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    Hi folks, Here we announce that we are in collaboration with LGBTDiscussions. We are now sister forums. We are now allies. We operate independently but feel free to be a member on both forums. The only difference is, at GirlLoveGirl we focus on a more specific niche i.e. lesbians and bisexual women. As we mentioned, you're welcomed as long as you're one of the LGBT-friendly people. You guys have full rights whether or not you want to join LGBTDiscussions. This is just a notice to inform about the collaboration. Peace.
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    It wouldn't bother me whether someone was male, female or transgender. Someone's gender doesn't make a difference to me. It's more about what the person is like than what body parts they have, or don't have. I had a similar conversation with some of my family a while ago, although why it came up I don't recall. They all said they wouldn't, and my father went as far as to say he thought it was disgusting. I'm glad to say I don't share his feelings about it. I'd rather the person I was dating was happy with themselves, than living as someone they didn't want to be. Their happiness is more important to me than what gender they were born as.
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    I'd just echo what Sydney1237 up there said. If, for whatever reasons, I decided to declare that I would not date someone trans...well, that would actually be foolish, because I know by now that I just tend to fancy people I didn't decide to fancy, and...I don't want to say that I don't have a choice, but whatever attracts me to someone tends to be awfully insistent. If there's any conflict between the befancied's identified and assigned genders, or self-love and loyalty to not-self society, or faith and reason, or honesty and kindness, or clicky top ballpens and twisty top ballpens, I have a tendency to wrap it all up in cotton candy adoration and molten golden marshmallow fluff endearments. The real question for me is whether that sort of embarrassingly saccharine sort of thing would be requited (or appreciated, or even invited,) because that's just not everyone's style. I've heard awful things about "the cotton ceiling" though, on the LGBT dating landscape, some blurry line between for example, "You're not my type of woman..." and "I'm into women and you don't count as a women." And that makes me sad.
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    I think it depends on the situation. If I really fell in love with someone of any gender, I would date them. I think their identity is something that plays a very important role in our relationship, but I don't think it matters what your body looks like or how it functions, because at the end of the day the most important thing in a relationship is how much you actually care about each other. In shorter words, yes, I think I would date a transgender person.
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    Found this on the internet. It looks cute and very information!
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    So, the other day I was talking with some of my straight male friends about if they would date a transgender girl, and I was kind of surprised to see the variation fo the answers. Some of them answered that yes, but they would have some problems when it comes to the sexual part, and some of them answered yes without saying nothing more. And I was kind of curious about this one, since I guess that the majority of people here are girls, would you date a transgender person? I would love to hear your opinions about this. ^_^
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    That's because you're not in their position and you don't understand how they feel. So technically you have no rights to talk them back to your reality. And calling transgenders abnormal is not fun. When people see something as abnormal, it's usually because they cannot accept the fact that something do exist.
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    Like@to7update, if i weren't in a relationship, i think I'll date a transgender if i have feelings for her. I identify myself as lesbian for the past 10-15 years but the more I learn about feelings, sexuality and gender identity, I think it doesn't matter if they are transgender, straight or gay. Even if i ever had feelings for men, I will date them too. Sent from my iPhone using GirlLoveGirl.net mobile app
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    Love is blind. You can't choose who you fall in love with. Sounds like a cliche but that's the truth. If you fall in love with someone I think your feelings won't let you say "no" to anything they ask of you. Should they ask you out on a date, you'll go out with them. I believe the only who may get to choose whether they'll date a transgender person are those who haven't fallen in love. What would get someone to fall in love with another person? No one knows but should you fall in love it wouldn't matter if that person is transgender because as I said love is . . .
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    Hi our beloved members, Hope you're all doing well! Here's a good news. We've successfully published our Tapatalk-based GirlLoveGirl app on Google Play and App Store! Some of you may already be interacting on our forum using native Tapatalk app, but what this news means is, we have our own dedicated app which is based on Tapatalk app - a cleaner version because it's a standalone app solely for girllovegirl.net without any other distractions/complications. Android link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tapatalk.girllovegirlnet iOS link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/girl-love-girl/id1128297696 Do rate us on Google Play and App Store if you like the apps. If you found any bugs, please report to us by sending an email to admin@girllovegirl.net or via Contact Us. Enjoy!
