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    Hi everyone! My name is Anna, I'm 20 y.o, and this is my first post I just joined, but have been lurking around for a while now. I'm not shy or anything, just needed the courage to join and start figuring out who I am and stuff like that. I noticed I'm not the only confused person around here. That helps. Finally I found a place where I can feel "normal", if normality even exists.. Anywho, enough ranting, I have so many questions and doubts, but I'm just supposed to introduce myself here. So, hi!
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    As a single mom myself, I don't think that anyone should put that first when considering whether to pursue a relationship with me or not. Being a mom is the ultimate blessing and brings me so much joy and anyone who doesn't see it as such does not deserve to be in my life.
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    I think it's time for me to confess something I've never told anyone before! So, I'm a closeted lesbian, and for now it's going to stay that way! I have no intention of coming out anytime soon. The problem, however, is that ever since I have accepted myself, I started to be more interested in LGBT issues, I'm more involved in forums such as this one and so on. I'd love to have someone else to talk about this stuff but I'm afraid to tell my best friend because I think I might have feelings for her. At first I thought it was a phase, since we were always together and I was very confused, I thought this is something I shouldn't pursue because it will go away. But it didn't. I see my best friend almost every day, and instead of things getting back to normal, I feel more and more attracted to her and I don;t know why! I've never felt that for her before, we were best friends and that's it! And she's definitely not a lesbian, which makes it even worse! Can someone please help me with some advice? I thought about seeing her less, finding excuses not to see her but that would make her suspicious and eventually she'll sense that somethings wrong! I just don't know what to do ..
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    I came across a lot of people (and friends) like how you described and often found that they are straight. It probably has to do with stereotypes, because we often think that when a guy is feminine he must be gay as well as for masculine girl. This is probably because the majority of them are like what we think (feminine guy and masculine girl are gay people) but we can't say 100% of them are.
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    Anything is better than Tinder LOL
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    Hi Amanda, Welcome in joining us! You were right about there aren't many serious places for lesbians to talk. I personally feel a place like this makes people feel comfortable because of "people like us". I was a founder of an LGBT forum in the past and I handled that all alone for years but because it was a bit too vague in terms of niche, I find it complicated and I cannot focus on a particular community (e.g. lesbian, gay, bi and so on), so I ended up hand it to someone else under the terms we agreed between each other. A year or so later, I started because I really want to provide a virtual place for people who fit in the "girl love girl" term, which the first groups of people which come to mind is lesbian and bi.Hence, I am glad that you found and joined us. I accepted myself as soon as I found myself falling in love with girls when I was at the age of around 13. For the past 7-8 years, I came out to friends and siblings. Unfortunately, I am still closeted when it comes to my parents. Their knowledge about LGBT is very little, so I am really not sure if they will accept it if I come out to them.
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    I have a Miniature Schnauzer (named Molly) and a calico American Shorthair cat (Calliope/Callie). They're both really great! Unfortunately I'm allergic to both, so I'm supposed to not be cuddling them very much... Unfortunately, also, this doesn't stop the crafty escape artist Callie from getting into my room, so we've stopped trying there. Callie is one of the few cats I know of that adores belly rubs. Molly likes walks, but only short ones - very finicky. But that aside, I don't have a picture of Molly, but here's one of Calliope from December:
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    I honestly think that if you love someone enough, constantly seeing the person shouldn't cause the love to fade, but instead you should grow more and more comfortable with each other, developing an attachment to each other. I think if anyone should consider taking a break, it should not be for more than a day.
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    I agree. I often though about why do we even come out, and the thing is, we just do it for ourselves. Maybe we need to come out to know which people we should cut out of our lives, for not accepting us.
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    I knew gradually. I did the 'classic story thing', I married a guy (who I still love, by the way!), had a child and thought we were supposed to be happy together. But in my heart, I knew I really wasn't, just didn't know why. I do love my husband, very much, but I'm just not attracted to him. I don't think I ever was, sexually speaking. Then I started having this rush of feelings towards women, I started seeing how beautiful they were and I just instantly felt attracted to some. I didn't know I was gay right away, at first I thought this is probably normal, I'm sure straight women feel attractiveness towards other women from time to time, that doesn't make them gay or lesbians. However, I knew this feeling was growing stronger for me, so, yeah... after a while I kinda figured it out.
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    I hate this kind of situation. I often not strong/insist enough to be the one that start talking about it. And this kind of people often take it for granted and won't think from your perspectives! I would also like to ask the same question, have you talked about it to your hubby? Does he share the same thoughts with you?
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    For me, it could be because I have had way too many crushes on women but not for men. I guess that's how I know I am *very* gay. I am also extra touched and excited (?) when I saw two women kissing each other (just like how straight girls love watching straight couples kiss in movies/drama?). And you would want to know them, get close to them and confess to them about your feelings.
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    I could reply to your question with another question: how do you know you're straight? I also find men attractive, I look at their physical traits and personality, and some are really beautiful and/or wonderful people overall. But sexually.. I feel nothing. The difficult part isn't knowing you're gay, but accepting it because it's not 'the norm'.
