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  1. (it's good to be back, finally finished moving and am in my new house!) My favorite season is definitely autumn. Now that I'm back up north, I can finally experience proper seasons again! I love autumn because the temperatures drop without getting too cold--perfect hiking weather. I'm also a huge fan of pumpkin things, hot cider, and Halloween. It's overall just a really fun season. Plus, my birthday is in November!
  2. Yeah, it's amazing how different stuff tastes when you grow it yourself :). I grew red leaf lettuce all spring and it was much fresher (and more flavorful) than store stuff. The difference was more obvious than I expected. Plus you can find local varieties of different vegetables. There are tons of interesting heirloom tomatoes, for example.
  3. I'm the same way! I love gardening in general but I especially enjoy growing my own food. I'm currently harvesting peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers nearly every day. I live in an apartment (moving next week, though) so I grow plants in containers on my balcony. I mostly grow vegetable plants but I also have some flowers. I specifically picked bee-friendly flowers in order to attract pollinators. I attached a photo of a recent "harvest" :).
  4. Does anyone go camping and/or backpacking? This summer got really chaotic for me so I didn't get to go camping at all. I really want to plan a trip with my partner and dog. Morgan (my current dog) has never gone on a trip like that, I think he'd love camping :). I'd love to hear your camping stories, feel free to also share photos. I'm hoping to a plan a good camping trip after I've moved.
  5. When you have a cold, your body needs rest and lots of fluids. I wouldn't do much exercise (especially if it's a bad cold). Instead, take it easy and drink plenty of water. I especially wouldn't go out in public to exercise (a gym, for example). You wouldn't want to get other people sick. I hope you feel better soon!
  6. I'm actually not afraid of spiders (or snakes, for that matter). I was always the weird kid who would pick up random spiders and insects, haha. I do understand why people have phobias, they've just never bothered me. I don't think I'd want a pet spider or anything, though. I do have pet snakes. Haha, yeah, cockroaches are probably the only insect that truly bothers me. They freak me out a bit, I really don't like how they run erratically :(.
  7. When I first starting taking bipolar medication, it had some weird side effects. It especially screwed up my sleep and I started having night terrors. I had generally thought of them as bad nightmares but no, they are MUCH worse. I was exhausted and got almost no sleep for a full week. A couple times, they were combined with sleep paralysis. I don't think I had even experienced it before then and it was terrifying. I couldn't move or speak and there was what appeared to be a large spider demon thing above my bed. I completely understand why some cultures assumed it was the devil etc. Thankfully, I haven't had any issues since getting to the normal dosage. I feel awful for people who have sleep paralysis, night terrors etc. on a regular basis.
  8. First, I am SO sorry. I lost a good friend to suicide and it was extremely hard to go through. Please don't blame yourself, though. People commit suicide because of depression and similar issues, I don't think it would have had anything to do with something that happened five years ago. Unfortunately, these things are hard to predict (even if someone has a history of depression). It's completely understandable that you're feeling this way, just please don't think your actions from years ago are to blame. If possible, I would recommend taking a bit of time off. I hope you're doing alright, feel free to PM me if you need someone to talk to. I work at home full time so I'm always by my computer.
  9. I can't even go to our local zoo because the elephant exhibit makes me sad. I agree that it's a shame how they're treated in so many places. My state (Tennessee) actually has a huge elephant sanctuary. They take in elephants that were abused or retired from zoos and circuses. The elephants get to roam freely in a HUGE preserve, they're not in pens or anything. I really want to visit before I move.
  10. If it's a Pixar film or any movie I'm extremely excited about, I prefer to see it in theaters. That's rarely been possible lately but I love seeing my favorite movies on the big screen :). For most movies, I'm content watching at home on Netflix or something. I can cuddle up to my partner and dog (not possible at movie theaters), get super comfortable, grab snacks from the kitchen whenever, etc. As someone else mentioned, it's great being able to pause the movie.
  11. Where does everyone work? What would be your dream job? I work as a science writer but I also tutor biology and chemistry courses when college is in session. My dream job would be in aquarium science research. That probably sounds odd but I'd love to be able to help public aquariums and zoos improve living conditions for their animals. Learning how to keep more sensitive aquatic animals in captivity is also useful for coral reef conservation efforts. I was always a huge aquarium nerd so I think a job like that would be awesome. I'd be ecstatic to have any science job where I get to work with animals, honestly. Reef ecology field research would be pretty cool. How about you guys?
  12. Haha, that's great. I heard that search trends converting km to miles went way up :p. Maybe Americans will finally learn the metric system! Yeah, people need to be smart about it. Playing the game while driving isn't cool. At the same time, I feel like a lot of the people doing dumb stuff like that are the people who already text while driving, don't look up from their phones while crossing the street, etc. As for getting hit by cars, the news stories I've seen (so far) about people being hit or causing bad car accidents were actually fake. I hate that so many fake news sites exist :(.
  13. I hope that it'll at least be less of a big deal. People might still need to bring up their sexuality, as someone above pointed out. Hopefully people will be more accepting in the future, though :). I would love a world where there isn't this huge dramatic "coming out" part. Instead, someone mentions their sexuality and other people just go "OK, cool" and move on with their lives.
  14. I'm jealous of that Seel! Dewgong is one of my favorites :). I haven't seen Nidorino or Drowzee, either. I love that different regions have different Pokemon. It's going to make my move across country less boring, at least. Haha, I actually caught a Pikachu in my bedroom! I think we're both lucky, I know other people who don't find anything in their homes (or they just find Rattata over and over). I love that so many people are playing and making friends through this game. I know it's already helped a lot of people with anxiety and depression.