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    For fun, I thought it would be nice to start a self-portrait thread. Show us how you see yourself, or how you'd like for the world to see you! All mediums are welcome, and do feel free to share multiple images. To start us off, here's something I quickly doodled earlier today.
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    Hello, I'm Julie! I'm pretty bad at introducing myself, so I'll just say what I always tell people.... I'm really shy, but I enjoy meeting new people! I know I will learn a lot from this forum since I am still pretty new to this. Nice to meet you all, and Merry Christmas!
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    I'm actually listening to live music I have some neighbors who occasionally sing and play their instruments (I think I've heard bass, guitar and piano, although I doubt they have a piano up there..)
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    I'm single because I'm a 43 transgender lady and my life is a mess and I don't feel it is right to bring anyone in to it. BY FOR NOW
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    I actually work from home, mostly writing :). I do science writing for a few websites. I also do some other content writing but science is my main thing. Like you, I enjoy the research process because I love learning new things. I will admit that I get burned out by the end of the week. I used to find writing to be super fun and relaxing, now it's sadly just "work" for me most of the time :p. I at least get to pick most of my topics to some extent, I think I'd go nuts if I had to write about topics I don't care about.
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    I'm gonna say the right person just yet to come. I went through lots of chasing straight girls horror stories. I usually end up heartbreaking because I made all the initiatives. There was even one straight girl took my feelings for her for granted and stolen my phone in school.. how mean! I only met my first ex girlfriend in college, she confessed to me. Then current girlfriend who happened to be but, also in college, both had feelings and confessed to each other. This 24th is our 6th years together. [emoji4] Just don't worry, the time will come [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using GirlLoveGirl
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    In my age of around 12-21, I was very boyish and I wanted to be a guy so much. I disliked myself being a girl. But you can't do much things about it from where I come from. And I bet it wasn't as acceptable as now too, though now it's still kind of a taboo in many places. But after being with my gf of 5.5 years, I started to become a little more feminine and I seem fine to be a female. I am not sure what's exactly changed my mindset. If I were to look at muscular guys, it's not because I like them, it's because I really want to be like them. The ideas of "i want to be a guy" and "i am a guy in the wrong body" are still there but not as strong as it used to be. Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
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    New to this app. 32 yrs old, tomboy only interested in girls, never been in any type of relationship, and im not out. I kinda ignored life and as a result fell behind emotionally, physically, and socially. Now im just really lonely and i dont know how to turn it around.
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    One of my drawings from awhile bk.. Mendy's Mega Galaxy
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    Nope. Looking is harmless. It's when they take it a step further and start up an relationship with intentions of cheating that bothers me. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N930A using mobile app
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    Hi! My real name is Karina, but you can call me Kope [emoji12] I'm 26 years old. Mexican. I'm a not out of the closet lesbian and maybe asexual. English is not my strong suit but I want to practice participating in this forum without using Google traslate. What a challenge!! Hey everybody, let's be friends! [emoji3] Enviado desde mi Moto G Play mediante Tapatalk
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    Welcome Mendy! Have a nice time in the forum Enviado desde mi Moto G Play mediante Tapatalk
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    Hope you don't mind me calling your real name Karina! Welcome ) I'm a semi out lesbian (specifically to my sisters and some good friends), parents and relatives probably cannot accept my sexuality so I'll just keep it to myself. Not a big deal. And by the way, no worries about grammar or something. I do grammar mistakes too, especially when I'm lazy to proofread Oh and I'm 28 years old this year. Nice to meet you. As I mentioned in another introduction topic, i like new members introducing themselves! Thanks for that! Sent from my iPhone using GirlLoveGirl
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    Personally, I care a lot more about personality than looks. If someone can't make me smile or laugh, or can't hold a serious conversation, I won't be interested. I also wouldn't want to date someone that's dishonest, a liar or a player. I'd say that looks could potentially attract me to someone in the first place yes. But I wouldn't stay if they weren't the sort of person, personality wise, that I could stay with in the long term.
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    Me too! I like their covers too!
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    I'd probably say the temporary goodbyes to my phone. I often need internet to turn in school work so it'd be very inconvenient not to have access to the internet. If anyone needed me, they could also just shoot me a message via Discord or even Skype. Though having a break from both would very likely be just good.
