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  1. Hi @Kitty and a warm welcome to our forums! I'm really sorry to read about what you''re going through. You mentioned it in another topic I've just read, I'm so sorry you are going through this! I really don't know what to say, because from the outside, your situation does not make any sense. Having an openly gay brother should "entitle" you to be openly gay as well. But you mother must have a reason for feeling like this, have you talked to her about it? I'm sure she must have a perfectly logical explanation.
  2. Do they also explain why they think homosexuality is a sin? If it is, then being straight is a sin too. Having sex for pleasure is sinful as well. Divorce. Kissing in public. Holding hands. My list could go on! But I'm beginning to feel a rush of mad feelings and would like to make them go away!
  3. Good question! I don't know ... It would depend a lot on society and where I'd be. With my current situation, yes, I would choose to be LGBT! I rarely encounter any problems... But situation would be different if I lived in a conservatory environment.
  4. Hair! Get it off! Get it off! I too prefer the Brazilian wax, both for hygiene reasons and pleasure. I appreciate that my gf. shaves it off as well down there, it's really a sign of respect as I see it
  5. I'm so sorry to hear that! Your're right, people will judge no matter who we are and what we do, but I think it must be harder for you, coming from your mom
  6. Society puts so much unnecessary pressure on all of us, it's great to hear other people have easily accepted their sexuality! Very uplifting for a rainy saturday morning
  7. LOL! Can I just ass something? I prefer to buy my own lingerie. Receiving it as a gift just seems weird! Unless it's funny lingerie (men have those boxers with elephant trunks, for instance, I always wondered if they were 'accurate' ).
  8. @Decentlady you are so right, unfortunately that's the sad case I did learn to live with it, and since I'm out I'm also out at work. Only few colleagues had something to say about it (behind my back of course), but I learned not to care. With the majority of my colleagues though, I get along just fine.
  9. We tried edible underwear once, but omg it was gross! Ruined out whole special night, we ended up laughing too hard about how awful it tasted, we kinda lost out mood Wait, this was not that kind of topic? Oups! (just kidding)
  10. I don't have a problem with my gf. looking into my phone either, neither does she, in fact we almost encourage each other at times, yet we never do it! I trust her and she trusts me, and just the fact that we encourage each other that it's OK if the other one looks at the phone calls &messaged exchanged with others is a great deal. The only think we do is answer one another's phones now, that we're out. But that just happens if one is occupied or has their hands dirty, otherwise we don;t even do that
  11. I can't say I completely understand how it feels like, but I've been in a similar situation myself until a while ago. I used to see a psychologist and take anxiety meds. Although I wasn't diagnosed as depressed, my therapist still wanted to prescribe me medication for it, but I didn't want to take anything else than the meds I was already taking. I "got better" and stopped going, but I have few friends who are still seeing a therapist every once in a while because it's really not OK to feel like this. First of all, you don't feel right, and that's bad. But when it affects the people you love as well, then getting help is probably the right thing to do.
  12. One would think that, in a lesbian relationship, both women would cook, but they would be wrong! I have only recently learned how to cook a thing or two. I had to! My girlfriend is a disaster in the kitchen! Let's just say I love her for other reasons.. I have many recipes bookmarked so when I need to cook something, I follow the exact instructions. I'm getting a lot better at it and my girlfriend might just stay with me because I feed us both hahah!!
  13. Anxiety is the worst! I used to have many problems because of it, so I ended up taking mild medication to help. However, I knew why I was feeling like this, it was because I was in the closet and that made me nervous all the time and whenever I had to talk to someone or get out of the house, I felt the anxiety taking over. I felt much much better after I accepted myself completely and came out. I'm not saying coming out is the cure for anxiety! Far from it. But it did help me feel more confident about myself. I also stopped taking the meds, thank god for that!
  14. Reading these is both funny and sad at the same time Ready to hear mine?Here goes: One day, I told a guy at work that I'm not interested in dating other guys, because I have a girlfriend. After the few moments it took him to 'wake up' from the shock, he actually asked me if we used contraceptives. What kind of a question is that?
  15. Whenever I need to chillax, I usually just wait for the weekend and spend a WHOLE DAY at the beach! It's only 1 hour away, so I just 'force' my girlfriend to come along (she doesn't always want to go, but once we're there, she actually enjoys it... ) and we just lay there. Looking at he water, listening to the waves. Also, my favorite part, lying on the air mattress in the water. That's all I need. I don't even need a cocktail to feel good, beach and water is all that matters Of course, this only works when warm. During winter, it's wine, book, blanket and girlfriend by my side