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    Hi, just poking about since my friends suggested I join up. I hope to get to know you all through posts here.
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    Likе usuаlly соmеs first bеfоrе lоvе. Аnd sоmеtimеs, mоst оf thе timеs yоu nеvеr lеаvе thе likе phаsе. оnly spесiаl саsеs, yоu rеасh lоvе. Lоvе mеаns lоving еvеry bit оf thаt pеrsоn, еvеn if shе/hе hаs sоmе flаw thаt аnnоys/irks/irritаtеs yоu, yоu саnnоt hеlp but lоvе it аt thе sаmе timе. It's pаrt оf thе pеrsоn yоu lоvе аnd bесаusе it's а pаrt оf it, yоu аlsо find а wаy tо lоvе (оr аt lеаst dоn't vаluе it thаt muсh). Thаt's why yоu sоmеtimеs hеаr pеоplе sаy: "Hе/Shе is sо (insеrt flаw), but I lоvе him аnywаy! саn't hеlp it." аnd thеy usuаlly sаy it with а smilе in thеir fасе. Аlsо lоvе is hаrd tо dеfinе by wоrds, it's а vеry аbstrасt wоrd аnd соnсеpt. Yоu саn try tо lаbеl, dеfinе it аnd еxplаin it but yоu will nеvеr suссеssfully асhiеvе tо dеsсribе it. It's tоо hаrd, vаriеs frоm оnе pеrsоn tо аnоthеr
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    I really don't discrimate between people's sexual orientation. I wouldn't mind dating anyone as long as it doesn't interfere with my preferance when it comes to getting intimate. I think while others may be generally shy others may not want be associated with people with different orientations.
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    The purpose of this community forum is to create a safe and comfortable zone for the girls who love girls (specifically the members who identify themselves as lesbian and bisexual women). By joining, you agree to abide by the Registration Terms & Rules and this Forum Guidelines. Also read Privacy Policy. Note: some of the below were already mentioned in the Terms and Rules but to be emphasised. If you have any doubts that what you want to post falls under these guidelines then contact @SElf to seek clarification before posting. This post will be modified from time to time. You are responsible to check this every once in a while. We deal with members who breached the rules and guidelines on a case-to-case basis. Last modified on 5th January 2017.
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    Have you ever had a break away from a relationship in order to find yourself? I know a few people that got out of bad/dysfunctional relationships and did just that - they spent time focusing on themselves and working out what they really wanted from life and a partner. It seemed to be really beneficial for them. If you've had some time just for yourself, out of relationships, how would you advise others to approach it?
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    Hi, We received a number of questions recently, typically on how to use certain functions on the forums. So we decided to open a new section called "Site FAQs & How-To" (near the bottom of the forum list). In this forum section, members can post site's functionalities related questions. However, only staff members can answer the questions to ensure the accuracy of the answers. Feel free to ask any questions (even if you already know how) as this will help many members (especially the new members) to learn about how to navigate and use the forums. This section is a little different from other forum sections in terms of format but each of the questions you ask will be counted towards your total post count. Kindly ensure the question that you want to ask has not been asked before. And note that this section is only for the questions related to the site's functionalities, not for the questions you may have for girls/lesbian/bi issues and etc. which already has their own sections under "Support Corner" and "LGBT Lounge" forum categories. Thank you very much.
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    If you haven't already read the Registration Terms & Rules during registration, here's another chance to read it. Please be informed that it is important to read because by agreeing to this during registration, it automatically assumed that you understood the terms and rules. You shouldn't proceed with the registration if you do not personally agree with it. If you have registered yourself an account, you can request to delete your account and/or content by sending @SElf a private message. Also be reminded to read the Privacy Policy and Forum Guidelines.
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