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    I think asking someone out first has nothing to do with gender so I've always seen it as something anyone could do regardless of gender. If someone's going to see a woman as "easy" when she has expressed her willingness to get to know a man as the first move, that's honestly a pretty strange mindset to have.
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    Well, being LGBT myself, I just can't imagine being close friends with someone who has something against lesbians. I can have a conversation with homophobics, I can work with them, share a cab... anything! I just can't become friends with them, that's all.
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    Hello everybody, I'm Amanda. I'm a 30 year old lesbian. I'm a writer and that is truly my passion. I'd really like to write lesbian romance but I dabble in the horror genre as well. I also really enjoy writing poetry. I've known I'm gay since I was about 11 I suppose but I didn't begin to accept it and come out to friends until I was 16. I'm excited to come across a forum like this because there aren't enough serious places out there for lesbians to talk.
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    Even though I have my suspicions about why they're saying that kind of stuff (I'm kind of paranoid), I still can't think of myself not being friends with them even though it might sound weird. We do have good times together often, even if there can be some unfortunate clashes of opinions sometimes. I've also thought about this recently. People with different sexualities are plenty more than just something that happens in the bedroom. It's almost embarrassingly amusing how some people seem to think that every gay person they see is attracted to them! I could only tell that kind of a person that even if I did, all the affectionate feelings have drained after seeing their attitude.
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    My favorite way to relax on my down time is to put my comfy clothes on, open a bottle of wine, and just watch a good movie or tv show at home. This may sound boring to some people, but sometimes you just need to unwind by yourself. Also listening to some good music makes me feel good.Cheers.
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    We can be online friends, not sure myself about actually being in a relationship. Sent from my iPhone using GirlLoveGirl
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    I broke up with my partner couple of weeks ago, therefore, I voted in "I am single and available" category. I am ready for online friendship, however, I abhor the idea of online relationship. I have once been cheated in online dating site.
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    I'm inclined toward the scientific theory that homosexuality occurs naturally in a small percentage of each species as a form of population control. Contrary to homophobic propaganda, humans are far from the only species that has been well-documented partaking in homosexual activity.
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    Hey tpicks, I wonder what if a lady with good shape and attractive body turns out to be having a b*tch attitude? Would you still want her? I would really wanna hear opinions from you and @to7update. Because this is a reality problem in the general society, men pursue good looking/shape women. Even some women pursue good looking/shape women. I mean I know it's normal to be attracted by beautiful things, but to me personality and attitude are definitely more important in long run. If the appearance is good looking then that's a bonus.
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    I really like to draw but I'm afraid that I'm not good at it, lol. It takes me a lot of time to came up with an original idea for a draw and it takes me a lot more time to finally finish it, and most of the time things doesn't turned out as well. Here's one of the many draws that I abandoned, lol. I started it two weeks ago and I'm hesitant to complete it: Sent from my iPod touch using mobile app
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    I play some games, I watch funny YouTube/FB videos. If I am really stressed out and want to calm myself, I go to the gym. The "happy hormone" will do its job. OH, and I think sleep is a pretty good way to chillax too.
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    Hey congrats! Well I just..I dunno..I don't know how much time I have on earth...I'm not old or anything but one of the things on my bucket list is to experience love before I die..and I dunno when my time will be up..which would completely suck if I never get to experience it :/... plus i have zero experience with girls.. I don't even bother to practice flirting..cause I already said,what's the point???
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    *sigh*...I can't wait to move out of this tired of liking straight happens every.single.time..with the exception of my last crush...she was bi..and I was happy and she gave me her number and her Facebook...but she started to ignore me for no reason..we haven't spoken in a while while and im kinda bummed out/ok with it..I'm just tired of chasing after girls who have no interest in me..more specifically girls who are straight..nothing goes my way..girls. never like me like that in real life..and I don't even try to talk to girls...I mean what's the point?for once it would be nice for a girl to at least like me like that(in real life)...just wanted to some steam out
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    Just saw this video on YouTube and I thought it is worth sharing. For those people who are scared to come out and for those who already did
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    Hi everyone, My name is Jovanna - Jovie for short. I'm 27-years old (for another month) living on Long Island, NY. I've been looking for a safe haven with like minded women who can be open, friendly and supportive...I hope I've found the right place I'm single, not actively looking, but VERY open to meeting someone who I can build something special with. Please don't be shy...because I am and then we'd never speak LOL! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Exactly how I feel and how I "overcome" the thoughts. I know I can't exactly be a guy, so I learn how to live in the body I am in but I still dress in a more neutral manner instead of feminine.
