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  1. I don't actually believe in prayer, as recital, but I believe in doing good, and I believe in karma and I believe in hope. I also believe that if something bad happens, you shouldn't blame God, which is why I don't really believe in prayer. Things will happen, good or bad, whether you pray or not. I guess I believe more in the energies of the universe, if I cal call them that. Do good and attract positive things. Be a bad person and karma will kick butt.
  2. OMG, people actually say this? I know many are thinking it, but saying it to someone's face, wow! I'm sure it's annoying when you have to deal with it yourself, but come on, how do you "treat" a person if not.. like a person?
  3. I'm really sorry to hear you have such problems, since trust is one of the things of most importance in a relationship. I'm probably not the wisest kid on the block to give advice, since I'm not seeing anyone right now and most of my relationships weren't even serious, but I do look at my parents as rolemodels and at others for the same reason as well. I've made this image in my head, where a relationship has to be based on trust, communication and, well, physical attraction of course. I'm sure there's more to having a good relationship, but trust is an important factor. Have you tried counselling? Sometimes it can help, it may seem like "weird" but once you start talking in that tiny office, you can actually get much off your chest! Also, learn new stuff about your partner, as seen through an impartial eye.
  4. I've actually had my first crush at 12 I was still playing with dolls! But I don't know why, my dad was so 'eager' to talk to me about how I'm growing up and will "soon" go out with boys! I was like, get outta town! I'm never going out with boys! but then it happened, I didn't know it at the time but I've had my first crush! We were in the same class and I only wanted to sit with him and no one else! Nothing happened, he didn't like me back and I didn't even know I had a crush at the time. This must be the safest way to have your heart broken and not being aware of it
  5. OMG you guys, your advice is golden! You're all right, it's just to weird to just ask her out out of the blue. I was thinking it would have been nice if we had at least 1 class together, but we don't ... and waiting 'till next semester is too much.. For now I just "stalk" her around lunchtime... We've only made small talk so far. I had my own lunch, but yesterday I saw her standing in line and managed to chit-chat about pie. It cost me $5.99, but I'm doing my best to get to know her She was with her friends so I couldn't just sit myself down with them, but I never would have done this say, 1 year ago I didn't even think to join extracurricular activities! Thank you SO MUCH for the idea, @DeeRaw! I haven't heard of any LGBT clubs though.. hmmm, I'll ask around! Totally My family are very open minded and friends too (at least I get that impression each time we talk about sensitive topics). School is a safe place, seeing how others are openly gay as well. So, yeah, I think I'm gonna be alright.
  6. So, as you might already know, I'm struggling with confusion about gender orientation myself. I only dated boys but I think I'm also interested in girls. So, I'll make this short! There's a girl, we go to the same school but different classes, and I think if I would to go out with someone, it'll be her. I know for sure she's a lesbian, everyone knows it. I just don't know her ! I've heard she's single now and am thinking, if ever there's an opportunity to date her, it has to be now! I just don't know how to ask her out. I'm not nervous because she might say no, I'm nervous because I've never asked anyone out before, especially another girl! Any advice? Do I tell her I like her? Or do I just say hey and ask if she'd like to see a movie sometime? Sorry if this sounds lame. I barely have the guts to ask you guys for help, let alone talk to her!
  7. Two of my colleagues used to date and their pet names were "bug" (for him) and "ladybug" (for her). It was awful when they broke up, we all had to resume calling them by the real names because the pet names reminded them of the relationship they were tying to get over. I guess everyone is entitled to call their partner however they please. Couples can use pet-names out in the open, or they could only use them privately and introduce their partners as partner/wife/girlfriend/significant other. I think it's a personal choice and I also think both partners should discuss this beforehand, so they'll both agree on it.
  8. Reading all your beautiful replies just made my day. Thank you all! I just love reading stuff like this, I follow a lot of facebook pages and instagram accounts with such advice and I have to say, I feel more positive and more energized to just go and LIVE. I guess this is my thing, that I learned, even if I'm still sooooo young! Life is meant to be lived! Even if sometimes it's bad and scary.
  9. Gold. I heard there's this pizza you can order that has golden flakes as topping. I'm not sure about nutritional values,but I'd say the most valuable food just has to be this one!
  10. I unfortunately agree with @to7update. As long as one lives under their parents roof, they 'have' to obey their rules and restrictions, otherwise it would become a very uncomfortable living situation. But don't worry, plenty of lgbt people have done it, and then when you move out, you'll see things will get a whole lot better!
  11. I'm so sorry @98Netty that you have a hard time staying in touch with the online world Maybe put a password on your laptop? Maybe you'll feel safer with a password. Also, check out our PinkNews section, you'll catch up quick with the latest LGBT news! @SElf I totally agree! These people must be uneducated! I can understand people have strong opinions about the gay community, but to actually say or believe such nonesense, it makes me sad. And coming from a priest, even worse.
  12. OMG, I can't believe I missed this part! Also.. OMG I can't believe this happens to you. It's definitely not ok to just touch people if it makes them uncomfortable. I'm actually one of those people who will only shake hands (and that's also excessive touching for me..) and would only hug my parents. That's it. I don't kiss anyone, don't hug, don't like it when people lean on me or pat my back, it's weird for me. And I can understand people thinking it's weird, because for them maybe touching others is normal. I can't help but wonder if these people think it's ok, just because you're not straight? People have the weirdest misconceptions when it comes to lesbians or gays..
  13. I hope this is the right place to put this topic, I just wanted to talk about it for a bit, since it bothers me so much! Last year, after the earthquakes tragedy in Italy, I have read something very disturbing: one Italian priest blamed the tragedy on gay civil unions! This is not only outrageous, but absurd in so many ways! But that's not the point. It's not the first time, you know, there were other tragedies LGBTs were blamed for (other earthquakes, hurricanes, the tsunami back in 2011!). My point is, why do you think this happens? It just doesn't make any sense.
  14. ^ Me too! For the same reason! I think Android is just so flexible and, you know what, so much cheaper than Apple products I also couldn't imagine my life without Windows. Sure, it evolves (I'm currently using Windows 10, and have gone through them all up until now) but if I switch, I just feel like I'd be betraying my computer It's weird, I know.
  15. I actually have a few friends who dislike the LGBT community. They're not fanatics or anything, they just disagree with the idea of same sex couples. I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion and we have other stuff in common to talk about, which is why I don't base my friend criteria on whether people are LGBT friendly or not. However, they also know I am pro-lgbt, so we respect eachother's opinions, we never try to convince one another one is right and the other is wrong. This is very important to me, they know I' all pro being gay yet they never forced me to see things from their perspective.