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  1. Mosquitoes do get a bad rap, I personally can't stand them either. I get eaten alive in the Summer when I'm sitting outside. I did learn in Science that they are a part of a complex food web, fish, birds, spiders, frogs and dragonflies all eat mosquitos.
  2. A little tired
  3. My favorite leisure sport is Badminton. This is what we would play at all of our family gatherings and cookouts. I don't know if many people still play it today, but there used to be a badminton set in everyone's household that I knew. We would either play one on one or two on two, our set came with the racquets, a shuttlecock (birdie) and a net. Has anyone else played this? Do you still play at family gatherings? We do.
  4. I also get depressed once in awhile and when I start feeling blue or anxious, I usually try to take myself away from whatever triggers it. To keep me mentally healthy I try to exercise as much as I can, and also have some family or friends over for game and cocktail night, just to unwind from our busy lives. These things seem to help me.
  5. I loved going to our local Library. When I grew up we didn't have all of the fancy technology they have today, with Computers and Kindles to read or find books. We would walk to the Library and browse around four what seemed like hours, trying to find the perfect book to take out. They also had a good variety of VHS Tapes you could also get, so we could watch our favorite movies. I haven't been to the Library in quite awhile, but I still go now and then.
  6. The culture I admire is Hawaiian Culture (Polynesion). I have always wanted to go to Hawaii to witness first hand their indigenous customs, such as food, art, dance, song, mythology and beliefs. To hear the tale of all the legends, which was a way of documenting knowledge, history and facts. So I would love to explore the Hawaiian Culture, I believe it would be an unforgettable experience.
  7. I believe relationships have to have a certain amount of trust, without it, I believe it's impossible to have one. When certain things happen in relationships, it's hard not to become Inspector Gadget. A lot of couples have no problem showing each other their phones, it shows your partner you have nothing to hide and they can inspect all they want. But when does this start to become a problem? When does this action start pissing the other off? I personally don't have a problem letting anyone search my phone, because I know I'm not holding any secrets in it. What about you? Do you let your partner look through your phone? Or do you feel it's an invasion of your privacy?
  8. I'm deathly afraid of spiders. Although many of them are non poisonous I still can't stand the sight of them. It may be because someone I know was bit by a Brown Recluse, which are very poisonous and was in the hospital for along time. He almost lost his hand from the bite. I usually use Peppermint Oil around the baseboards of my house, just mix a few drops in a squirt bottle and spray, Spiders hate Peppermint. I use this method because I really don't like to use chemicals. The pic is what a Brown Recluse looks like.
  9. My dream vacation has always been to go to Hawaii. I hear it's very expensive though. I would definitely have to get over my fear of flying beforehand. There is so much to see, and do there. Just to be able to see the warm tranquil waters, and smell the floral air is reason enough for me to go. One thing I would really like to see are the Haiku Stairs in Oahu, I'm not sure if I could climb all 3922 steps, but I would still give it a try.
  10. Thank you for sharing your story @wheatbreadgirl this is inspiring to others who are struggling with coming out. I'm glad everything worked out well especially with your parents. I think maybe with the gradual way you came out in stages, was a great idea,
  11. Thank you, @Laneorexorcist I have heard of Crystal Castles, they are popular. They were just in NYC in December 2016 I believe. Yes definitely try to go to more Concerts, it sounds like you're a musc lover like me.
  12. Yes absolutely it's worth it. It's only $10 a month. And you won't be disappointed with all of the shows and movies it has to offer. My favorite shows are Criminal Minds, American Horror Story, Bates Motel, and Law and Order. You should definitely try it ou. They have a free trial going on right now and if you're not satisfied you can cancel it.
  13. I'm a big music buff. I love Classic Rock and Country Music. I have been to many Concerts, Stevie Nicks, Bob Dylan, Toby Keith, Darius Rucker, Travis Tritt, Motley Crue's Final Tour with Alice Cooper etc.. And I can actually say all of them were amazing Concerts. I believe Music is soothing to the soul, and everyone has different genres they like. I would really like to hear from some of the other music lovers out there. What's your favorite concert you have been to?What genres do you like? Post some pics if you want, here are a couple of mine.
  14. I'm a current smoker, but I have quit in the past for about a year. I tried to just go cold turkey but it became unbearable. So I tried the Nicotine Patch and it seemed to help a lot. Needless to say after I took the patch off I started smoking again. Maybe I will try again soon, hopefully with success this time.
  15. My favorite perfume is Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden. It came out in the Nineties, but it is still pretty popular. It has a fresh floral scent. I like that it's not a powerful cologne that takes your breath away when you put it on, it's a nice light fragrance.