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  1. I agree with this. Animals are probably better companions for humans. The fact that they don't talk makes them even more sweeter but they can express so much. It only shiws why we like animals better than fellow humans, because they do what we don't: listen and care.
  2. I have no pets at the moment but I had lots of them in the past. I had parrots, birds pf different breeds, parakeets, scorpion, bush baby, chicken, fish, cats and a dog. I guess I am forgetting a monkey too.
  3. Whenever I go for deo shopping, I am often faced with this dilemma: Spray vs Roll on. I know people have personal preferances but I want to know which is better and why? Do deos darken the underarm skin?
  4. Gals, do you all hear the man? Addresses and sizes please!😀😁 Thank you @Mika for your generosity. I will be PMing you mine.😆
  5. That's a very wise advice that @Valerie gave. I always wished that there was a way of knowing how much protection are we really given by a specific anti virus. We are all using anti viruses as placebo really lol let us hope for the best and follow what adoce has been given out by the expert in the field @Valerie
  6. So, I was wondering what you all fill in that frustrating blank on an official document asking for your gender and only two options are given : Male or Female I have noticed that many official documents have added an OTHER/TRANS as a category too as of late. This only confirms that the society has started accept LGBT community even if subtly. It's a start I feel.
  7. I am with this post. It does appear as though we are always programmed in a certain way by birth and sometimes needs an external/environmental trigger to start navigating a certain way. But then what's the point of such a debate fir which we have no control over? Either way, the end result is just the way it is: difficult for people to understand and accept.
  8. Lol cute responses. 😂 Can I add a point? There are lingerie for both men and women so please don't take it for granted that I am exclusively talking about women. @Laneorexorcist got it right. Well, I am a fan of lingerie. The way they feel and make you feel is something only a wearer and perhaps the viewer knows! 😂😆 I haven't tried buying one online but its something I definetely want to try. Luckily, most of my lingerie collection is part of gifts (smart)😉 people have given me. The few that I bought were from local stores that were only too happy to give me at discounted prices as they had no takers in my area. (I live in a boring place😆😅). Next time you think about gifting me, you know what you need to buy😂😂😆😅.
  9. I am truly sorry to hear about your situation however ,I am equally grateful that you have someone so caring besides you. Trust me, you don't wanna loose her. I can see that you still have the insight and that is half the problem solved. It is not news that you like solitide but that only invites depression. Try and join groups, if you can't afford therapy groups just join a nursery school or orphanages or old age home as a voluntary help (assuming you aren't into full time job). Just something to keep your mind occupied and social enough to give you mental privacy as well as time away from your partner. Most times seeing others with bigger challanges in life makes us realise how trivial are our own problems. I hope that helps.😊
  10. Whether I have something to hide or not, I just don't like the fact that somebody needs to become Inspector Gadget and use my phone for that basis. If that's the case, then I will become more rebellious and let them doubt all they want. I guess I am just stubborn. Otherwise, if it is not on the suspicion basis I donot mind them using it.
  11. Exciting topic, isn't it? So what are your favourite ones? Your choices? How do you decide? Where do you purchase from; online Ior offline?
  12. I am unaware of laws govering children and lesbians. However, from what OP has posted it does sound complicated. Those who are serious about wanting a child should definitely check out all the loopholes and laws for a better decision making. It is unfair to adopt a child only not be able to give a good life to them. Incase you want your own child, that I think should be a personal matter.
  13. You see given official rights and implementing them are two different things. Like LGBT will be given equal job poaitions, pensions, raises etc however, it is individual respect that hurts the human. Even if you have the best of a cabin and highest of salary, everytime you walk if people start avoiding you or laughing behind your back really hurts.
  14. Relationship. But fling has its own beauty. I think each one has its own place. Relationship comes with maturity and when a person is mentally ready for a serious commitment.
  15. Lol I couldn't stop laughing reading all the posts. We all had bad experiences, didn't we? Well, the worse I can say was probably with a guy who had a thing for me and we went out for a pizza. He was so deep into me and was seriously considering marriage. It was getting really awkward as I had no feelings for him and didn't find him particularly goodlooking either. (when I was younger looks were VERY important lol). To put him off without hurting him, I had to tell him that we were actually related and I didnot believe in consanginous marriages! Whether it was the truth or not I never heard from that guy again! The last time I saw him he was married and had a son lol.