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  1. People expect me to be more masculine too, and I used to be very offended by it at first. I don't care anymore about these things now though. Just be yourself, people will always believe in stereotypes, save yourself from unnecessary stress
  2. There's a gay scene in a Disney story? Now I've heard everything! I MUST see Beauty and the Beast! I'm sorry your country is "weird" about it, but thanks for pointing out the gay scene! I know the story and I definitely do not remember anything gay about it
  3. I don't want to seem mean, but I've heard of parents who loved their children unconditionally... until they found out they're gay. I can't explain it because it makes no sense to me. However, these things happen, and that's why I also found coming out to my parents to be the most difficult.
  4. I agree. I often though about why do we even come out, and the thing is, we just do it for ourselves. Maybe we need to come out to know which people we should cut out of our lives, for not accepting us.
  5. Thank you, Decentlady! Women like freedom to get intimate too, I assume Helping a family member in trouble is noble, I'd do it in a heartbeat! But not at the expense of a marriage!
  6. wow, does that sounds incredibly shallow I've never had anyone lay down their expectations from me, at least not from my sexuality's point of view. That's just weird
  7. I guess saying you're not attracted to one's gender is much more sincere than just saying "you're not my type".. However I do understand rejection and sometimes too much honesty can hurt much more than just generic rejection.
  8. I used to think only weak people end up with mental health problems. Boy was I wrong! You can be as strong as 100 out and proud gay people put together, one bad remark from someone you care about and- boom! You're depressed. I'm not in therapy or anything, but I do understand these things better now.
  9. I could reply to your question with another question: how do you know you're straight? I also find men attractive, I look at their physical traits and personality, and some are really beautiful and/or wonderful people overall. But sexually.. I feel nothing. The difficult part isn't knowing you're gay, but accepting it because it's not 'the norm'.
  10. Oh dear, this sounds complicated. Have you tried to open up the topic with your husband, like hint to him that maybe it's time you lived alone? I'm no expert, but I believe a healthy marriage needs good communication. Maybe start with little hints, like when you really are alone, "take" your husband on the kitchen table! Or in the middle of the living room! The point out how nice it would be if you were able to do that whenever you wanted. It sounds childish... but hinting this stuff just with words could lead o your husband thinking you're trying to manipulate him. At least by showing him what it could be like, he might get a better 'picture'.
  11. You're welcome, and I'm glad I made you smile @Decentlady! I'm a strong advocate of all things natural, but yeah, there's a limit! Forgot to mention I care a lot about the way deodorant smells, but it has to be aluminium free! Good thing we have so much choices available nowadays!
  12. I prefer roll on. I've 'smelled' many until I found the perfect one, so now I'm gonna stick with it. Thing is, a while ago I used to be quite the rebel type and actually gave deodorant up for good. I gave up a lot of things, makeup, perfume, nail polish, you name it! However, when I noticed people avoid sitting next to me on buses, I figured natural is cool and all, but I'd rather smell nice and have people not avoid me all the time
  13. I actually don't really notice such stereotypes anymore. I guess I got used to seeing so many people acting so different, being 'too manly' or 'too feminine' isn't really noticeable to me anymore.
  14. I love ALL animals! Yep! Big animal lover, that's what I am I've had a ton of pets growing up, and I'm glad I was brought up with them because I think it helped me become a good person
  15. That must be rough Have you talked to your two friends about it? It's not about threatening your friendship or anything, but if one day something should happen, I couldn't imagine trust being the same between you guys.