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  1. Joining the same extracurricular activity would be my first advice but I think it's university and it seems Anna doesn't wanna wait (I can't blame her ). You can try for LGBT clubs though,
  2. I think telling her that you like her is a bit much since you don't know her. And it'll be your first time, I know you said you're not nervous because she might say no but rejection hurts and it'll be easier if it's just a coffee or movie date. BTW, if she's out she probably won't hide that fact. Are you ready to handle it?
  3. Orange is the New Black & Jessica Jones
  4. I'll just post a pic instead of writing hundreds of bands
  5. Hi punkgirl. Welcome to the forum PS: Would you name a few bands? I'm into post-punk and new wave but I usually try to find underground bands that almost nobody knows about
  6. Straight women say that too. Although, when they say it they mean it as a compliment without realizing it's offensive.
  7. The main difference is my family didn't even bother to try and know any of my ex girlfriends. They just decided they're horrible and wrong for me without any conversation just because they're female. It's quite different than your situation.
  8. With a M2F transgender person yes, with a F2M transgender person no. I do agree, personality is the most important thing on a relationship but I only date and attracted to women.
  9. “I want to be inside your darkest everything.” Frida Kahlo
  10. Hello JustJubs. Welcome to the forum
  11. It's amazing
  12. I can't think of anyone else as Harley Quinn (one of my favorite villains). Everyone is talking about Jared Leto's performance but she played the most complex character and nailed it.
  13. Edit:@notathoughtgiven beat me to it
  14. Breaking the light bulbs is so relaxing :)

    1. DeeRaw


      You should :)  Thank you @SElf for not warning us. Finding out about it with my headphones on was priceless :D

    2. SElf


      HAHAHA! Oooops sorry :P i actually felt a bit annoyed by the sound, so I reduced it down to just 1 or 2%, seems okay now. I'll probably take that aqay right after Christmas but leave snow intact till after New Year, since it looks great on dark theme. :)

  15. It's not too difficult but I'd say 9, since I'm not willing to hide.