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  1. Infact I prefer reading to watching. I feel it works😉 better. I don't feel there is anything wrong in reading such stuffs. It is just like reading any random novel just that it is for a specific purpose! 😃😂
  2. Hahaha can't believe I am this late. Should have checked the dates!😉 but then it's better late than never😂
  3. I am a vegetarian not a vegan. I don't think I can ever go strictly vegan for the availability of such purified/not contaminated products aren't easily available in my area.
  4. I think it is individual preferances. I would anytime prefer a biological child to adopted one but then it varies for everyone. It Is better to have a child than none like @luri said.
  5. I have not read any such guides but they might offer help in time of confusing and frustration. While some points can give a positive approach ultimately it depends on how fitting it is in your current situation.
  6. There is a concept called "projection" in psychology. It is when one feels/fails at certain thing and then tries to blame others for the same. Example, a person fails his maths exam and then says the teacher did not set the paper right but in reality he might have not studied the portions which appeared in the paper. This is what today's world is doing. What for them can't be accepted or is not normal or is a sin is to be blamed for all natural calamities and all wrong that goes around. Just ignore such unfortunate and confused people.
  7. While hiding may lead to guilty feelings sometimes one is left with no other option. The situations around a person matters too. It is important that one comes out at a right point in time when there are highest chances of being understood and perhaps accepted too.
  8. I am a vegetarian. So veggies are all that I eat!😁 Except for one or two which might not be my favourite I eat almost all kinds of veggies in one form or the other.
  9. I realise that you will never relive your life so make sure you make the most of it while you can. Don't forget to be grateful to The Almighty for each moment you have, others don't even have that. Happiness or sadness, accept both for you can't appreciate one without the other. Lastly, Always do good for what goes around does come around.
  10. I don't take any vitamin supplements unless I develop a clear sign of a deficiency. I try to eat healthy instead.
  11. Do I even get time to relax? I wish I could though. The only real relaxation in my busy day is my bedtime. Even that is full of disturbed sleep. I wish someday I could just be left alone. I would rather live by myself than social bonds.
  12. My answer would be a balanced diet. That is the most valuable food. For all the right reasons a balanced diet is a complete nutrient packed meal and that is what we need but lack unfortunately.
  13. I always like clean, smooth and hairless body. Where I am though the saloons are redundant on waxing and so I am stuck with the razor. Since razor shaved hairs comes back with a harsher prick I avoid it on sensitive areas. I stick to underarms. Hands and legs I have stopped shaving unless I need to wear shorts.
  14. Hmm. Something which I have no direct answer for. May be it has something to do with fashion, new hairstyles to show off, weather? Reasons could be anything depending on the individual.
  15. To be honest I haven't used Pinterest for anything on particular. I have visited twice only randomly but really not been keen on what exactly it has got to offer. Cheaper wedding ideas sounds good as we know how wedding these days can be expensive. Modifying what will suit you best can help cut down the cost and make your wedding unique too.