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    I think it's a mixture of many reasons: religion, culture, not understanding, society, ignorance, media... I could go on but it would take up my whole day. I don't think anyone will ever sum up the reasons why homosexuality is such a big deal to so many people. However, I do believe that, in time, we will "grow up" as a society and stop acting so weird about it. I know this for sure, because people evolve so fast. I mean, 50 years ago, divorce was such a taboo! Or dating, You didn't get to date, you were told who to marry. But now... people divorce left and right and it's also acceptable to date as much as you want before marriage. ... So, yes, I believe being gay will also, one day, be "normal".
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    Nope no problem as of now. See it as a measure we take to improve the community forum. Adding NSFW prefix will inform the readers (or act as a warning) so that they know it's an adult topic even before clicking into it. Then the remaining it's the readers' choice whether to proceed or not. This decision was made after seeing an adult topic with the most basic/neutral topic title which I didn't expect it to be an adult topic when I read the title. Hope this helps.
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    I found that old generation people are a bit more into faith and the law of nature kind of beliefs so they are hard to accept anything which they don't consider normal. For them two people should unite for reproduction and be faithful to each other and so the concept of homo or bi is beyond them. The rest may be just insensitive and ignorant of other people's feelings. Otherwise I see no reason to bring religion and culture in this matter as sexuality existed even in the mythology just that anything other than a straight relationship was not highlighted.
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