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  1. Yesterday I started thinking about cheating and related stuff, and it got me thinking... while I consider myself to be a very open minded person, it still bothers me when my other half looks at other girls. Is this normal? Do you also feel the same? Knowing that your partner loves you a great deal and would do anything to make you happy, do you still mind if every once in a while she (or he) checks out someone else's 'booty'?
  2. I love this I also think both partners should agree on these things. It's important to know where each partner stands! You know, to avoid hurting them without even realizing it.
  3. This is easy You just go on a "platonic date" and get to know eachother without the intimacy Actually, I prefer these type of dates. I did the same with my boyfriend when we first started seeing eachother. We would go on dates, but act like friends: we would tell stories about ourselves, ask questions about the other one, tell jokes &stuff, etc. We didn't even hold hands until our 3rd date! We kissed, at the end of each date, but that was always in front of my house, so nobody really saw us anyway
  4. Wow... sorry for being so very blunt here, but that sounds selfish. If you're in an open relationship, then it's fine, because both people agree to it. But if one partner gets hurt, then nope, definitely not OK. Sounds like your friend made the right decision. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to hear that, basically, you're not enough for the one you love... I hope he'll be able to get over this soon! I send my hugs!
  5. Here's something that should develop into an interesting debate: what do you consider cheating? I'm not talking about the obvious affairs, that's definitely cheating! But, is kissing someone else cheating? Is holding someone's hand cheating? Is confiding in someone else other than your partner cheating? What do you think? Can you define cheating ?
  6. @Anna I do understand your point of view, but if it were me who kissed some other guy while drunk, I'd think this: Would I forgive my boyfriend if HE kissed another girl when drunk? And, sadly, the answer is no.. Drunk or not, I wouldn't be able to forgive my boyfriend kissing some other girl. Or, maybe I'd be able to forgive, but forgetting would be darn difficult.
  7. Where do you find these coming out guides? I've been active on various LGBT forums but have never seen one before...
  8. Hmm.. if things weren't that complicated (from what I understand), I'd just say have fun with it. I'd never kissed a girl before, only guys, so if the occasions ever showed up I'd probably go for it! But yeah, if this is a problem for you personally then definitely make it clear that you're uncomfortable.
  9. That looks amazing! I have no idea if it itches though, or how you're supposed to take care of your hair like this. But, yeah, that looks absolutely incredible (on guys too ) I don't actually have a favorite hairstyle, I kinda mix & match a lot. Sometimes I wear my hair in a pony tail (usually when wearing tight clothes, it suits me well), other times I braid it either in the back or on the side, this is usually when I dress elegant and need my hair to 'behave'. Other times I just wear it naturally, no hair buns, no hair clips, nothing.
  10. In a healthy relationship, communication is key. I understood this later on in life, when I met my boyfriend, and even though we communicate all the time, it's still difficult to bring up certain problems in a relationship. I agree with everyone here saying that these 2 lovebirds should have a talk. But, seeing how I get how difficult it probably is for her to point out what bothers her, maybe she should talk to a friend first ( @JasminCottontail you come to mind ) about how she should approach the problem and start the discussion. It's actually kind of important to choose the right words, so she won't hurt Fred the boyfriend. Just my 2 cents
  11. That's actually a great thing. You're much more tolerable than I am with others. I admire that I'm just not able to get passed certain differences, and I'm constantly afraid to walk on eggshells, what if the topic comes up and we have an argument or something? I really prefer to hang out with people who share, more or less, the same interests.
  12. I'm so sorry you have to go through this I agree with the girls above though, there's really not much you can do about it but be patient. Actually, if you insist on calling or texting, you could make things even worse. It's difficult to just sit around and wait, not knowing what the other person is thinking, but usually it's for the best.
  13. Hahah!! This is so funny! I don't think this ever happened to me but if it did, I'm sure I'd also feel super-embarrassed!
  14. I've always been the outgoing type. I love meeting new people! I'm always friendly with everyone and am very open minded towards other cultures, I find people to be really interesting! In fact, its one of the reasons I have so many friends. However, I do understand others being shy, especially since LGBT people are judged so often
  15. Ok, this will sound weird because he's old now.. but I used to have a major crush on David Duchovny! The X-Files were so 'cool' years back and Mulder was very cool too hunting down aliens and such I don't anymore, now I have insignificant crushes, and they're not even crushes, I just think some actors look good. That's all