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  1. I wasn't aware of this movie. I believe the world has to stop assuming that kids don't watch or know about p*rn from young age already. Making it so obvious makes them more curious and they will surely get their hands on it through the net sooner or later. When will adults grow up
  2. It must hurt a lot. This rejection is no different frkm an LGBT or straight point of view. After all love is love. If a person loves you back it is not because of your orientation or so. It is simply because they too have same feelings for you. The pain of rejection is never easy to adjust to but we need to move on.
  3. I think @IcySynchrogave a brilliant idea. I know that would work perfectly with men. Men often want to feel that freedom while getting intimate. I don't know how your hubby feels if you wear revealing clothes in front of your bro in law, otherwise that alone could cause many men to do away with their brothers or male relatives as soon as possible lol. Hope your hubby gets the hint real soon.
  4. Either way there comes a time when the secret leaks out. The best way is to be the first one to announce it or incase it has been announced by a second party and you get confronted by a third party just act like yeah, so what? If you act and feel that it ia normal to be LGBT then it is! That's how people learn to shut up and mind their businesses. The more timid you feel the more they make fun of you.
  5. That will be so me. I can imagine what a struggle it is to first find that brave moment to finally be able to face your fears that you have been bottling them up for years. It is totally devastating to receive a cold shoulder or unacceptable after all that honest struggle. To be honest by informing others of your preferances you aren't doing them any favour. You only do that because you think they deserve to know but if they think by doing so you are a criminal then they might as well not count in your life.
  6. Lol you certainly made me smile. Yeah, it's not very nice to make people uncomfy with body odour. I have bought a roll on recently- made a switch from the spray. I feel and understand what other poster meant while mentioning"ability to measure." Roll on I feel stays longer especially during Summers when I need it the most! Thanks for sharing your opinions.
  7. I feel, although I can only put across my opinion, that he needs to talk things through with a LGBT counsellor before taking this very decisive decision. Apart from the cost it is something that is going to transform his identity for good. It is not an easy thing to swallow. I feel he should proceed with the surgery only after he is mentally prepared and ready to face his fears. That way he will have much better recovery period.
  8. I don't really have an answer either. Could it be an individual perception. I am feminine but rarely wear much make up. I was into no dress and only pants and jeans for pretty straight five years and yet never had such a comment. Could this be environmental related in the sense that, people believe what popular belief is in a certain area?
  9. Oh I know such few people alright! I had a male classmate who was always girlish. He was best buddies with a guy and often associated his name with that friend. However, he was as straight as a straight line. He dated girls. I think he must be married by now. I think it is called mannerism. The typical way of hands movements while talking and the walking style etc. I guess that's just phenotypic though.
  10. I agree with this. Animals are probably better companions for humans. The fact that they don't talk makes them even more sweeter but they can express so much. It only shiws why we like animals better than fellow humans, because they do what we don't: listen and care.
  11. I have no pets at the moment but I had lots of them in the past. I had parrots, birds pf different breeds, parakeets, scorpion, bush baby, chicken, fish, cats and a dog. I guess I am forgetting a monkey too.
  12. Whenever I go for deo shopping, I am often faced with this dilemma: Spray vs Roll on. I know people have personal preferances but I want to know which is better and why? Do deos darken the underarm skin?
  13. Gals, do you all hear the man? Addresses and sizes please!😀😁 Thank you @Mika for your generosity. I will be PMing you mine.😆
  14. That's a very wise advice that @Valerie gave. I always wished that there was a way of knowing how much protection are we really given by a specific anti virus. We are all using anti viruses as placebo really lol let us hope for the best and follow what adoce has been given out by the expert in the field @Valerie
  15. So, I was wondering what you all fill in that frustrating blank on an official document asking for your gender and only two options are given : Male or Female I have noticed that many official documents have added an OTHER/TRANS as a category too as of late. This only confirms that the society has started accept LGBT community even if subtly. It's a start I feel.