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  1. It pains me to hear how certain beliefs are so different than others and actually hurt people in the long run. I'm sorry for saying this, but I think religion blinds people too much. I understand faith, but I don't believe one religion is better than the next. And seeing how some are liberal with LGBT issues and some are not, it just confuses me even more.
  2. I would have never though this topic would stir so much attention Some of this stuff is really funny, although I imagine it wasn't that hilarious when you guys actually heard it!
  3. Oh, not come out because you stay closeted, not because you decide coming out isn't a "thing".... I don't think people should stay in the closet. I know it can be tough, but it's better to be honest and see which people are really your friends and which aren't.
  4. I'm too young to think about these things. Although I hope my future husband or wife will like the dress I already chose for myself hahah!!!
  5. Oh, I totally get that. People do have expectations, especially with stereotypes being so accentuated lately. I learned to deal with it though, if something's not me, I just don't do it.
  6. Yes, definitely! Getting help is no reason to be ashamed, on the contrary! Getting professional help means you're strong enough to accept you need guidance, and it's very, very important. I should know, I've seen family members go through rough stuff and it's pretty ugly at times
  7. Oh dear, I really don't know how i would feel about this. I'm a firm believer in love and in "if it's meant to be...". So, i think I'd do good in a LDR. Of course, I'd need to trust my partner completely! If ever I would have even the slightest doubt, I don't think I'd be able to trust them anymore...
  8. I know many girls who act boyish and some guys who act feminine. I was actually hoping they were LGBT, at least I could have had someone to talk to in real life about this stuff. But nope, they're as straight as they come and, often yes, they get offended when you ask about them being gay Maybe it's because too many people are ask about it and they're tired to reply the same thing over and over again
  9. I used to be terrified of spiders, but I imagine as I'll grow older, there will be other things, more important things, I'll probably fear. However, I'm a very optimistic person. No matter what, I'm sure I'll find the strength to overcome anything
  10. No, no, don't do that! Don't give up on love because of a bump in the road. I'm really sorry this happened to you. It's unfair. But Maybe you can look at this as an experience?
  11. I don't know anyone in an open relationship. I don't really understand how one can work, people need love in their lives, but I guess under certain circumstances it could work. Like, when a child is involved, parents might agree to see other people but stay together for the baby.
  12. Wow, that sounds very awful. I think your friend should put your foot down. I'm sorry forgiving such blunt advice, but in a relationship both partners have to agree on the "terms"and if your friend is unhappy, he should definitely do something about it.
  13. Great points, @SElf! Everyone has flaws, but somehow such people only seem to see other's flaws and not look at themselves as well. Also, I try to do small things to help the earth I know it's not LGBT related, but since you mentioned it, I'm proud to say I'm into recycling and riding my bike instead of public transportation or car, I also plan on starting to learn how to garden, planting nature sounds like the right thing to do. Then I can be bisexual and not feel guilty about it ahahah!
  14. I don't think being LGBT is a sin. What's wrong with loving and caring for another human being? Isn't God and the Bible all about Love and Good? If anything, judging other people is sinful. Only God can judge, right? So, in conclusion, everyone's a sinner, right?
  15. I find gender roles overrated even in straight relationships. Both my mom and dad work, and they both do house chores. Like, my dad cooks some meals better than my mom, and they always used to clean the house together (then passed the chore on to the kids... typical! LOL) So, gender roles are obsolete, in my opinion. Of course different cultures might see things differently, I'm only talking about how I feel.