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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY hope you have fun and enjoy your self today.


  2. Are you trying to be a troll or did you fall down and hit your head. BY FOR NOW
  3. MARRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL I hope you all have a very marry Christmas day. And a happy New Years. Your Loving Friend Dawn
  4. Anything chep because im pore and clothing is way over priced as it is. BY FOR NOW
  5. Hi Self, It sounds like a case of self denial by your mother, she knows but choses to pretend it's not real so she dosen't have to dell with it. And by her saying your gr should date her son and you not saying anything it gust helps her reinfore her delosone that noting is gone on. The longer you let this go on the harder it will be to get her to see the truth that your gay. LATER SIS
  6. Thank you @SElf for the update. BY FOR NOW
  8. Thank you it looks good I like the big crystal snow flakes. BY FOR NOW
  9. Coming out is a big step and it's very hard for some people to do, you can try talking with her about her fears of coming out, no trying to talk her in to it but addresing her problems with coming out. BY FOR NOW
  10. Leslie Feinberg was a transgender man and writer as well as a LGBT+ advicate he is best know for his book STONE BUTCH BLUES witch has been sold world wide. I sugest you read the hole page of this link it will give you a little noleg about Mr.Feinberg and if you get the PDF download for his book in the back of it is a lot of info. on him. I hope you injoy his book as much as i did. http://www.lesliefeinberg.net/ BY FOR NOW
  11. In a LTR ya i think you should is asked that's comane respect in my book. BY FOR NOW
  12. Hi @Self, It's the transgender scenario that so many go throw trying to figure them selves out with their sexuality. From what you said to me it does sound like you transgender but one of the people that has come to except their body for what it is and who you are. There is a book I would like to suggest to you to read it pertains to your situation very much it's called STONE BUTCH BLUES if you're interested in reading is I can give you the web address for it, it's free from the author him self, gust let me know. LATER SIS
  13. At the bottom of the screen you will see THEME click on it to change the theme to the dark theme @to7update . BY FOR NOW
  14. Thank you @SElf . BY FOR NOW