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  1. I honestly wished I had experience to write an awesome post about dates and kisses, but I've only been on a couple dates and have never kissed and yet I'm almost 22 ;-; Although, I would imagine it to be okay to kiss on the first date as IcySynchro mentioned.
  2. Hi Audrey and welcome!
  3. Wow the fireworks are so pretty! I'm envious that you guys got to see those!
  4. Happy New Years! I hope everyone has a great year!
  5. I would date a transgender. If I really liked them, being transgender wouldn't bother me one bit since I find would all of them very attractive!
  6. I totally agree with you there! I'm short myself and it just feels like everything size XS is still big.
  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New years too!
  8. Hello, I'm Julie! I'm pretty bad at introducing myself, so I'll just say what I always tell people.... I'm really shy, but I enjoy meeting new people! I know I will learn a lot from this forum since I am still pretty new to this. Nice to meet you all, and Merry Christmas!