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  1. In my experience and observation, you can be friends with people who have different views. Remember the laws of attraction :opposite attracts. To become good friends you do not have to agree on every issue.
  2. I can't stand sports where people fight, for example wrestling, boxing, karate etc. In these sports, men are showing their physical prowess and I hate this display of masculine strength.
  3. Yes, you will always get valuable lessons by reading true stories. Life's lessons are not learned in classroom, life lessons are learned from the society, people living arund us. Reading life of the people like us, will help us understand that we are not alone in this world.
  4. Since I play the female part in the relationship, I have motherhood instincts. Having biological child is my preference. I would go for invitro fertilization or artificial insemination, which one is applicable, and have a child. If having a child is not possible biologically, I will then consider adoption. It it better to have an adopted child instead of being childless.
  5. I have many friends who dislike LGBT. As long as not talking on :LGBT issues, we interact in a friendly manner. We help and support each other, Sometimes we even stand for each other. We never talk on the subject we disapprove. For instance, they never talk against LGBT in front of me and I never vouch for LGBT with them.
  6. The first thing you need to know is whether she is like you, Do you know she also has similar sexual orientation. If the answer is yes, you can tell her how you feel about her. If she accepts you, its good for you. If she reject, that's fine everyone has her own preference.
  7. Before you think about coming out, you need to ask yourself how important is it for you to show that world your true self. Do you want your family, friends, and the society know what kind of person you are? Does it matter whether they know you properly or not? If you want your family, friends and the society in general treat you properly, you must come out. They need to accpet you for who you are and not for the person you are pretending to be.
  8. To be true, I experienced my sexual urge when I was 13 or 14 years. However, I did not try to have sex until I was 17. I was always told that the girl who engages in sexual acts before marriage is no different from prostitutes. I was in fact raised in a traditional family where sex outside the context of marriage was not accepted. When I had my first sex, it was with the opposite sex. I was in the sexual relationship for a year but I always felt empty. Then when I was 22, I slept with a girl. We did not have sex, but I understood what I missed in my life.
  9. I think I have heard the name of the movie. Is this the same movie where a boy takes his girl, who is dying soon, to the girl's favorite author? If that is the movie, I think I have watched the movie. It was quite entertaining.
  10. I have always wanted to Watch the Games of Thrones,however, I could not watch the show because when it was aired,whether in the prime time or a repeat, I was working and was unable to watch it. The only show that I have loyal followed was Spartacus. However, I missed many episodes in second season.
  11. Anime is a Japanese Cartoon,right? I have not watched any Japanese cartoons, however, I have watched many Disney's movies. Kungu Fu panda is one of my all time favorite animated movies. When I was a kid I used to watch a lot of cartoon shows and movies. However, when I was a teenager, I stopped watching cartoon. After many years, I began watching cartoon with my nephew and niece.
  12. I have read that homosexuality is the product of nature and nurture. In other words, some homosexuals are born with homosexual tendency and some are "made homosexual" by the environment. homosexual may be caused by physical causes as well as psychological causes, however, spiritual cause seem to be nonsense.
  13. dating is related to liking and loving. As long as you like or love person, you should never get shy dating. However, if you don't have love or you do not like the person, there is no point in dating. I would certain date a transgender of he/she is interesting and I really like him/her. However, I have reservations about going intimate.
  14. I will check the link provided on the thread, however, I believe this could be a generalization. You cannot conclude anything just by interviewing one thousand or ten thousands women in certain localities. However, I believe more women are bisexual compared to men.