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  1. No issues there, as we all have our fair share of being weird, or at least I do haha. Pretty much like we say that people should not put their nose between couples affairs, the same happens with friends, and I hate intrigues. So if you get along with them despite of that, just go for it, considering you're enjoying the ride.
  2. LOL, so you learned about life with only 12 huh? Dads worry a lot about their daughters, I have 2 boys, so no major worries for me... maybe! Well, I had those "girlfriends" when I was just 5 or 6 years old. I recall telling my mum I had a GF, but she didn't know about it, and she was actually GF from the whole class because she was really pretty. One day she had an haircut and I stopped loving her though, lol.
  3. 12 is just too young to have a first kiss, but sadly kids these days start "dating" at that age. I think they just should leave it for later, but with 12 they already have their cell phones, call their GFs and boyfriends, and god knows what else... I have a 12 year old nephew who has a girlfriend, he's just too small for that, but what can we do really?
  4. LOL, really @pwarbi? I am really out of that world, as I try to communicate the least virtually. Taking anyone for granted is a BAD idea, even more if it's our partner we are talking about. With friends the same thing of course, we should value them for what they are, under the risk of losing their friendship. Everything will start with a small distance that will just keep growing. It's pretty much like they say, keep your friends closer, and your best friends even closer!
  5. Actually it's fairly important what you are saying here. One, we should accept ourselves for who we are, but that we can actually lose our friends because of that is many times a myth, as those we really love US will continue to do so, because we are the same person, we just have a sexual orientation they might not be aware of.
  6. Haha, so the future of the relationship lies in the first kiss? First that made me laugh, but now I recall the 1st time I kissed my 1st wife, and I told her, "we both know what's going to happen", but hey, actually we didn't... @JustJubs, no worries about being 22, everything will happen naturally and when you least expect it. Just make yourself available.
  7. Ha, this reminds me of my first kiss. It was with an older girl (I was about 15 - late, I know, yeah) and she was like 17, so muuuuch older lol, and she was the one who took the initiative. It was awkward for me. @Laneorexorcist, don't mind time, just go with your instincts. If you like someone and you feel like kissing her, why not?
  8. Yeah, getting something in common with her might do the trick. You said she was single now, she had a gf before? Though... If your eyes cross and you feel that tension or attraction, if your heart beats faster when you see her and you feel it's reciprocal, go for it. Use the 10 second rule, get to her, count to 10 and just ask.
  9. Haha, I love that type of people for laughs of course, because they are so sure of themselves, like if they are the best and think everyone thinks highly of them, but in reality I could not care less lol. I like to appreciate the show for a while and that's it, as more of that is simply too much for me to handle.
  10. This is good news for the Austrian, but let me tell you that you are late, as gay marriage in Portugal (where I live) is already legal for some years now. Marriage is just a contract (from the legal point of view), so everyone is entitled to the same rights, it makes no point in denying that to anyone regardless of our personal beliefs.
  11. I am glad to see the touching is actually random and not a big deal @Lemonsky, but if you get irritated by that and they don't respect it, it's something it doesn't make sense in friends. As for saying they don't like what they do in the room, that's plain low level and rude. Are you sure you want to be friends with those guys?
  12. not a bug

    Haha, I've heard that before actually, and it's true, I ask everything because I mean, if I don't know, and someone knows, I should ask right? Being or feeling and thinking like a kid is something pretty great, I wish I will never get old inside.
  13. Yeah, the thing is that we tend to see our flaws in others, even if this might be unrelated to this piece of news. What's important is that we don't judge, that we focus on ourselves. I mean, are we better than anyone else? Are we responsible for anyone else? So let them be, and we should just try to work on being better people.
  14. That's the thing really, if we can debate our differences, great, if we have other stronger common interests, better, as that's the base of a relationship. Strong religious people are hard to accept gay people as they see being gay as something unnatural that doesn't assure the continuation of the species. Technology has changed this last part though.
  15. not a bug

    Sorry, I am checking out that post now and I realize I haven't seen all of those options I believe, but thank you for fixing it for me, as the e-mail notifications have stopped. I am guessing I am one of the most demanding members of the community?