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  1. I can understand you feeling guilty, even if mostly felt fear more than guilt. Before coming out I felt very self conscious about everything I said and done, like anything would give me away and people would know!
  2. My favorite subject! LOL First of all,leisure day is all about me me me, so ideally I'd be home, alone, phones off. Sleeping in is how I'd start, but not too late! Then I'd have breakfast in bed, chocolate croissants, cappuccino and a good strong coffee to get me going! I'd then get up and go to the beach, any beach! I LOVE beaches! I'd just lay there all day long, reading a good book maybe, or listening to some good music. The perfect end to my perfect leisure day? A good relaxing bath and all-you-can-eat sushi! And cake! And wine! Also, a good movie before going to bed! This would be perfection for me.
  3. Some of the silly questions were already mentioned by others, so I'll present to you the one question I've been asked and never know what to reply: How do you DO it? You know what the weird part is? That people who have asked me this, I'm not even close to them! Like, omg, intimate friends don't ask me such intimate questions, but strangers don't seem to shy away from it!
  4. I wasn't. And it was tough. A good life lesson though! When I came out, not everything was pink butterflies. I thought I can handle it, and I did! But of course, unacceptance can hit you hard sometimes, no matter how much you prepare for it. I remember I cried a lot when certain "friends" judged me behind my back. They said they were fine with it and later on I found they weren't. Well, that was a shock! But it was a good life lesson as I said, it actually helped me become stronger.
  5. I haven't read the bible but I already know I don't believe in it.I believe in good and bad, in love and hate, I believe that gay and straight can both be either good or bad people, so even if there was something about being a lesbian in the bible,it sure won't affect me in any way.
  6. I'm not even in a serious relationship, but I know that if the time comes to decide, I would love it if I could carry the baby. If perfection ever existed, I'd carry one child, and my partner would carry the second child. But I'm afraid to think too far ahead
  7. I also know very little about most legal issues concerning gay/lesbian adoption. I know for sure that, unfortunately, the law 'says' it has the child's best interest, but that's not always the case. There are too many legal issues, custody, inheritance like you mentioned, and very often just loving a child like your own isn't enough.
  8. I think people are born gay. At least most of them.. For instance, say you're born straight. Now, all the beautiful women from all around the world can parade naked in front of you... if you're straight, you won't care! You may admire the boobs and legs, but straight women won't feel attracted to other beautiful women in that way.
  9. I need to get something out ASAP : I hate labels! There, I said it! Now, moving on. I believe it's also society that encourages the media. I mean, it's impossible that EVERYONE believes EVERYTHING the media says... Maybe it's a coping mechanism? Like, maybe society doesn't 'agree' with women not wearing make-up and acting butch. So, they're automatically labeled as the 'butch lesbians', the 'guy' in a lesbian relationship if you will. Which is totally BS... But what do people know? Maybe they've never even met a lesbian couple before so it's easy to portray people the wrong way in your head.
  10. I agree with this 100%! Women can hold hands, play with eachothers hair or do whatever it is that couples usually do and "get away with it"... I should know, I did exactly this with my ex. She wasn't comfortable telling people so we hid it from many. It was an effort, can't say it was easy, but it wasn't THAT awful, to be honest.
  11. I always used to say I would never want kids, I was never a warm fuzzy person, kids like me, don't get me wrong, but I always felt I was sure about not wanting them. Lately though, many of my former classmates have already started families and, well... I still don't want kids but I think, maybe, someday, when the right girl comes along, I might change my mind. So, adoption is definitely something I might take into consideration. Someday. Not now. I still have plenty of time to decide.
  12. @notathoughtgiven you crack me up! I might just continue to come here just to read your stuff! Back on topic: I use my phone A LOT! I have an app for everything! It's just the games I find useless, I only play games on my laptop, on the phone, never. Not that I would get bored or anything, I always have something to do online! Kudos to you girls who manage to live without a phone, even if just for a few days. I think I'd panic not having it in my back pocket!
  13. Im so gonna download the apps!
  14. Hey there!! I am kinda eager to join this forum because someone intro us about you at outnation! is officially closed today or yesterday (after a 10 year run?), well of course I am kinda sad, but good things always come to an end. I am not saying this is not a good forum, but at the same time I hope when I feel comfortable at a new place, it won't get shut down in the near future, I will be super duper sad!! Anyway im 25 yo, female (duhh), definitely a lesbian, I love girlssss, I love seeing girls too, no i don't catcall them though. I am currently single, had only one relationship before, have a crush now but dont think it's likely to happen because she seems straight Feel free to chat me up x