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  1. Hmmm... well, the right thing to do is for her to talk about this with the guy. I understand the feelings of guilt, but if she's unhappy she simply must talk about it. If the guy loves her back, I'm sure he can at least listen to how unhappy she is and maybe try to do something about it.
  2. I agree! Standing up for yourself might be difficult for some, because being a victim is never easy, but helping someone who's being abused like that is definitely something I'd do in a second!
  3. Wow, this sounds like a tough situation. Does she feel guilty for wanting to leave, seeing how this guy helped her out so much when she needed it? Either way, possessiveness is not ok! What if she suggests seeing a couple's therapist? Would that help?
  4. I've never been bullied either, but just like you, can understand the feeling. But does reporting it really help? I feel like, if the bully finds out, it could only make things worse. What do you think?
  5. Hi @can1492 and welcome to the forums I think, if you feel weird about it, you should definitely clear things up with your friend. If she has a BF now but didn't before, it makes me think that she's not that into you (otherwise, why would she be with him?). On the other hand, maybe she's confused or who knows, but either way, you should definitely have a talk and clear things out. It's not right kissing other people's partner, even if the guy is ok with it.
  6. I was just replying to another topic here, about negative reactions to coming out. It got me thinking: what about bullies? I'm sure many of us have been bullied in school, and it was tough, I know! But what if we gather up some advice here about how to deal with this stuff? What would you do if you were bullied? What would you do differently now as opposed to your reactions in the past?
  7. Hmmm... I think the best you can do is teach your child to be confident and stand up for himself (without violence, of course!). There will always be bullies to put people down, but knowing you're smarter than that actually helps. No matter what others say, if your child knows he's not a victim, bullies won't affect him.
  8. I'd also much rather see the visual, but reading erotic stuff can be fun too! If the author is a good writer, you can actually visualize a lot of stuff just by reading words! It's fun to try
  9. This can be done by having a personal fitness instructor who knows what your goals are! Some women want to look more muscular, others just want to maintain their toned bodies. A good instructor knows what exercises to teach you to stay fit while maintaining your shape.
  10. @Annatrue! But just admitting to yourself you're in a bad place is the first step to take towards getting help. Why are you afraid you'll need help later in life? You shouldn't be afraid of these things, it'll drive you crazy..
  11. I didn't even know this thread existed! Thanks to much Libby, for reviving it I'm not much of a cook myself, but I always love being inspired by new ideas It should come in handy if I ever find a girlfriend I need to impress hehe
  12. For me it's yoga. I'm not entirely sure it's even considered a sport, but there are many yoga classes around where I live. It's not that I can't stand it, I just find it boring. If I practice a sport, I need to move and well.. sweat! Yoga is indeed difficult and some of the poses.... woop! How do they even do that? Are they human? But they don't break a sweat so, yoga... not my thing.
  13. Sometimes I can tell is someone's LGBT, other times it's difficult to understand. What I'm saying is, I do believe in the gaydar! I just don't think it's wise to always rely on it
  14. Thanks, @sarahc You also raise an interesting point!! However, even in our day and age, many still believe in saving yourself for marriage. However, it's true, you do form a special kind of relationship with your 'first'
  15. Some argue that Christianity is liberal, some argue it's not. What's the truth, in the end? I get so confused by these things, it's really difficult to keep the faith when everything becomes confusing.