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    Hi Emma! Nice to meet you A warm welcome to the forums! Only 5 days left 'till prom! How excited are you?
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    Hello everyone! I'm carlie, new here. 24 lesbian. Sent from my SM-G360T using mobile app
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    My name is Emma and I'm looking forward to being a part of this forum. I'm an "out of the closet" lesbian and 17. I'm not sure what to write here aha. I dont consider myself to be crazy talented but I love drawing and writing. I'm in a (kinda) ldr with my beautiful girlfriend and on the 19th I'm taking her to my prom. Ill take pictures if she'll let me.
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    Hey Anna!! Its nice to meet you too and oh my god I'm so excited and nervous, I've never gone to such a formal school dance before :0
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    Cheating is betraying your partner's trust, what is and what isn't cheating is an agreement. For example if I consider kissing is not cheating but my partner does, then it is cheating; but if we both agree its not cheating, then it's not. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wow... sorry for being so very blunt here, but that sounds selfish. If you're in an open relationship, then it's fine, because both people agree to it. But if one partner gets hurt, then nope, definitely not OK. Sounds like your friend made the right decision. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to hear that, basically, you're not enough for the one you love... I hope he'll be able to get over this soon! I send my hugs!
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    In a healthy relationship, communication is key. I understood this later on in life, when I met my boyfriend, and even though we communicate all the time, it's still difficult to bring up certain problems in a relationship. I agree with everyone here saying that these 2 lovebirds should have a talk. But, seeing how I get how difficult it probably is for her to point out what bothers her, maybe she should talk to a friend first ( @JasminCottontail you come to mind ) about how she should approach the problem and start the discussion. It's actually kind of important to choose the right words, so she won't hurt Fred the boyfriend. Just my 2 cents
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    In this case, your friend should talk to the guy, discuss what is the root cause of him becoming like this or telling him she feels because of his behaviour. I guess talking it might work since you said he's a gentleman. Sent from my iPhone using GirlLoveGirl app
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    This my first post so I'm rather new to this but I'm 38 bi female living in MN. I'm hoping to meet some interesting ladies to talk to. Sent from my SM-N920P using mobile app
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    I don't see age differences as problems in a relationships, but being jealous to the point where you can't stand your partner being around same sex people is just not ok. I also understand why she feels guilty, and of course she should show gratitude for this guy helping her when she needed it most! But, if he can't accept her talking to her own co-workers, then something's definitely wrong here! I have to ask, is he violent as well? Or do they aggressively argue on the matter? Because if so, then they should definitely see a couple's therapist. Or, better yet, she should see on by herself first, to tackle her guilt problems. Everyone deserves to be happy, and it seems to me like she's only staying with him because she feels guilty.
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    Hmmm... well, the right thing to do is for her to talk about this with the guy. I understand the feelings of guilt, but if she's unhappy she simply must talk about it. If the guy loves her back, I'm sure he can at least listen to how unhappy she is and maybe try to do something about it.
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    Wow, this sounds like a tough situation. Does she feel guilty for wanting to leave, seeing how this guy helped her out so much when she needed it? Either way, possessiveness is not ok! What if she suggests seeing a couple's therapist? Would that help?
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    Hi @can1492 and welcome to the forums I think, if you feel weird about it, you should definitely clear things up with your friend. If she has a BF now but didn't before, it makes me think that she's not that into you (otherwise, why would she be with him?). On the other hand, maybe she's confused or who knows, but either way, you should definitely have a talk and clear things out. It's not right kissing other people's partner, even if the guy is ok with it.
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    Hi [emoji4], thank you! Well... I'm confused, before the BF came i kinda had a crush on my friend and we kissed a couple times on girls night out but that was it, just for fun. But now that she is in sort of a serious relationship it feels weird. For example, we went to the movies the other day (like 2 friends) and then she wanted to kiss... Sometimes we kiss, sometimes we dont, so i dont get it. This not like a big issue, just that it gives me anxiety not knowing what to expect so i thought i asked for a second opinion [emoji28] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hello Carlie! Welcome aboard! Just like what @Lilac89 said, you're in the right place if you're looking for a place to talk about LGBT stuffs Hope to enjoy your stay here!
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    Hi Carlie! Welcome to our friendly forums! You're in the right place if you're looking to make some great 'virtual friends' and have a LGBT safe place to chat
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    This is a tough one to answer, since every situation is different I'd say, just act natural! Thing is, going on first dates means little physical contact anyway... you're not that familiar just yet. And later on, you can just decide together how to play things out. I hope this helps!
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