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    When I was 12 years old I wanted to be a boy, it was really confortable to act like them. I used to think that men were more free than women, but now I learn how to live like a woman, of course with a high dose of "I don't care about anything anymore." Enviado desde mi Moto G Play mediante Tapatalk
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    The days feels shorter :0 Enviado desde mi Moto G Play mediante Tapatalk
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    Hahahaha oops! Enviado desde mi Moto G Play mediante Tapatalk
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    In my opinion I feel that if you love who your with then you won't want to stare. A glance maybe ok but a lingering stare at another person is to much.. Way out of bounds when you are mkin it a point to mk the other person notice you looking at them. Especially if you are already in a relationship.. The small things do really matter.. Mendy's Mega Galaxy
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    Hello Karina, nice to have you here. You seem really friendly. I definitely like it. ;-) I usually read stuff on here more than posting.
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    You Me Her, I really like that show. These days I've been watching Breaking Bad, a cool show too but it is kinda sad. Enviado desde mi Moto G Play mediante Tapatalk
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    Sorry to say I cannot accept it when it comes to marriage. I think someone has to give the sense of security to his/her partner. My sister's best friend recently broke up with her long term boyfriend because of the following: They were about to get married after the guy proposed. But the guy's father went into jail due to corruption/bribery (90% chances of being life sentence). The guy told the fiance he can't make decisions, why don't they wait for his father to be out of jail so that he can plan for him.
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    I think it's normal. But it doesn't bother me a lot since my GF doesn't really look/stare at anyone!
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    Thanks for the insight, you might be right. Now that i listen to myself and others; i think is silly just to keep on with it if it's not taking me anywhere. It is possible to set some boundaries first and some distance if that doesnt work. Thank you so much [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I do let my boyfriend to look at my phone, but he never does. I guess it's enough for him to know I'm OK with him looking, so he can trust me. Now, if he sneaks a peak while I shower, I wouldn't know But I really don't care, nothing to hide from him.
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    "There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment." ― Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever
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    I'm pretty sure that I've posted here before already but I'm still learning and all the comments are really amazing, so here it goes mine (again). No one is going to save you except you, you have all the time in your hands and your future is yours and don't expect that someone else comes and tell you what to do, at the end of the day you know yourself more than anyone.
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    There are couple of joke books by one of my favorite writers SM Pathak in my local language that I can read repeatedly after a gap of a week or so. He is not an ordinary joke writer but his sense of humor is of difference standard. I consider myself a witty person but some times it takes me a long to understand his jokes. He says, if you laugh reading my joke immediately, I have failed in my attempt.
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    Mine will forever be The Shawshank Redemption, I just can not explain the feelings I get after watching this movie. I know it's an old movie, but I strongly recommend it to everybody to watch.
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    You two just mentioned two really good movies! And I'm going to say Billy Eliot, maybe it's not really a really empowering movie by itself but it really was for me. He had a lot of barriers when it comes to accomplish his dreams, a lot of prejudice and ignorance mostly... But at the end of the day he managed to find himself and to be successful on that, and that was really motivating for me.
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    Fantastic movie suggestion! I recently saw 'The Pursuit of Happyness' with Will Smith again as a rerun on TV, and I love how that movie shows how difficult it can be and how hard you really have to work for things sometimes. Many movies make the struggle look too easy and don't focus on just how many setbacks we can come across. There aren't always encouraging signs from the Universe at every turn, as much as we'd like there to be! Sometimes there's only endless toil and little reward in sight - but that's no excuse to give up.
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    You will not believe this, but just last month I read all 7 Harry Potter books again over the space of a couple of weeks. I've always preferred them to the movies. And I know what you mean about the quotes. That woman (JK) is trully gifted. Did you see the movie about her story?
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