importance in a relationship. I'm probably not the wisest kid on the block to give advice, since I'm not seeing anyone right now and most of my relationships weren't even serious, but I do look at my parents as rolemodels and at others for the same reason as well. I've made this image in my head, where a relationship has to be based on trust, communication and, well, physical attraction of course. I'm sure there's more to having a good relationship, but trust is an important factor. Have you tried counselling? Sometimes it can help, it may seem like "weird" but once you start talking in that tiny office, you can actually get much off your chest! Also, learn new stuff about your partner, as seen through an impartial eye.
  17. I usually prefer my movies with a side of cinema But this is only if I'm on a girls night out, we do prefer the atmosphere and the sharing of the junk food and also, maybe afterwards we end up doing something else, which is fun. The only weird part is when lesbian friends who are not out yet join us, then we kinda have to restrain ourselves from certain conversations,but that's ok, I mean we've all kinda been there When I'm alone, I prefer watching them at home, for the reasons @JasminCottontail just mentioned! Spending money isn't exactly my favorite hobby
  18. Well, you can always try stuffing a pair of socks in there I'm just kidding! Please don't mind me, I'm talking gibberish. There is one thing you could try though. Have you tried clothes that compliment your waist? Maybe if you try on clothes that make your waist look thinner, then your upper body will look larger This always works for me and also, push-up bras
  19. I really didn't mean for this to turn out so "dramatic" LOL!! But, seriously, think about having a great time with someone and then you kiss and it's awful! Did anyone here watch Sex and the City? There was an episode where one of the girls goes on a date and it went well, but then the guy is a horrible kisser (actually, I recall he literally licked her face.. gross!). While I have to say, I never-ever compare TV with real life, can you imagine having a girlfriend who you didn't like to kiss? I think kissing is very intimate, so it has to feel right.
  20. Some are taking a photo shared by Ryan Reynolds on Instagram as a teaser that Pierce Brosnan may join the cast of Deadpool 2. View the full article at
  21. A football manager called Mr Pride has been hit with a fine for a homophobia. View the full article at
  22. I watch movies everyday and I watch them at home. I prefer watching movies at home since I won't be spending a dime, and I can sit comfortably on the sofa while cuddled with my hubby. I can eat whatever snacks I want without spending overpriced food at the cinema. However, if there's a movie that I really like and thinks that it's worth to see it on the big screen, then that's the only time I go at the theaters.
  23. I had this problem before with my hubby because of the things that happened between us years ago. He did some bad things and caused me so much pain that I never wanted to trust him again, well I want to but I couldn't. We kinda separated and reunited for good, but I thought I'm gonna be okay. I was really happy when we got back together and we started planning our future together. I've never been so happy my whole life. But then there came this problem where I can't seem to trust him. I always doubt his moves and his words. I never believe anything that he says, especially when he goes out alone. Whenever I ask him where he was, I just can't seem to believe him (as much as I would like to). I know I wasn't being fair to him since he apologize for everything and promised me he won't do anything stupid and will never hurt me again. Eventually, I started to trust him again because I find him sincere and he made me feel that I'm the most important person in the world. How about you? Did you had or have any trust issues with your partner? How do you handle it?
  24. Wikileaks boss Julian Assange has backed away from a public offer to surrender himself to authorities, despite President Obama acting to free trans whistleblower Chelsea Manning. View the full article at
  25. The former leader of the Free Church of Scotland has claimed that LGBT-inclusive education is a 'Trojan horse' for child abuse. View the full article at
  26. Shoe designer and former reality star Kristin Cavallari has been criticised for joking that her husband Jay Cutler looks like a "300lb lesbian". View the full article at
  27. I used to prefer skinny jeans because I really like the way that they look but the majority of them are not as comfortable as I wish, but lately I'm pretty much into jogger jeans, lol. They are extremely comfortable and you can wear them for almost every casual occasion, I have probably four of them and I don't want to let them go, lol. They are definitely my go-to.
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