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  1. Hello @littleMirror welcome aboard I hope someone will be able to help you out. Unfortunately I have no idea regarding this matter. But I would say it's probably safest to consult a GP. Even if you end up getting advice from forum members, I would still suggest you seek advice from a GP.
  2. I think it's normal. But it doesn't bother me a lot since my GF doesn't really look/stare at anyone!
  3. Hello there Emma! Welcome aboard. I know how it feels like being in an LDR! Sent from my iPhone using GirlLoveGirl app
  4. In this case, your friend should talk to the guy, discuss what is the root cause of him becoming like this or telling him she feels because of his behaviour. I guess talking it might work since you said he's a gentleman. Sent from my iPhone using GirlLoveGirl app
  5. :784_peace: peace no war.

  6. Hi @BamaMommainMN, welcome aboard!
  7. Thesis writing is a nightmare!

  8. It's normal to feel that way, Isabel (Welcome you!) Does each of them know about your feelings for them?
  9. We don't know her personally IRL, so i wont judge her too much but from what you described, all I want to say is don't let her hurt your feelings. Because it seems to me she's taking you for granted in a way. Maybe she is maybe she is not. If i were another friend of yours, I'll definitely say i wouldn't agree about letting her kissing you unless she is single. I don't mean she can fool you regardless of her relationship status. It's just that the impact is doubled mainly because she's now in a relationship. If she doesn't wanna clear things up, is it possible to keep a distance from her?
  10. Maybe I am lucky enough to not be bullied by schoolmate but I understand the feeling of being bullied. But I have friends or some people I know were bullied at some point in their life. I think the first thing to do is to speak to someone you trust (maybe family members or good friends). Next is to report to the disciplinary department (if someone is still in school).
  11. Hey @can1492, we welcome you! Let's put your good friend's boyfriend aside for now, may I first ask, how do you feel about it? Also, how does your good friend feel? Is that a pure friendship between you and your good friend?
  12. Hi Carlie, welcome and nice to meet you.
  13. What do you do when you're in a cold war with your partner? This is referring to that you're not living together and your partner is ignoring your calls and all.
  14. Hi @TheLostgirl. Welcome aboard (if i haven't welcomed you personally) I remember i was also lonely many years ago (not that I'm not lonely now, it's because I have a GF now) because I'm also from a country that doesn't recognise LGBT. I went to co-ed school and then girl school, then college and university. The happiest years were when I'm in a girl school (high school). Crushes happen during those years the most. But, friends around me were and are normally straight. So whoever i fall for, they're normally straight. Thus, i was quite lonely inside. I knew my first GF and current GF only when I'm in college (not knowing they are Les/bi ). All I wanted to say is it's about patience and timing. One good thing now is that we have dating apps in this era, so it's much easier for you to befriend LGBT people. It doesn't fully help coping but it probably helps a little. Even now I have very little LGBT friends but I mix quite well with my straight friends as I already came out to them after years of being friends. So it really depends on where you're from.
  15. I am never ready to come out to my parents. But i think the best moment is when you know your parents' view about LGBT. Let say they might say something good or nasty about LGBT. That's when you get a clue on whether or not it's the best time to come out to them.