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  1. Most team games honestly, but the one I dislike the most is probably Finnish baseball. It's embarrassing enough how bad I am at hitting the ball, but I'm also bad at catching the ball. Not to mention I never have any idea when I should run to the next base.
  2. Me too! I don't pray every day though, but I still do sometimes, especially after I've already given all the help I'm able to give. But mainly just praying for my loved ones to be safe.
  3. Even though I have my suspicions about why they're saying that kind of stuff (I'm kind of paranoid), I still can't think of myself not being friends with them even though it might sound weird. We do have good times together often, even if there can be some unfortunate clashes of opinions sometimes. I've also thought about this recently. People with different sexualities are plenty more than just something that happens in the bedroom. It's almost embarrassingly amusing how some people seem to think that every gay person they see is attracted to them! I could only tell that kind of a person that even if I did, all the affectionate feelings have drained after seeing their attitude.
  4. Right now I'm not any sure why they do it - I remember clearly that I told those friends that I like girls last Saturday (just to clarify if they indeed had forgotten since I told them for the first time), but they were talking about disliking homosexual acts again just a couple of days ago. Again with the "I don't have anything against the people but I don't like the things they do in the bedroom" stuff. I just keep thinking like "As long as they don't actively hate on others, all is well" because I don't want to believe they're deliberately trying to make me feel bad. To be honest I'm unsure what counts as abuse, since what they do is just some random things like patting me on the head or back or wherever. Even though I try not to mind them doing that, just a few days ago I told them not to touch my back (I was having a hard time with a weird pet peeve of mine) but they probably thought that I'm just playing, and they did just what I didn't want to be done. Touching like that isn't always that much of a big deal to me, but it does make me irritated, especially when I've already told them not to. Some of them might do, because I've heard that some people use "I'm not interested in (certain gender) so it's okay to touch them like this!" as an excuse for that. I think it's extremely dumb. Misconceptions confuse me.
  5. So sorry for being a bit off-topic here, but is it just me or have all the threads on the general LGBT section disappeared? I just tried to reply to a topic where my post was quoted, but even though the notification I got led to the right thread, it wasn't possible to reply to it.
  6. At least I can remember telling them that I like girls, but maybe they've simply forgotten about it as I'm not one to talk about sexuality so openly.
  7. They've mentioned that they find homosexual sexual acts unnatural and how it "shouldn't be", but also that women should marry a man because "that's how it goes". I'm not sure if that was all of it though, and saying they have negative views about homosexual people could sound like there was something else as well. Sorry for sounding so weird. Whining about excessive physical contact is just something I tend to do unfortunately often; if I get deliberately touched when I don't like to be touched, I start to feel bad about it and very likely begin explaining why it was excessive and stuff like that. It seems like some of my friends have grown pretty tired of it.
  8. Since I haven't befriended a person who dislikes LGBT yet, I'm not exactly sure how it would go. If the person was actively bashing the community even if it wasn't the main topic at the moment, it'd be something I wouldn't probably tolerate. There has been one person that doesn't support LGBT people (meaning that he doesn't exactly support them but doesn't hate them either) and we've been getting along just well. So as long as it doesn't evolve into a heated argument, it could be pretty much fine by me. Now that I think about it, my group of friends have actually been discussing about homosexual people and two of them have had quite negative views about them. We're still friends though as there are many kinds of opinions out there after all. Those friends of mine also have to put up with me whining about 'excessive physical contact' all the time so I guess we're even.
  9. Every mall visit of mine can evolve into clothes shopping with enough money! That doesn't happen frequently though. I can't really answer the question specifically because there are times when I tend to do little to no clothes shopping but also times when I seem to buy something new more often. But I'd say about... once or twice in three months or so.
  10. I'm such a Pokemon nerd that I obviously play Pokemon Go as well! Every time I go for a walk I tend to have the app running, just to hatch some eggs. While I enjoy the main franchise a lot more, Pokemon Go is such a fun game to play too. It made my summer so exciting. Now that it's winter I can't play as much though because I don't like to freeze my hands.
  11. There was one time when my friend tried to teach me to use all kinds of beauty products and ended up doing my makeup too. We were about 13 and I really haven't used makeup since then. It was honestly anguishing to stay wary about rubbing my eyes for example. Maybe it just isn't my thing and I'm completely okay with that. I'm not exactly pretty but being my natural self feels like the best choice for me.
  12. @SElf, those pictures are absolutely wonderful! Looks like the fireworks were amazing there. I think I could share some of the pictures I took as well. There are nearly 100 photos so I really can't post them all. Hopefully six isn't too many.
  13. Happy New Year everybody! Hopefully 2017 will be gracious and kind.
  14. You're absolutely right! Attending classes is my first priority at the moment, and I really think that I have time to get to dating business later.
  15. Our annual Christmas plan is to go visit our grandparents to have dinner together with many relatives - that's what's going to happen this year as well and I'm happy about that. It's always good to spend time with my family. After that we'll go back home and share some presents. I'm feeling fairly good this year even though some things still make me worried and worrying leads to being sad. I used to tell myself how Christmas holiday is the time when I can feel completely at ease. However, things can't always go as planned.