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  1. bug

    The issue should be fixed by now. Report it to us if you're still facing issues with posting new topics.
  2. Hi guys, We just noticed there's an error occurred when posting new topics using Tapatalk app and our GirlLoveGirl app. We'll find out the cause from the app developer team and update here. If you're experiencing the same, do let us know. If otherwise, you're welcome to report to us too. At the meantime, please use our website https://girllovegirl.net to post new topics if needed. Sorry for the inconveniences caused. Thanks for your patience!
  3. Tapatalk new topic posting is broken, as of now, please use the website for posting new topics.

  4. Hi, We present our first ever forum contest to you! Who is eligible: Registered members who identify themselves as lesbian or bisexual women The Prize: Three lucky registered members will win a 12-month digital subscription of DIVA Magazine which worth $90! (as far as we know, you can manually choose the magazines that you want in their Android/iOS apps - be it new issues or backdated issues) Why DIVA Magazines: Because we are a lesbian and bisexual women community forum. Besides, DIVA Magazine is one of the most popular lesbian/bisexual women magazine and you'll get to read the exclusive content of your idols! Ellen Degeneres, Ruby Rose, Taylor Schilling, Kristen Stewart, Ellen Page, Samira Wiley, Lea Delaria and more! The Rules: In order to enter the contest, you must answer the first two questions before unlocking other tasks. If you have Gleam.io account prior to this, you can use it. Otherwise you'll be prompted to sign up. It's a simple process, just fill in your "Full Name" (feel free to just provide your forum username if privacy is your concern) and email address. Email address is used to notify you of your contest progress and will be used for DIVA magazine subscription if you're selected as a winner. The more tasks you complete, the more entries you get. This maximises your odds of winning! Keep in mind that all winning entries are verified. If the related task to the winner cannot be verified or not completed, a new winner will be randomly selected. If you're caught for creating additional account, all your entries will be disqualified. Tips: You can come back daily to complete certain actions that say "daily". You can also gain more entries by referring your friends! Good luck! DIVA Magazine Giveaway!
  5. Hi guys! Wishing all of you a Happy New Year 2017! Stay healthy, happy, beautiful and remember to smile! Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one. – Brad Paisley
  6. Hi our beloved members, Hope you're all doing well! Here's a good news. We've successfully published our Tapatalk-based GirlLoveGirl app on Google Play and App Store! Some of you may already be interacting on our forum using native Tapatalk app, but what this news means is, we have our own dedicated app which is based on Tapatalk app - a cleaner version because it's a standalone app solely for girllovegirl.net without any other distractions/complications. Android link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tapatalk.girllovegirlnet iOS link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/girl-love-girl/id1128297696 Do rate us on Google Play and App Store if you like the apps. If you found any bugs, please report to us by sending an email to admin@girllovegirl.net or via Contact Us. Enjoy!
  7. Hey guys! I recently subscribed to DIVA Magazine which I quite love it. So I thought maybe I should hold a contest on the forum and pick three winners and you'll receive a year of DIVA Magazine digital subscription. I haven't came up with what type of contest it should be yet, maybe you guys can help me out. DIVA Magazine is one of the popular lesbian and bisexual women magazine on earth! They have mobile apps which you can read those magazines on your phone or tablet. So if you're interested, watch this space and do let me know your ideas on how the contest should be held!
  8. Test
  9. Hi guys, As you can see, we have three forum sections under Support Corner for members to seek support/advice. Then we have General LGBT forum section under LGBT Lounge for all LGBT related discussions that doesn't fit under the Support Corner sections. Is there something you want to see, specifically for lesbian, bisexual women and/or LGBT+ related? There's currently no plan to add more sections for non-LGBT related discussions.
  10. Hi, I'm not impressed with the latest GLG App, if your device's App Store prompt you to update your GLG app, please DO NOT update. I'm finding out from the developer why didn't they let me test before publishing new major version, which I normally did. Will keep you guys updated, thank you. Sent from my iPad using GirlLoveGirl
  11. Hello Tapatalk/GirlLoveGirl mobile app users, If you view the forum using Tapatalk official app or GirlLoveGirl app, you may notice that some replies appear to be quite weird, in terms of 1) Empty content in a quote box or 2) A reply that may appear to be written half way. I just found out these issues and I think they are already there for some time. I apologise for finding out this late! The screenshot below is an example. What you see on website is partially missing when in the mobile apps. So if you do not want to miss out anything, be sure to use our forum website (temporarily) which is mobile browser compatible. Thank you.
  12. Hi our beloved members, As suggested by the title, is there anything you guys want on this forum? I do not want to blindly add features that nobody uses as it will slow down the website (though not much) unnecessarily. So be open and suggest. However, the implementation of the requested features will be heavily depending on the plugin availability. Also, if any requests require a paid forum plugin, I will be happy to consider paying for it as long as at least a few members will make use of it.
