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  1. A bad date that ended up in bed? Couldn't be that bad could it? I have only had a one night stand, it just happened, and I left before the sun was born. It was OK, we changed numbers and agreed to meet a couple of days later, but under the sunlight everything looked entirely different and we never saw each other again!!!
  2. Haha, seriously? Women and men have similarities even at a big distance! Where are you btw @JasminCottontail? I have no such issues with my wife, as I am the one who always washes the dishes. Now more seriously, our major discussions is because she is jealous (with no reason) or because our kids misbehaving. Things of life I suppose.
  3. LOL, that guy was not too clever, so he said you were a poor kisser? He must have ruined it for you...! I also remember my first kiss, I was also around 14/15 and it was with a 17 year old, more experienced. I didn't have a clue what to do, so my teeth hit hers haha, so it was special all right! She ended up teaching me how to do it.
  4. Yeah, pretty much how I feel too, I am not that comfortable walking around nude, signs that we no longer live in the age of innocence. A sad reality in what concerns some nude beaches, I suppose someone enforcing law there could be in order, but that is just extra costs that usually the state doesn't want to afford.
  5. lol I think that is a nice experience @Lilac89, edible lingerie. What a turn-off if the taste is bad haha, those guys don't know what they are doing! I think you are in the right topic, lingerie, maybe just the different kind of store to buy it. I have never tried it, it's not really my thing, and with that flavor description, I am even less interested.
  6. LOL, gaming issues huh? I know worse kind of issues. It's a fairly common problem these days, as back in the time was playing Farm Heroes Saga I was very good and my wife to annoyed that I passed her levels! She liked to suffer to accomplish them alone. Well, it's good when our biggest problems are small ones, but we should be careful not to grow a distance between our partner.
  7. Haha Kristen Stewart is the best, but the US have a crazy president that Tweets just about anything, even actresses personal life. And saying Trump is in love with her boyfriend, is almost as comforting as coming out and embracing her life freely. Great work!
  8. Yep, pretty much, I don't have any secrets either, so I have no issues with my wife seeing my phone. At the same time, my phone is finger print locked lol, so even if she wanted to bypass it, it would be hard, unless she would caught me sleeping and put my finger there. So far so good, I can check her phone, she can check mine, and no ugly secrets are popping out from there.
  9. That's the issue with shopping online @SElf, we never know what's going to come inside the package haha, and that's why often enough we see Facebook posts showing on it looks on the catalog, and how it looks for real, on a real person lol. Lingerie is more of a fantasy world, I was never in that circle of relationship with women that wore the lingerie we see in the catalogs. Maybe it's something that happens just in the movies?
  10. Well, feeling an intruder in this thread haha, but interesting topic! I am all for comfort too because I don't pay too much attention to lingerie, as when the time for action comes, I just prefer to get the clothes off without much delay. One time I did buy for my wife at Valentines, but she hated my taste and changed it for another piece.
  11. I know, I know, just kidding. If someone is so obsessed about something, even more on a first date, that they don't allow us to talk and just want to do their thing, on a first date, better forget it! Yeah, the date was OK lol, we have been closer and closer in the last weeks, been out with more friends, and that was our first date just the two of us, and last too!
  12. LOL, so I am assuming you aren't into video games @Laneorexorcist? I immediately remembered a date when I saw this thread. It was a first date with a girl, even if we were classmates, I was maybe 17 years old. We went to the beach in the winter, just for walks, and in the middle of the date I realized I liked her just as friends, and gave a step backwards. I guess there click wasn't there.
  13. Pretty much, separating nude beaches for gay and non-gay people makes no sense. I've passed through a couple of them (as in literally walking by the seaside and entering those zones), but it's not something that attracts me, being nude in public, I am more conservative in that aspect. Also, many nude beaches might have those pervs that just stare at whoever is there to have a good time and start doing you know what, so lol, no thanks!
  14. Yeah, it depends on how long we have the relationship, on our age, it depends on a lot of things. When we just started dating, she wanted me to wear a certain type of shoes, a shirt, and so on, but I am really casual in the way I dress, and didn't do it often haha. With time she dropped it, after all, it's just the way I am right? We cannot change that.
  15. Yeah, pretty much like @Jasmin says, and I've been there. I was so madly in love with this girl and we developed a friendship, but all of a sudden it was too close and she invited me to go to her country on holidays, and I opened up the game to her, and got my heart broken in 1000 pieces. It still hurts today...