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  1. Good thinking! I love your attitude! In regards to people having negative reactions to coming out, I think schools should definitely be more supportive of this. I get that certain teachers are homophobic, but they should at least keep these feelings to themselves. Children attend school to learn and focus on education, making them feel 'weird' about themselves can't be helpful!
  2. I think it's silly, banning a movie for such a silly reason. Children won't turn gay if they watch a movie.... children will turn gay as soon as they'll start having feelings fr same sex people! I wouldn't worry, you said it yourself you can watch it online
  3. Well, I was almost sure when I started having feelings for other girls, instead of being attracted to boys. However, when I knew for sure, for sure, was the moment I met my girlfriend. I fell in love so deeply, it scared me at the beginning (also, not knowing what love is made things even more weird ) It's been a long while since we'be been together and my knees still turn into jello when we are together. So, yeah.. I'm definitely a lesbian!
  4. It's been a few days since you opened up the topic, how are things now? Did you manage to open up the subject with your husband? I hope you'll be able to solve this soon. I know it's difficult, I get that, but the more you postpone it, the harder it will be to discuss the issue.
  5. Don't you ever give into that pressure! It's the media that keeps spinning everyone's heads, making people think lesbians should be butch and gay men should be feminine. But that's simply not the way things are. You just be yourself, ignore other people's expectations of you
  6. Haha! That is true! Harsh, but at least honest. I think this happens a lot to lgbt people who have feelings for their closest friends. It happened to many people from our group of friends, some were only confused, struggling with identity issues, but some were seriously in love! And yes, it can be harsh.
  7. I agree! Granted, there are many parents who do love their children, but still cannot accept their sexuality, however by explaining to them that you prefer to be honest because you respect them (as the Bible also says!), you show them you care about them enough to tell the truth, with all the risks involved.
  8. I used to be afraid, back when I only told a few people.. but not anymore. I'm actually proud to say I'm a lesbian, it takes guts and I know I'm a strong person.
  9. Anyone is entitled to have the type of relationship they want. If being in an open relationship makes someone happy, then they should go ahead and be honest about it. Us LGBT people are having a hard time as it is to fit in, most of the time we're misunderstood and considered "weird". So, I say, who am I to judge someone in an open relationship. I sleep with another woman, for Pete's sake!
  10. Wow, I'm impressed with how much space your boyfriend is willing to give you to try out something you've wanted for a long time It's GREAT that you openly talk about this stuff!
  11. Love can be complicated, such situations are not uncommon. I have also heard about people (not necessarily gay) who were in love with 2 persons at the same time! Would your friend consider couples therapy? He could even go in alone, at first, maybe if he can get some help, he'll gather the courage to let go.
  12. I'm a dog person myself, and I've been told I might just love dogs because they can also be gay Unfortunately, my girlfriend is allergic to pet hair, so we might get some fish in the near future. They're cute, they're quiet and no one's allergic to fish
  13. Hi Whitetiger37, welcome to the forums! So, I understand you have a boyfriend who doesn't want anyone else but you, but you're interested in being with a woman to see how it feels. Ok. Have you talked to your boyfriend about having a threesome? Most men would LOVE to hear that from their girlfriends! I think finding a female friend with benefits would hurt your boyfriend because he might think you're cheating because you don't care about him.
  14. I have nothing against long distance relationships, as long as I'm not in one! I don't depend on my partner, I'm able to be happy on my own when she's not around, but still it's nice to have your lover around from time to time. We barely got to see eachother when we were dating and it has difficult enough. We've already decided that if one has to move for career purposes or whatever, the other will follow or, if it isn't an option, then nevermind the career
  15. Oh dear! I'm so very sorry, I can't even imagine how lonely it must be you living in a new country and also, with a recent breakup! I'm assuming you left your home country with a job contract, so at least you have someone to talk to during the day. Have you made any new friends yet? I think joining various groups can help. Like, have you thought about doing some charity work in your free time? You could meet some nice people this way. Or maybe you could sign up for something like, a cooking class or something else where you could also meet other people and maybe ease the transition you're going though.