  13. Hi guys, From today onwards, all the topics under We're Adults forum section must be accompanied by "NSFW" prefix. We've added this prefix to all existing topics under this forum section. For future topics, when creating a new topic under this forum section, type "nsfw" in the Tags field and pick the "nsfw" (all tags will appear in lowercase). You will then have the option to make it as prefix - so please convert the tag into prefix. We no longer showing We're Adults new topics on the sidebar, members can manually visit We're Adults section or Unread Topics stream to check out these new topics. This decision may change in the future though. Any questions? Just ask.
  14. Hello beloved members, I've made posting anonymously possible on this forum. I hope this will be of useful to you guys. I think this is an important function to have especially when you want to confess about something without letting others know who you are. When creating a new topic, you will have the ability to turn on the anonymous toggle. However, please be reminded that this function should not be abused. For example, sabotage someone's topic or make mean replies. Feel free to ask if you have any questions!
  15. Hello all, I came across a few member profiles and saw that some members are struggling to fit their cover photos into the fixed height. I've added an option under Account Settings > Cover for you to set your Cover Height. Members are allowed to set up to 450px (instead of the default 200px). Check out my profile (SElf) and see the max height the cover photo can be. That's 450px. * The cover photo you upload doesn't need to be maxed at 450px, because for any cover photo that is higher than 450px will allow you to reposition your cover photo. For example, if you uploaded a cover photo of height 800px, and in your Cover settings you set 300px, then you'll be able to reposition the cover photo to show the best part of the cover photo in the height of 300px. I hope this makes sense.
  16. Yes, that is correct.
  17. Hi guys, I have made Dark theme available to Admin, Moderator and VIMs because (Update) everyone although it's still not perfect yet. You can change your theme by scrolling down to the footer and choose your theme from there. Have your say if you think something didn't work as expected or if there's something need to be improved. There are still a few things I need to tweak for this Dark theme. Thank you.
  18. Hey guys, As suggested here, you can now add your self-defined gender by going to your profile, then Edit Profile.
  19. Hey Anna, Sorry for the late! Since we do not have an automated system, the assignment of member title needs to be done manually. You've got your title now. Just so you know based on our donation threshold, members get "Supporter" title when they donate 1-9 (regardless of the currency), and "Premium Supporter" title when they donate 10 and above. I will make you a Premium Supporter instead of just Supporter, as a token of appreciation for being the first to donate. Thank you.
  20. Hi beloved members, It's snowing on GLG site, and the snow is heavy enough for me so I made two cool snow women. They'll sit beside our logo and accompany us till 2017! If anyone encounter any issue, I'll disable the snow.
  21. Hi guys, So we have added an extra function to the site. This is to allow forum users to quickly jump to a forum section without having to leave the current page you're at. Click on that and this will show up. Hope this is helpful for you guys!
  22. Sent from my iPhone using GirlLoveGirl.net mobile app
  23. It depends on which member group you're in. Members - 15 minutesVIMs - 20 minutesSupporter (members who donated a total of $1-9) - 20 minutesPremium Supporter (members who donated $10 or more) - 25 minutesNo one should take this privilege for granted. For example, write something inappropriate or something offend someone, then edit the message before the countdown expires. We encourage members to report a post immediately if you see something inappropriate/offensive.
  24. LGBT survey can be posted in the General LGBT forum section. Preferably with a "survey" tag, or a staff member will add it. Just like any other new topics, staff members will monitor such a survey topic closely. Both guests and registered members can post LGBT surveys if needed. However, do remember that no one is obliged to take part in these surveys if they do not wish to. If a member or guest of this forum decided to take part in these LGBT surveys, be sure to check out their privacy policies. We are not responsible for any privacy related issues that may arise when participating in third party survey because it's beyond our control.
  25. Well, first of all, if you use the F word, it will be filtered automatically and become like this: f*ck Our simple rule is, you can use it when you're describing something e.g. that's f*cking awesome, that's f*cking annoying. BUT you cannot use it on a person/member. When you join this forum, it's assumed that you understand this should be a "friendly and welcoming" forum. And if you are mature enough to think on your own, the act of swearing at people won't be allowed. For more information, check out the forum guidelines. If you really need to use the F word in a friendly way, you can use this Old Skool emoticons. Old Skool emoticon category contains the most b*d*ss but cute emoticons on this forum. We are still trying our best to improve these profanity filtering rules. And, if any of our beloved members abuse the purpose of these b*d*ss emoticons, we will definitely consider taking them away. Need further clarifications? Just ask!