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  1. I agree wholeheartedly with your reply brittney. Love should grow stronger as each day passes. I think when people say they want to take a break they are basically saying they are sick of being around their significant other. I have witnessed relationships that have said they were taking a break, and the break ended up being permanent. I think it should not be for more than one day either.
  2. God is Love. One of my favorite Scriptures is 2 Corinthians 5:17. I know since I accepted God into my life, I have become new, his love is unconditional.
  3. I don't know about anyone else but I am ready for Spring. Just the feel of the warm Sunshine on my face, and the smell of flowers and fresh cut grass is being anticipated. I really look forward to seeing the trees bud and bloom also. My favorite Tree is the Dogwood Tree, we had one in our yard that we had gotten off of our families farm, it was a Pink Dogwood. How about everyone else do you have a favorite tree? Or a Specific memory that comes to mind of your foliage in your yards growing up?
  4. I have to say I love this picture it brings back a lot of memories. I was raised using a Landline Phone and while I was out, I would use one of these good old boys, we didn't have Cell Phones until later. Boy I'm really telling my age here. Today I very seldom use my Cell Phone it may be because when I grew up they were nonexistent. I do however use my iPad quite a bit.
  5. I love shopping at the Thrift Stores also. My latest find was a nice pair of Black Knee High Boots, like brand new. I got them under $15.00 and they go great with my Jeans or a Skirt. You can find pretty nice household goods there also.
  6. I believe "less is more." At one point I also had things I had bought and never used, to declutter a little bit I asked my family and friends what they wanted, and then had a nice little yard sale afterwards. I now donate items to Goodwill or the Salvation Army for others in need to use, clothing, furniture, or other household items.
  7. I am glad I started getting Netflix, honestly you can't beat the price, and there are so many good movies, shows and documentaries to watch. My Favorite shows that I watch are American Horror Story and Criminal Minds. I'm waiting on new episodes though for American Horror Story. Forensic Files is another good one.
  8. I believe clothing is a self of expression. We all have different styles we enjoy wearing, and that is what makes all of us unique and different. Fashion and style, changes so much throughout the years, but it's weird how some styles come back, like the bell bottom jeans.
  9. I love all animals but my favorite is Cats. I have three and they are all rescues. It's amazing how each one has different personalities. It's funny how some animals find themselves homes. Each of my cats found me knowing there is that "crazy cat lady" she will give us a good home. Here is a pic of my oldest cat he always wears his Santa Suit for the Holidays.
  10. My favorite way to relax on my down time is to put my comfy clothes on, open a bottle of wine, and just watch a good movie or tv show at home. This may sound boring to some people, but sometimes you just need to unwind by yourself. Also listening to some good music makes me feel good.Cheers.
  11. Hello sarahc, this is a great topic. You hit the nail on the head by using both scenarios here, it's so true that even with the opposite sex partner families can be judgmental, cruel and non accepting. You stated you wondered if one day a couple can just be without the need to explain, in my opinion the answer is no. There is always going to be family, friends, or even community members that are against same sex partners, I think this is due to their upbringing or religious beliefs, I also believe to be at peace within ourselves, we have to be okay with who we are, no matter what the rest of the world thinks.
  12. My favorite song is "Angie" by the Rolling Stones. I'm stuck in the 1970's, 1980's and 1990's era. I love all types of music , Country, Southern Rock, Pop, and others. But this song has always been my No.1 It hit the top of the charts in 1972, and was an acoustic ballad characterizing the end of a relationship.
  13. Romy, my favorite flower is the Sunflower. your neighbors made a great choice planting them. I usually plant them also. They add a little bit of a sunshine to my day when I look at them, somehow they are a mood lifter. When they are ready and in full bloom, I love roasting the seeds. The birds love them also.
  14. Golf definitely is at the top of my list. Unless it's Mini Golf of course. I just find regular Golf to be boring and it seems like it is a non-happy sport if that makes sense, unless someone makes a hole in one. I think it's to serious even to watch on television.
  15. I totally agree. I also believe sydney1237. That this is due to ones upbringing and religious beliefs also. When I was in school, which I went to Catholic School, being bi/homosexual was frowned upon. Many classmates were teased and taunted and it seemed that the teachers looked on and did absolutely nothing. It is how you are raised, if you teach your children to be prejudiced in any manner this is how they grow up. Some on the other hand are very accepting. And not shallow minded like there parents.