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  1. Camping is actually adventurous. I guess the more the merrier, we are planning to go for camping over Christmas. We are going to be at least 10 people. How I love evenings when we light a bonfire, sit around it and just tell stories until late at night. Daytime, when we play games, take adventure walks, and just do silly stuff. I just cant wait to go camping!
  2. I am not a make up lady but I will put it on occasionally. I know many ladies cannot step out of their houses without make up on. All my sisters put on make up and they are always pushing me to do the same. I usually feel so uncomfortable in it.how different people can be.
  3. Do you have friends who can eat anything and everything and they don't add even a pound? I always wonder, is their metabolism high,working extra time, how do their bodies function?Some of us really struggle and have to watch what we put in our mouth.I always ask myself what the difference is.Why are you allowed to eat junk while I am scared to eat even a bar of chocolate?
  4. I have never been in a long distance relationship but I guess it's hard. Issues like trust,communication may come up. I have a friend who was in a long distance relationship, all I saw in their relationship was strain in communication since she is the one who always had to start the conversation , then mistrust came up,eventually they broke up.
  5. We had a great debate about this issue with my friends but we came to the conclusion that, mostly its the physical appearance that will draw you to a person especially a stranger, before you start talking. You can be attracted to a person physically but they may have a bad personality. for me I guess both matter, their physical appearance and their personality.
  6. your parents will find out in one way or another. I think its good if you let them know. I am not going to promise you that they are going to react positively about the issue, but you may never know. You should just be prepared for anything. As a parent I would appreciate the truth coming from my son whether its something hurtful or not. No matter what happens just know that God loves you unconditionally.
  7. The reason I say this is because of the many issues coming up nowadays. There is the issue of rejection which many of us have experienced in the churches we attend,because of one reason or another. When I was growing up, I used to attend a church which really condemned lots of things. Do you know I started wearing trousers when I turned 21 years. It was forbidden in my church and was viewed as sin. I struggled so much when growing up always having more questions than answers. In search to understand who God was, I started following teachings by Grace preachers and I dug deep into my bible. Well, one thing that stood out was the fact that, God is love.He condemned our sins more than 2000 years ago through his son Jesus. If we believe in Christ we do not stand condemned. In the bible, Romans 8:1 says "Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus," I lived a life of slavery not knowing how much God loved me. Now that I know who God is, and how much he loves me, I don't care what people think or say about me. Do you know that God loves you and wants the very best for you?
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome.
  9. Hi everyone, my name is Lina. I am very friendly and always eager to make new friends. I like sharing and learning from people, Girly talk is also my thing,that's the reason I joined this forum. see you around guys.
  10. Like BadBeah I would like to admit that the Bible is a book I read daily, It really inspires me.Am a book reader or a bookworm as we used to call fanatic readers back in high school. I love reading books,especially inspirational. A book I have read over and over is secrets of fascinating woman hood by David Coory. I think every lady should get herself a copy.
  11. I am religious. One thing that is so clear to me is that religion will not take you to heaven as others say or think it is the personal relationship you have with Jesus. God is love and nothing can separate us from his love. He will not love you more or less if you are straight or gay his love is constant.