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    Oh dear, this sounds complicated. Have you tried to open up the topic with your husband, like hint to him that maybe it's time you lived alone? I'm no expert, but I believe a healthy marriage needs good communication. Maybe start with little hints, like when you really are alone, "take" your husband on the kitchen table! Or in the middle of the living room! The point out how nice it would be if you were able to do that whenever you wanted. It sounds childish... but hinting this stuff just with words could lead o your husband thinking you're trying to manipulate him. At least by showing him what it could be like, he might get a better 'picture'.
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    Cats! They're quiet and independent, but can still keep you company. I love it when they purr and hang around to receive petting, it must be the cutest thing. Our cats, Tiuku and Alma, are my favorite cats. This emoticon looks oddly like Alma. As I've mentioned in my introductory post too, I also like sharks. They're beautiful and intimidating.
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    I'm so single it's beginning to be a little sad I'm not exactly ready for a lesbian relationship, but I'm very open to the idea
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    Hi i am 37 female thats with a man that will take me as a bisexal. He does not want anyone but me and no other woman. I happy about that but this is my first time tring to find a woman that wants to be friends with benifits if it leads to that. I never been with a woman before i watch woman p*rn all the time and now i just want to know what it feels like to be with woman but so far have not found anyone that will appect that. I want someone above 25 because i know what is is to be young and be taking to be abused with you saying it alright. For one i not going to do that so if anyone tries to pull that on me i will send them home. I guess what i tring to ask is there anyone that will be a woman friend with benfits out there are all they want are threesomes when they find out you have a man. Or the other way around they want to have a threesome with you there husband or boyfriend. I dont know what i am doing been batting this feeling since i was a teen but only been with men i could not trust with a woman i was with now i do and cant find one. If anyone can help i would appect it. Thank you sorry for this long message that might make since because i not a good whiter. Sent from my LGL82VL using mobile app
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    That has kind of happened to me already - one of my friends just told that I 'have a girlfriend in another country' in front of my other friend and a classmate (I'm using the word classmate since she doesn't want anything to do with us anymore), even though it wasn't anything else but a simple crush. They obviously ended up asking if I'm not actually straight and I couldn't lie - although I was embarrassed because it had happened so quickly like that. And now that the classmate has disappeared and has stopped responding to any of us completely, I have my own suspicions - who knows what she'll do. I'm always feeling on edge when personal information is revealed. So yes, I'm nervous that the information will somehow find its way to someone I don't want to come out to, via a former friend or someone else.
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    I prefer roll on. I've 'smelled' many until I found the perfect one, so now I'm gonna stick with it. Thing is, a while ago I used to be quite the rebel type and actually gave deodorant up for good. I gave up a lot of things, makeup, perfume, nail polish, you name it! However, when I noticed people avoid sitting next to me on buses, I figured natural is cool and all, but I'd rather smell nice and have people not avoid me all the time
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    thanks doll!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    He is open to me finding antother woman. Its just if i found one he like me to find one that likes me for me and respect me if i dont want sometihing done. He just dont me to get hurt. Sent from my LGL82VL using mobile app
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    This is exactly why I struggle so hard to find myself, I don't like lying to others, but most of all, lying to yourself is the worst! It can lead to depression and other serious problems, and I really don't want that to happen to me!
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    Absolutely...what makes matters worse is that I've figured out that I'm f*ck WHILE with my first serious boyfriend (I've dated guys and girls in the past, but I only really fell in love and felt the way I did with a woman one time long ago- and even then I couldn't admit it to myself. I was extremely self-sabotaging, esp. back then.) It's a long process. Mh religious, generally unsupportive or ignorant family/family members, as well as seriously hurting my boyfriend whom I dearly cherish (add severe general anxiety and self-hating thoughts) don't help the fact. I just know that at the end of the day, all I can think about and appreciate is women. The way I bond with and make love to a woman is unlike anything I've ever had with a man. When I close my eyes at night or when I'm having sex with a male, I feel inner pain. Like I'm lying to and hurting everyone, inadvertently or not. But most of all, I'm lying to myself. Slowly but surely I hope to be so comfortable with who I am that this fear and shame will be long gone, replaced only with authenticity, joy and contentment. I feel I can only do this whilst living away from town. I don't know what to do regarding my current relationship at the moment due to various outlying factors, but I know one thing is that the truth will come out on my own terms in due time. As of now, I'm out as bisexual, which for some reason feels "safer" and more "accepted" than being full-on gay, which really is unfortunate. I think my boyfriend may subconsciously be looking the other way or maybe is truly oblivious, and my family thinks of my "bisexuality" as a phase and not natural. Don't get me started on when I was a younger teen living under my parents' roof, having been coerced to go to Christian & Catholic school my freshman & sophomore years and having to keep *any* sort of semblance or hint of homosexuality deeply guarded; before I even came out to my mother as bi by circumstance a few years back after the fact of her having found out about my first girlfriend whom I kept a secret (she was coined my "special friend" or "best friend") from my family. It's just a lot. Not one day goes by that I don't think about it. I once had a psychedelic trip which was truly eye-opening and emotional when at one point, my spirit naturally went to That Topic which I so conveniently deny in usual day-to-day life. Safe to say, that experience crumbled any remaining doubts. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ditto! and i'll never freaking stop [emoji869][emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks for that ... You know I always believed that you have some one for you... But now it is hard to still think like that to be optimistic about love. Some once said love is pain, I was right.... But have to keep going to keep se the good in people because that is what it matters.
