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  1. I have never read any coming out guides I "worked" on myself, on my self esteem and then I just started telling people, at first with some degree of 'fear', then I started to see it's actually not that bad IDK if coming out guides would have helped. They can't harm, like @Lilac89 said, but idk... I guess I felt like coming out isn't something one should learn, to each their own you know?
  2. If me and another person don't share the same views on the things important to me, than I cannot call them my friend. I can call the an acquaintance and still hang out, but for someone to be my friend, I need to be comfortable around them, talking about anything, LGBT & lesbianism issues included.
  3. I very much agree with your statement! It was the same in my case,I first needed time to accept myself and only then I was ready to come out. Being prepared for someone not accepting you is possible up to a certain point, because coming out implies you already know there's that 'risk', but of course it varies from person to person and from situation to situation.
  4. I think yes, it's important, but if the partner has some secrets they don't want to share with anyone, then there's the possibility you'll ever find out about them anyway. I don't think it's wrong, I just find it to be sad (I hope sad is the appropriate word to describe it). I mean, it's quite sad not to trust your partner with personal stuff. That means you either don't trust your partner completely 100% (but if it's real love I think every couple will eventually get there), or the stuff you don't want to talk about was so bad, it hurts to bring it up
  5. I think there are way to many women in the world to form an exact opinion. Saying most women are bisexual is not exactly science... nor do I think science can ever prove this affirmation to be true or false. I do believe, however, that most women are more affectionate than men, but that's also not very accurate, seeing how I meet more and more couples lately with the opposite being true. Guy that's very affectionate and woman who loves the attention. So, science, find something else to study