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  1. Well I do not understand how you can enjoy a relationship with a girl like you. That's like fighting against the law of physics or nature, which states that opposites attract and likes repel
  2. That means your mum won't approve of your kind of relationship. In that case I am of the view you may have to reconsider that lifestyle. I just think it would be great if your girlfriend can change to be your brother's girlfriend instead.
  3. Your mum must have looked at your girlfriend and thought she would be a perfect match for your brother. It's kind of natural for mother's to want to get that lady they feel would make a good partner to their son and would also make a good daughter in-law. Your mum most probably have no idea what's going on between you and your girlfriend. By the way what do you think her reactions would be if she figured out your kind of relationship
  4. Mine would be simple, I would try get a friend or a partner that's also free we would both go for sight seeing. Then we may visit the beach, then go for some rich coffee and sumptuous lunch. We may go to the cinemas if there are real good and exciting shows or movies.
  5. What I discovered the few girls that are doing well in sciences are exceptionally good in the courses. They are so good that their performances many times exceed that of their male counterparts. In my school then there were more boys averagely good in Sciences, the few girls good in the sciences were better than a vast majority of the boys.
  6. Thank you very much for your kind wishes. My Christmas day celebration was great. I hope you enjoyed yourself real good too.
  7. Sometimes I just feel it may not be necessary since I am ready to stay in the relationship with her. Of what use if I hear stories that would make me feel bad or sad about her past experiences. I am not planning to just let go if I'm actually in love because of what has passed.
  8. That's highly welcome by me. After the holiday when you got some time out I'll be glad to play with you. Remember I am not yet experienced in the game
  9. If I am so much engrossed in love towards my partner I doubt if I'll like bother her about her past experience especially at the beginning stage. The funny thing again is once we have developed chemistry in the relationship I'd I won't be pleased to hear any unpalatable past experience she probably had before. For these reasons I may not even ask or ask much about her previous life.
  10. I love seeing people play Chess but funny enough I am a novice at this game. My experience with a few players or stars at Chess is they are not patient enough to teach a novice how to play the game. Can you play Chess very well, if yes what are the basics steps to developing the skills
  11. This is my opinion any activity that you do voluntarily can be referred to as sports, it maybe physical or mental. Gaming in this regard falls under mental activities which is a form of exercise for the mind and brain. Sometimes you compete with others while gaming this requires a lot of skills and intellect which is also necessity in actual physical sports
  12. The thing is if the affection has been built especially over a relatively long period before finding out the lady is b*tch, then I will work on her to turn a better person for the love sake. If I know at the beginning that she is b*tch then I may leave her straight away
  13. Me, I wouldn't be attracted to a flat chested lady. I like a lady with a good shape and attractive body.
  14. Nowadays I go to bed late and wake up late. I'd say I'm lucky because my offline job doesn't start early in the morning. As a result of my job time arrangement I have had to alter my time to bed and my wake up time too.
  15. It looks men are better than women in virtually all the sports maybe due to the fact men are more energetic naturally. That said, I am looking at sports like Ice skating and swimming as activities were women may have the potentials to do better than men.