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  1. No it's just I kept bugging my mom to start the appointments back up because I really needed to talk to her but my mom never did so I just gave up..I don't like talking to my mom about personal things(when I came it to her,the things she said really made it hint and seem like she thought i was going through some phase)
  2. *sigh* I'm so happy I'm at my last year of high school..but at the same time I'm so freaking burn out of energy I can barely keep myself going..high school has been one huge emotionally drain forme so much..even while in on break right now I still feel so stressed as I did while at school..I'm waiting for my life to finally turn around..I dunno how I'm gonna find the motivation to keep pushing forward I'll the end..I miss my therapist and I don't have anyone really to talk to about life..I want to talk to my doctor because something just isn't right but haven't gotten to her...*rant over*
  3. I hope all this time and failed attempts actually pay off in the long run..I ended up ruining my reputation at one of my old high schools just cause I spilled the beans that I liked this girl..and some other things...*sigh* and I hardly ever get crushes anyways so that dream girl is really gonna have to show signs that she likes me cause I'm not doing sh*t..I'm done with chasing after girls..it's gotten me absolutely no where and I either just give up,or realized that I just wasted a tiny fraction of my precious time on earth on girl whose not even interested
  4. Hey congrats! Well I just..I dunno..I don't know how much time I have on earth...I'm not old or anything but one of the things on my bucket list is to experience love before I die..and I dunno when my time will be up..which would completely suck if I never get to experience it :/... plus i have zero experience with girls.. I don't even bother to practice flirting..cause I already said,what's the point???
  5. Well I hope this dream girl makes signs towards me cause im freaking done with chasing girls..hasn't been worth it for me
  6. *sigh*...I can't wait to move out of this area..im tired of liking straight girls..it happens every.single.time..with the exception of my last crush...she was bi..and I was happy and she gave me her number and her Facebook...but she started to ignore me for no reason..we haven't spoken in a while while and im kinda bummed out/ok with it..I'm just tired of chasing after girls who have no interest in me..more specifically girls who are straight..nothing goes my way..girls. never like me like that in real life..and I don't even try to talk to girls...I mean what's the point?for once it would be nice for a girl to at least like me like that(in real life)...just wanted to some steam out
  7. *update* still single..but I found out there was this bi girl that I didn't very know about..I started to like her and was happy because I thought I had a chance..nahh I didn't..girl completely ignored me 4 days after we started texting each other..I didn't even tell her I liked her or anything...she just started ignore me for really no reason
  8. I live in America..one of the most LGBT friendly places there is..just the area I'm in is pretty conservative..I live in California(home to one of the most gayest cities in he world)..I don't like to talk about my issues to my straight friends because I know they can't relate and will probably just give me very little advice...
  9. Thankfully I'm going to be graduating a lot early(in between October and December I think..if not,than January of next year) so I'll be out of this hell hole called school..my friends are slowly starting to leave school since their starting to get their credits finished..the last thing I want is to be completely alone so I'm trying to get out of school asap..trynna balance school work AND getting over slight crushes on straight girls is terrible .-.
  10. Living in a conservative area sucks a lot..especially when you go to a very small school..im the only gay girl(that I know of) name my whole school..I'm in 11th grade..i tried asking my school consoler if she introduce me another gay person like she did last time(she showed me this cool girl who was also lesbian but is since gone) but she said she can't because of confidentiality..I can't date in real life because I don't know gay girls...or at the very least any bi girls...and all the girls who I do find attractive and would like to date are ALWAYS straight...we don't have a GSA at my school but the school next to us does...I feel very lonely..any advice or tips to cope with?
  11. Agreed all the way..I can't stand women who are sticks..it's unattractive...I like Latina girls cause pretty much almost al of them have a really good shape..breast and a booty^^..and if the girl had a crappy personality,than id search for another one...I'm not the type to settle for less...sorry about the little rant
  12. Single as a pringle tbh
  13. Looks first..than personality..cause to be honest,I don't want to date a girl with a great personality but looks like freaking shrek..I can't have that..they have to be at least a bit pleasing to the eye..but at the same time,I wouldn't want to date someone whose drop dead gorgeous but has an ugly personality...so yeah that's just me
  14. Ughhh having a cold sucks ;-;

  15. Hey

    Hey,name on here is the lost girl..been on a few LGBT sites and still active on one(LGBT chat)I'm a newbie and just signed in..don't know much to say..but hey,if you don't mind me..ill just be stuffing my face! See you later!