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  1. Cats! They're quiet and independent, but can still keep you company. I love it when they purr and hang around to receive petting, it must be the cutest thing. Our cats, Tiuku and Alma, are my favorite cats. This emoticon looks oddly like Alma. As I've mentioned in my introductory post too, I also like sharks. They're beautiful and intimidating.
  2. That has kind of happened to me already - one of my friends just told that I 'have a girlfriend in another country' in front of my other friend and a classmate (I'm using the word classmate since she doesn't want anything to do with us anymore), even though it wasn't anything else but a simple crush. They obviously ended up asking if I'm not actually straight and I couldn't lie - although I was embarrassed because it had happened so quickly like that. And now that the classmate has disappeared and has stopped responding to any of us completely, I have my own suspicions - who knows what she'll do. I'm always feeling on edge when personal information is revealed. So yes, I'm nervous that the information will somehow find its way to someone I don't want to come out to, via a former friend or someone else.
  3. Razors leave behind itchy spots and bleeding so I don't exactly enjoy shaving. There has been at least one occasion when I accidentally shaved off a patch of skin on my leg and wow, was the shower floor bloody. I let my arm hair be since I've never felt the need to shave it off. I still try my best to shave my legs and underarms when necessary though because someone could get frightened if I didn't. Summer is the time for shaving in my case since I tend to wear shorts a lot. I don't shave during winter (if there aren't any gym classes in the swimming bath) - why bother when no one's going to see the effort anyways!
  4. Single and (I accidentally typed single ant at first but I think that would describe me just as well) not any sure what to do about it. I know I've replied to this thread already with the same stuff - things are still weird but right now I'm also partly wondering about what it would be like to be in a relationship. But still partly feeling bad that I'm so me. I have a very weird need to ramble today.
  5. Someone taking my phone is instantly suspicious but not because I'd have something crucial to hide - it's more just that that I don't trust easily so it instantly feels like that person wants to change all my passwords and lock me out of my own phone. Since I'm also embarrassed of my way of texting or pretty much everything, I wouldn't want anyone to find out how many times I've accidentally forgotten the appointments with my psychologist for example. People often tell me that I think too much but as much as I hate it when they say that, they're right. I think too much even when the situation is as mundane as someone looking at my phone.
  6. Badminton is such a fun sport! It's the one I actually enjoy playing which is why I do it a lot during summer. We usually go and see relatives on our summer cottage in summer and just spend time together, and badminton is the perfect sport to play in the sun and then go for a swim in the lake if it gets too warm.
  7. This is just my opinion but I've found spray better myself. I've noticed that roll-on deos give me a bit of a slimy sensation whereas spray ones don't. I haven't noticed any darkening of the skin though, no matter which ones I use.
  8. A soundtrack from the movie Arrival. It was such a great movie that I'm definitely going to cry over it for a long time.
  9. My best friend linked me a bunch of songs from Hirasawa Susumu and one certain piece called Run has become one of my favorite songs to listen to. Many other pieces by the same artist are really good too! I'm so glad the friend provided me such great content.
  10. There are people out there that ask something like "Why do you hate men?" just the moment a woman mentions they're into other women. Gladly I haven't personally met any yet, but sometimes I come across comments like that on the internet. I just find it super weird that someone can take the sexuality of a lesbian as a personal attack. This isn't a question but just as frustrating to hear from anybody; all kinds of comments relating to 'being able to change one's sexuality'.
  11. As much as I love winter, I'm also looking forward to springtime too. After all these months of everything being pretty much in monochrome colors I'd like to see some pretty trees soon. My favorite tree is Silver Willow (Salix alba 'Sericea') because they have soft and shiny leaves. The trees look especially wonderful on bright days when the rays of sunshine hit the leaves - they definitely seem to glow then. They're my favorites because they're super pretty but also because every time I go downtown I see so many of them and that gives me hope. They're not in our yard but it's reassuring how the same ones are always located in the same area I tend to visit often. Here's a photo I took in autumn last year! (Fun fact: hopea is silver in Finnish, so these pretty silvery trees giving me hope sounds almost like a pun.)
  12. Most team games honestly, but the one I dislike the most is probably Finnish baseball. It's embarrassing enough how bad I am at hitting the ball, but I'm also bad at catching the ball. Not to mention I never have any idea when I should run to the next base.
  13. Me too! I don't pray every day though, but I still do sometimes, especially after I've already given all the help I'm able to give. But mainly just praying for my loved ones to be safe.
  14. Even though I have my suspicions about why they're saying that kind of stuff (I'm kind of paranoid), I still can't think of myself not being friends with them even though it might sound weird. We do have good times together often, even if there can be some unfortunate clashes of opinions sometimes. I've also thought about this recently. People with different sexualities are plenty more than just something that happens in the bedroom. It's almost embarrassingly amusing how some people seem to think that every gay person they see is attracted to them! I could only tell that kind of a person that even if I did, all the affectionate feelings have drained after seeing their attitude.
  15. Right now I'm not any sure why they do it - I remember clearly that I told those friends that I like girls last Saturday (just to clarify if they indeed had forgotten since I told them for the first time), but they were talking about disliking homosexual acts again just a couple of days ago. Again with the "I don't have anything against the people but I don't like the things they do in the bedroom" stuff. I just keep thinking like "As long as they don't actively hate on others, all is well" because I don't want to believe they're deliberately trying to make me feel bad. To be honest I'm unsure what counts as abuse, since what they do is just some random things like patting me on the head or back or wherever. Even though I try not to mind them doing that, just a few days ago I told them not to touch my back (I was having a hard time with a weird pet peeve of mine) but they probably thought that I'm just playing, and they did just what I didn't want to be done. Touching like that isn't always that much of a big deal to me, but it does make me irritated, especially when I've already told them not to. Some of them might do, because I've heard that some people use "I'm not interested in (certain gender) so it's okay to touch them like this!" as an excuse for that. I think it's extremely dumb. Misconceptions confuse me.