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  1. I used to dual boot Ubuntu and Windows one or two years ago. I can't really remember but I don't recall any error cache issue. I am a bit late in replying you, mind updating me the current state?
  2. Thanks for sharing this!! :')
  3. Yes there is definitely two sided of me but not extreme. I think I feel like being a more perfect person in terms of temper and patience. But in fact I'm less of a patient person, i act really differently when I am driving. I couldn't even believe myself [emoji23] but other than that I'm quite fine and synced with what I feel I am. Sent from my iPhone using GirlLoveGirl
  4. I'm gonna say the right person just yet to come. I went through lots of chasing straight girls horror stories. I usually end up heartbreaking because I made all the initiatives. There was even one straight girl took my feelings for her for granted and stolen my phone in school.. how mean! I only met my first ex girlfriend in college, she confessed to me. Then current girlfriend who happened to be but, also in college, both had feelings and confessed to each other. This 24th is our 6th years together. [emoji4] Just don't worry, the time will come [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using GirlLoveGirl
  5. Exactly how I feel and how I "overcome" the thoughts. I know I can't exactly be a guy, so I learn how to live in the body I am in but I still dress in a more neutral manner instead of feminine.
  6. I gotta say go with Ubuntu. I haven't tried Elementary OS (I think it's quite new distro?). But Ubuntu has been around for very long and their updates are frequent, as well as long term support. Maybe I'm biased because I personally like Ubuntu more than others I tried
  7. Nice! I love to see the drawings members post here. Keep them coming if you like
  8. Thank you very much Karina! I'm exactly in need of good vibes (but who doesn't [emoji14] ). OITNB is kind of a comedy drama, but it does stress you out at times. The thing I like about the cast is that they are really good friends in backstage. Sent from my Redmi 4 using mobile app
  9. Hahaha, a good fact! [emoji16][emoji23] Sent from my Redmi 4 using mobile app
  10. What about OITNB? Will you be watching it? Counting down, 1 day left. But I'm feeling sad because I must concentrate on something more important this month
  11. Sleeping time is a mess. I'm off to bed! If I'm not that active recently, it's because I'm writing up my PhD thesis. :(

  12. Hi

    Hey Karina, sorry but this is actually an account to test the forum's issues and functionality. [emoji28][emoji28][emoji28] we were troubleshooting as to why new posts don't go through when posting via app. And i think this doesn't happen to everyone on the app. But yeah, proton is a cool username. Thanks [emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
  13. I've never been with a man before so I don't quite understand how it feels comparing to being with a woman. But the keyword you just mentioned, "connected". It's true that you'll feel really connected being with a girl. I don't know, maybe it's just that particular feeling makes it so special. At least in my relationships it is. Sent from my iPhone using GirlLoveGirl
  14. Hope you don't mind me calling your real name Karina! Welcome ) I'm a semi out lesbian (specifically to my sisters and some good friends), parents and relatives probably cannot accept my sexuality so I'll just keep it to myself. Not a big deal. And by the way, no worries about grammar or something. I do grammar mistakes too, especially when I'm lazy to proofread Oh and I'm 28 years old this year. Nice to meet you. As I mentioned in another introduction topic, i like new members introducing themselves! Thanks for that! Sent from my iPhone using GirlLoveGirl
  15. Hi Mendy, If I remember correctly, there was one member here had similar confusion. Or maybe on another site. Also married and being treated very nicely by husband but have that desire to be with women. I guess maybe you reached your limits trying to suppress it, which is why you're posting here. I won't say having desires is wrong. I mean most people have desires or fantasies, but I guess if the feeling is getting stronger then you'll need to sort it out within yourself before telling your partner. By sorting it out I mean think of which direction you want to pursue (can you still be with him till you're old) and think of what are the consequences and whether you can take it if it turns out to be so bad. This leads to one question you gotta ask yourself whether you love him or you felt indebted to him because of how nice he treats you? It's always easy for me to say those above but I understand it's much harder for you being in such situation. Kind of like a typical problem for bi people. I mean I am a lesbian because i don't find myself falling for men, so there's probably one less problem for me in my life. But who knows, humans do change. Have you ever talked about it to someone you trust? Also, does he know your sexuality?