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Status Updates posted by SElf

  1. Sleeping time is a mess. I'm off to bed! If I'm not that active recently, it's because I'm writing up my PhD thesis. :(

  2. :784_peace: peace no war.

  3. Thesis writing is a nightmare!

  4. Been away for some time due to moving across country. Will be back on the forum gradually! ;)

  5. Our site features kept getting copied. Not cool!

  6. @Anna wonder if you notice any difference! Let me know :P

    1. Anna


      My name is glowing! It's very pretty, thank you! I love it! :17_heart_eyes:

    2. SElf


      I guess it's obvious :P No problem, glad you like it.

  7. Off to bed! :zzz::sleeping:

  8. Hello, Happy Birthday! :) 

  9. SElf

    Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!! :) 

  10. Ugly, uglier, ugliest.

  11. When you're an internet geek, what do you do when you're unhappy? Drink? No. You install lots of forum plugins!

  12. X'mas light on the forum is now gone! Wait till next x'mas! ;)

    1. DeeRaw
    2. SElf


      It does look like something's missing!

  13. Dark theme looks so great and easy for eyes on a mobile browser! I'm falling in love with it!

    1. SElf


      And dark themes are normally used by game forums! :D thanks for liking it. I spent a fair amount of time on it, it's worthh it! :) There are some elements that can't be tweak. So I will release the theme to everyone after my sleep.

  14. Love knows no boundaries.

  15. Why the hell am i still using manual scrolling and manual "jump to" when I already implemented them?!

  16. It's too late now, gotta sleep! What a messy sleeping time ;(

  17. My internet is so sucks today!

  18. Oh NOOO I am so stupid! =( 

    1. SElf


      That's nice to hear and get comfort. I'm fine after ranting a little. It was regarding my research work. :)

  19. Okay, seems a bit too much to enable ALL items on the smallest Editor.

  20. I am drown in notifications. LOL

  21. I wonder if @DeeDee and @DeeRaw are siblings?? >o<

    1. DeeRaw


      Our other sibling Didi should be arriving any moment now.

  22. Tiring day! Back on forum tonight!

    1. SElf


      Apparently I couldn't sleep though feeling tired. :/