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  1. Ok, so, a few days ago I had lunch with my class mates and one of them invited a friend. We all met, sat down and well, started talking, right? I swear, I instantly knew this guy was gay from the moment we shook hands! Yet, he kept on avoiding the subject and kept acting all 'macho' whenever girls passed near our table. So, ok, lunch was over and he went on his way, my colleagues and I went our way. And I was right! The girl who invited him to have lunch with us told us he is in fact gay, but closeted. I don't know if I have an active gaydar or not, but at least this time I was spot on!
  2. Yes! I definitely agree with you! You couldn't have said it better! I've never been in this type of a situation before, but I like to think if I have a partner, they'll only have eyes for me! I mean, looking not touching is OK, but staring..... nope, not in my book!
  3. Hi Emma! Nice to meet you A warm welcome to the forums! Only 5 days left 'till prom! How excited are you?
  4. I have never tried online dating or online dating apps, but in this day and age, everyone's online ,not just the nut-jobs hahahah! So, for now I'll stick to getting to know people from my circle of friends and school... but when you grow up and have less social contact with so many people, I think online dating would be a great option
  5. This is also true. With the exception, I'm pretty sure, of kids. I think once kids come into play, everything changes. Even if they're adopted, once you become a parent surely the priorities change drastically! (in a good way, of course)
  6. Oh dear, that hairstyle in the picture only looks good on others. I don't think I'd ever want that for myself Personally, I usually go with fun, child-like hairstyles. Like pippi longstocking braids, or 2 buns on the side. I like feeling like a kid all the time, and fortunately such hairstyles still look good on me hahah!
  7. Holding hands... hmm, I guess I never looked at holding hands as something that intimate. I think being single doesn't help when thinking about cheating. If I'll ever find someone to be in a committed relationship with, I'll probably think differently. Who knows, right?
  8. Wow! great topic So, cheating is yes, the betrayal of someone's trust. So, for me, if my partner would kiss or be intimate in any way with another girl, I'd consider it cheating. Having girl friends is allowed, but I should be the only girlfriend in their life! Me, me, me. And nope, I don't think it's selfish
  9. I don't really know what to say, since I live in quite a LGBT safe area.... but I think if someone bullied someone else, no matter what for (being LGBT, being overweight or short or whatever...), I would definitely do something about it! I think bullying is so lame, by the way. I mean, why can't bullies just mind their own business?
  10. I don't even know if I have a type LOL! I mean, how do you know, if you don't date a lot? Also, no one's perfect. I think you can have a type, but find imperfections about the person you meet anyway... so if you strongly believe in these things, then yeah, it could hurt you finding the right person for you. If not, then just going with the flow should work in your favor
  11. Hi @izzy-20882-ij and welcome to the forums! If you feel confused like that, you're definitely in the right place Being in love with 2 people at the same time isn't uncommon. I'm also confused a bit, but not currently dealing with emotional issues, but I do understand you feeling 'weird' about it.
  12. I agree with SElf. You should definitely keep your distance, if she can't accept you being uncomfortable with this. However, I might be wrong here, but is it possible she's madly in love with you but is afraid to ask you to be in a relationship? Maybe she's a lesbian and finds it difficult to accept it. Maybe she has feelings for you but is afraid to be in a committed lesbian relationship. Either way, you should definitely have a very serious talk. And if she's only looking to have fun but you aren't comfortable with it, let her know and yeah. keep your distance if it's necessary.
  13. I don't see age differences as problems in a relationships, but being jealous to the point where you can't stand your partner being around same sex people is just not ok. I also understand why she feels guilty, and of course she should show gratitude for this guy helping her when she needed it most! But, if he can't accept her talking to her own co-workers, then something's definitely wrong here! I have to ask, is he violent as well? Or do they aggressively argue on the matter? Because if so, then they should definitely see a couple's therapist. Or, better yet, she should see on by herself first, to tackle her guilt problems. Everyone deserves to be happy, and it seems to me like she's only staying with him because she feels guilty.
  14. I think, even though kissing someone else is really, really bad... we still can't fully understand what happened, if it didn't happen to us. Maybe they were both so drunk, they were hallucinating. Or they did it on a dare. Or.. I don't know.. some other reason. I'm not trying to make up excuses for such a gesture, but I can't condemn it either since it didn't happen to me...
  15. I'm simply afraid of my parents' reaction, even though I know they're LGBT friendly people! Somehow, even if you're open minded, what if finding out your own flesh and blood is LGBT will suddenly be a disappointment? Not because they're gay, but because you know how they'll struggle to stay happy in a world where being gay is so tough.