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  1. I actually buy whatever fits me best LOL! I'm not into brands, not into any specific type of jeans, whatever fits and looks good as well, I buy.
  2. Well, sometimes people change their minds when things get seriously real. It's only normal. Sex change is a serious matter, maybe your friend needs more time to adjust to the change that's going to happen. There's nothing wrong with that
  3. I'm very glad this topic turned out to be so useful for others Of course I hope every troubled teenager reads it, member or the forums or not.
  4. Yup, this is pretty much how I see it. But I think for people who are not ready to come out, it's necessary to go through some fear and some insecurity. It might just be the kick they need to want to stop feeling like this and become ready to come out.
  5. I know what I'm about to say might sound rude and objectifying, but I think finding the right person to settle down with is a bit like shopping at the market. You see that perfect fruit, you look at it, touch it, maybe taste it if allowed. But then you say "I'm just looking" and go see what other fruit is available. And you only make a purchase when you're convinced you found your juicy fruit! If you buy the first fruit, and on your way home you find something more sweet and mature, you'll probably be sorry you don't have room in your fridge anymore. Please don' judge my comparison, it's meant as a joke, like a pamphlet. But still, I find some truth in it nonetheless.
  6. I can understand feeling confused and frustrated. In a world where everyone tries to fit in, you find yourself being so different. But that's ok! Because you're not alone! Do you know how many other people feel like this? I was one of them, so I totally understand what you're going through. Don't worry, time is on your side, soon you'll realize being gay/lesbian/bi/etc. is normal too! In fact, it's so normal it scares the hell out of straight people - that's what I would say
  7. The beauty pressure is affecting the lesbian community as well. Maybe not as much, but I know plenty of girls who are not pleased with the way they look... maybe with age, certain standards are no longer important, but when you're young and single... well... pressure's high.
  8. I have nothing against nude beaches, even if I'm not a fan of them myself. It's not because I'm shy or anything, but because I think certain areas of the body are sensitive to the sun, which is why I prefer covering them up. Sunburn hurts a lot on my arms, I would NOT like to experience that on my chest! Hmmmm... I've heard about nude beaches and about LGBT beaches, but combined... I have no idea! I guess if it's a public beach no one would mind, I don't think specific rules apply if it's not a private beach. I don't know about others, but I don't think children should be allowed to see nudity at an early age. It's not p*rnographic or anything, but still, it may affect them nonetheless. I'm guessing no clothing at all? OK, maybe a sun hat. And slippers, because the sand is usually hot hot hot!
  9. I've only used Garmin products to track my fitness activities so far. Now I'm testing out their vivoaoactive smartwatch, it connects with your phone and everything I like it so far, although as far as design is concerned, it's sooo bulky! If I had a girlfriend and people saw us together and I was wearing the watch, they'd definitely say I'm the "masculine" one of the lesbian couple!
  10. It's weird, but what helped me most was being mad all the time. I was mad I had to hide myself and lie to my family, so one day I decided to stop being mad because I knew I was just mad at myself.. Needed some time to realize that though! Maybe I took too long to come out, maybe not, but that doesn't matter anymore now
  11. I too encouraged some of my friends to come out, but they weren't ready so I stopped. Everyone knows when they're ready, this is just something you have to do on your own time so, if you push others to do something they're not ready for, you're just pushing them away as friends.
  12. Cheating sucks, and I'm guessing everyone agrees. Someone always ends up getting hurt, not to mention all the lying involved and sneaking around and so on. If I would find out someone I care about is cheated on, I don't know how I would react though. It's so very complicated because it's never a good idea to get involved in other people's business, even if they're close to you. But I would, however, confront the cheater! I'd confront them good! At least give them a good scare by letting them know I know!
  13. I've had quite a few flings since my last serious relationship. I'm not proud of it, but they just happened and I'm not sorry for experimenting sex with other girls, just for fun. As long as nobody gets hurt emotionally! I wouldn't want that for myself or anyone else involved.
  14. Oups! Sorry about that I realized I didn't say anything about my own breasts. (wow, that sounded weird!) As I mentioned before, I'm happy with the way I look, It was difficult to accept myself though as a teenager. When you're 15-16, you kinda look up to others, and well, 10 years ago, standards were too high for my taste. I was never happy with anything, I always compared myself to others. Took a while to accept my body and let go of all that stuff. Now, the only times when my breasts give me a hard time is when I exercise. I do wear sports bras, but sometimes when I'm at home I don't bother wearing one so that's the only time I 'dislike' my boobs.
  15. I usually prefer my movies with a side of cinema But this is only if I'm on a girls night out, we do prefer the atmosphere and the sharing of the junk food and also, maybe afterwards we end up doing something else, which is fun. The only weird part is when lesbian friends who are not out yet join us, then we kinda have to restrain ourselves from certain conversations,but that's ok, I mean we've all kinda been there When I'm alone, I prefer watching them at home, for the reasons @JasminCottontail just mentioned! Spending money isn't exactly my favorite hobby