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  1. Your topic title is a bit misleading. There isn't any lesbian in this story, just a straight trans guy dating a woman.
  2. Hello Jovie. Welcome to the forum. Another 89 baby here but I have to argue that October is the best month to be born
  3. Well, she will never be a "straight male". She can realize she's a queer woman after a while but it has nothing to do with her transitioning or SRS if she decides to go through with it. I agree with others about therapy. Therapy is a must before she make any decision about surgery.
  4. I think it's the right decision. Kids don't judge, it's something we learn as we grow up. It's never too early, at least you won't be hiding anything from him. Although, I think seeing a therapist is a good idea, the therapist can help you explain it to your son.
  5. PS: I don't know how this happened. It's not like I checked 'Daily Bonus' everyday or anything
  6. Oh my! I've never won a contest before. Thank you so much, @SElf. I can't wait to check out DIVA's content Congrats to Jasmin and Elsa as well
  7. Hello Elsa, These links might help you: http://www.rainbowfamiliesqld.org/coming-out-to-your-kids/http://www.colage.org/resources/for-lgbtq-parents/tips-for-coming-out-to-your-kids-about-your-sexual-orientation/
  8. I agree. If we're talking about gender, then having "trans" as an option is offensive. Like you said most transgender people are either male or female. But yes, "Other" option should be there for non-binary people.
  9. Hello Jessica. Welcome to the forum
  10. Lol. Maybe it was his subtle way to ask " ‘Do you have sex with men? " which is another silly question people keep ask.
  11. Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior, Cool Water by Davidoff, Pure Seduction by Victoria's Secret. But every now and then I like to try new ones.
  12. Oh, I'm really sorry to hear that Anna. But don't worry, you managed to start a conversation with your first crush and believe me it's huge. I'm sure you'll find someone else and won't be afraid to start another conversation and steal her heart
  13. Joining the same extracurricular activity would be my first advice but I think it's university and it seems Anna doesn't wanna wait (I can't blame her ). You can try for LGBT clubs though,
  14. I think telling her that you like her is a bit much since you don't know her. And it'll be your first time, I know you said you're not nervous because she might say no but rejection hurts and it'll be easier if it's just a coffee or movie date. BTW, if she's out she probably won't hide that fact. Are you ready to handle it?
  15. Orange is the New Black & Jessica Jones