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    Yep time definitely flies! Can't believe I am almost 30 years old but still act like a teenager!
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    Hey Jovanna, welcome aboard! I like that when new members get themselves acquainted. Thanks for doing so. Anyway, I am 27 too, soon will turn 28 in August. I can vouch for most of our forum members here being nice, friendly, open and so on!
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    single, and open to a relationship - friendship or otherwise Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That's really sad to hear and I'm sorry for what happened between the two of you. Being broken hearted is always tough and no one would ever want to experience that. Well it's just nice to hear that you are moving on and going on with your life without holding on your past. I know it's hard and you might remember her and your moments together from time to time but I think the best thing to do is to make yourself always busy and occupied so you won't feel sad and depressed. Just think that someone will come your way, the one that you deserve so enjoy life and be happy
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    I know many girls who act boyish and some guys who act feminine. I was actually hoping they were LGBT, at least I could have had someone to talk to in real life about this stuff. But nope, they're as straight as they come and, often yes, they get offended when you ask about them being gay Maybe it's because too many people are ask about it and they're tired to reply the same thing over and over again
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    I used to be terrified of spiders, but I imagine as I'll grow older, there will be other things, more important things, I'll probably fear. However, I'm a very optimistic person. No matter what, I'm sure I'll find the strength to overcome anything
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    I don't know anyone in an open relationship. I don't really understand how one can work, people need love in their lives, but I guess under certain circumstances it could work. Like, when a child is involved, parents might agree to see other people but stay together for the baby.
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    Wow, that sounds very awful. I think your friend should put your foot down. I'm sorry forgiving such blunt advice, but in a relationship both partners have to agree on the "terms"and if your friend is unhappy, he should definitely do something about it.
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    Big no no for me, but I do understand the concept and wouldn't have anything against others who opt for an open relationship. As long as both partners agree on the 'terms', I see nothing wrong with it.
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    Yep totally understand been there and sucked ... My preference is to be close to the person and love every moment that I can [emoji5]
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    This is bad to happen in a relationship.. First of all, we (Eugine) probably need to know if they have any relationship issues?
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    Chances are zero,meanwhile I gathered up the courage to talk about some intimate stuff,without letting her know I'm gay. To sum up..
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    It's difficult enough to "only" be gay, I don't think I'd ever have the guts to go through such major change! But I do respect and admire anyone who takes such a big step. They have more courage to come out and to become who they really want to be than straight people!
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    I have no idea. I'm feminine, and always have been. I don't even believe in stereotypes. I actually had my jaw drop a few times when seeing some gay stereotypes being portrayed on TV !
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    Hello everybody, I'm Amanda. I'm a 30 year old lesbian. I'm a writer and that is truly my passion. I'd really like to write lesbian romance but I dabble in the horror genre as well. I also really enjoy writing poetry. I've known I'm gay since I was about 11 I suppose but I didn't begin to accept it and come out to friends until I was 16. I'm excited to come across a forum like this because there aren't enough serious places out there for lesbians to talk.
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    Oddly enough, there IS a single and not available option! Did not see that coming! I'm currently in between partners, but am not exactly sure if I like boys or girls! So I prefer to stay single until I REALLY like someone, I don't think I want to hurt anyone's feelings by being an odd duck, especially my own....
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    Single and (I accidentally typed single ant at first but I think that would describe me just as well) not any sure what to do about it. I know I've replied to this thread already with the same stuff - things are still weird but right now I'm also partly wondering about what it would be like to be in a relationship. But still partly feeling bad that I'm so me. I have a very weird need to ramble today.
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    Single and not ready to date maybe in a couple of months... lol or if the women of my dreams ask out lol Enviado do meu CAM-L21 através de Tapatalk
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    I love all animals but my favorite is Cats. I have three and they are all rescues. It's amazing how each one has different personalities. It's funny how some animals find themselves homes. Each of my cats found me knowing there is that "crazy cat lady" she will give us a good home. Here is a pic of my oldest cat he always wears his Santa Suit for the Holidays.
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    I need to get something out ASAP : I hate labels! There, I said it! Now, moving on. I believe it's also society that encourages the media. I mean, it's impossible that EVERYONE believes EVERYTHING the media says... Maybe it's a coping mechanism? Like, maybe society doesn't 'agree' with women not wearing make-up and acting butch. So, they're automatically labeled as the 'butch lesbians', the 'guy' in a lesbian relationship if you will. Which is totally BS... But what do people know? Maybe they've never even met a lesbian couple before so it's easy to portray people the wrong way in your head.
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    Hell Anna, I am also a newbie. This is my second post here. I come from a very conservative society where, I cannot truly reveal my inner self. The moment I say, I am not attracted towards opposite sex, I will be disowned by my parents, relatives and the society. In order to survive, I have to pretend that every thing is ok.
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