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  1. Hi Carlie! Welcome to our friendly forums! You're in the right place if you're looking to make some great 'virtual friends' and have a LGBT safe place to chat
  2. I'm really outgoing now, but before I came out I was also very shy! So, I'd say there's nothing weird or wrong about it, it's just how some people are.
  3. Well, being LGBT myself, I just can't imagine being close friends with someone who has something against lesbians. I can have a conversation with homophobics, I can work with them, share a cab... anything! I just can't become friends with them, that's all.
  4. Hey, @SElf! Are things better now? I rarely fight with my gf. but even if we do, we live together so conflict is inevitable. However, sometimes I do wish we could be able to just take a few hours at least, apart. It helps cool things down. When you're in a fight mood you usually say things you're gonna regret. So, look at the right side. At least by ignoring you, she's not giving you or herself the chance to say something you could regret.
  5. Omg, @17Peanuts! I've been told numerous times I look just like her and let me just say, it was one of the most flattering compliments I got She's a hottie, no doubt about it!
  6. I'm taken. But I'm not sorry about it! Hahaha!! My gf. is the best thing that ever happened to me. So, I'm happily taken, to be more precise.
  7. That's rough, dear, I'm so sorry you have to go through such difficult time. I know it sounds cliche, but just hang in there! Things will get better, they usually do, once you finish school and start life on your own, you're going to be in full control of who you date and being LGBT won't be so difficult anymore
  8. This is a tough one to answer, since every situation is different I'd say, just act natural! Thing is, going on first dates means little physical contact anyway... you're not that familiar just yet. And later on, you can just decide together how to play things out. I hope this helps!
  9. You did good, Jasmin! I'm glad you put your foot down and decided to take action. 3 years is a lot! You missed out on so much, I'm so happy to hear you decided to take your life back! Good luck and, of course, please let us know how it goes
  10. I think, often times, the 'gaydar' can turn out to be just as offensive as stereotyping. LGBT people are stereotypes by the straight, if we start stereotyping too, well... where will that lead us? So, I prefer not to jump to conclusions before actually knowing the person.
  11. I'm actually listening to live music I have some neighbors who occasionally sing and play their instruments (I think I've heard bass, guitar and piano, although I doubt they have a piano up there..)
  12. Hahah! I think @Lemonsky here nailed it! Not having an alarm go off is such a great feeling!! However often times I wake up early simply because I'm used to the schedule... But there's nothing more relaxing than knowing it's weekend and you can just lay there for a couple more hours!
  13. Good thinking! I love your attitude! In regards to people having negative reactions to coming out, I think schools should definitely be more supportive of this. I get that certain teachers are homophobic, but they should at least keep these feelings to themselves. Children attend school to learn and focus on education, making them feel 'weird' about themselves can't be helpful!
  14. I think it's silly, banning a movie for such a silly reason. Children won't turn gay if they watch a movie.... children will turn gay as soon as they'll start having feelings fr same sex people! I wouldn't worry, you said it yourself you can watch it online
  15. Well, I was almost sure when I started having feelings for other girls, instead of being attracted to boys. However, when I knew for sure, for sure, was the moment I met my girlfriend. I fell in love so deeply, it scared me at the beginning (also, not knowing what love is made things even more weird ) It's been a long while since we'be been together and my knees still turn into jello when we are together. So, yeah.. I'm definitely a lesbian!