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  1. Winners will be announced shortly!
  2. I'm listening to music too. So yeah I'm relaxed. It's been a hectic month for me!
  3. Thought vs action. Sometimes we just don't have the guts to do it. Being trans people is really tough, I really admire people who transition. I think a decision like this is somehow affected by how people view you for your transition. It's probably about how supportive the people around a person too.
  4. If you're listening to music, what song are you listening to right now? I am listening to The Scientist - Coldplay on Spotify
  5. Hey there, welcome!! Thanks for joining us and introduced yourself How are you?
  6. Love how you say it!! And cursing someone, badmouthing someone, angry at someone, etc etc etc are all sins it seems Oh, living on the Earth is a sin as well, because we human are destroying the mother Earth.
  7. Being part of LGBT feels just so great! But given the condition in my country, in terms of gay marriage and punishments, I will choose not to be gay if I ever given the choices.
  8. Hey Kitty, Welcome in joining us first of all, that's a bit unfair for you but I don't exactly know why your mom reacted in a different way. Does age has something to do with it? Since your brother is 27 seen as matured yet you're 17, which is probably the reason why your mom suggested that it's a phase. I know it's heartbreaking getting different treatment compared to your siblings, but I won't prove anything to her now since that's what she decided. Eventually your mom will know you're serious about it when you have a partner or stable relationship etc. I know it's easy to say than done. Perhaps you can ask her why when your brother came out she reacted positively? Also have you talked about this to your brother?
  9. This is like the second or third time and I'm already feel sick of it! My mum likes my GF a lot as a young beautiful person. She likes how straight forward my GF is and think she's a nice person. The worst thing is, she keeps saying things like "if you're a few years younger, I'll definitely want you to be my son's GF". Hey I'm not jealous, okay maybe I am..? but I think I'm more like suffocated because of 1) my mom cares only her son (my brother), and 2) I think she doesn't have a clue about my relationship at all. [emoji20] How can a mom not know that her daughter is in a relationship with a girl when we both sleep in a room with only single bed? [emoji53]nevermind me, just ranting..
  10. Found this on the internet. It looks cute and very information!
  11. Been away for some time due to moving across country. Will be back on the forum gradually! ;)

  12. I was just chatting with @JasminCottontail via PM about me moving back to where I am from merely because I for one would give up career for partner. I have a much better job prospect elsewhere but I chose to give it up because I want to be with my GF. Some may think it's a silly decision. But after my ex's incident, i really think I want to see my GF more often than being in an LDR pursuing better job/salary. Money is powerful and can buy many things. But time and true love cannot be bought using money. Maybe I'm lucky that I do not have a lot of financial burdens. And it's probably God gifted. So why don't I make use of this gift and do what I think it's worthy. I may feel regret in future for not earning a lot more money, but I learned that I wanna appreciate my GF a lot at this point of time.
  13. I will start off with three words, and the next person will need to add three words and keep going on to form a story! I am feeling... (Assuming I am next person) a little sad... (Assuming I am next next person) because this morning... <---- now people continue from here!
  14. I was thinking this thread with polls might be of useful for members who want to personally make friends with other single ladies. You can acknowledge other members whether you're single or taken by voting and voters' usernames will be available for others to view. You can also describe more about your preferences or anything in below section. If you found someone single on this forum that you would like to communicate further, then you guys can proceed to talk via PM or chat. But of course, it doesn't mean you cannot make friends if you're taken. Just don't do something naughty, you know what I mean, (though there's the naughty option there "Taken, but.. umm.. well.." and I dare you to vote that). Poll options as follows: Single but not available Single and available Sorry, I'm taken Taken, but.. umm.. well..
  15. At this stage of my relationship, my GF and I have no problem for each other to look at our phones. We used to have more misunderstanding, hence it was also naturally sensitive if one of us wanna look at each other's phone. This surely has something to do with trust and honesty too.
  16. We welcome you @waybeyondfedup. Not sure why you were by being kicked/suspended/banned for just copying/pasting your content. As long as the content are yours not copyrighted to anyone, I don't think there's a problem. Or maybe I misunderstood your meaning. Anyway, feel free to talk/discuss around. And remember to refer to our forum guidelines.
  17. Currently we have Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr accounts and no plan of expanding to any other social platform. These three social platforms will share the topic links when there are new topics being created on the forum. As well as no plan for anything other than just the forum itself. We used to have Blog, Gallery and Chat for members to use but members don't seem to use them so they were taken away already - because they cost us money. Also, I can't justify the need of having Instagram, Pinterest and Google+. We have created Instagram and Google+ accounts in the past, just not being introduced/promoted to our members. Time and cost are two major factors why we can't do everything. Thanks.
  18. Glad to hear that And I'll close this topic, feel free to open new one if you found any other issues that haven't been reported before. Thanks.
  19. I play badminton and other sports since I was young. Not a great player in any of these sports. I learned a lot of badminton skills in details from my GF, though I haven't really mastered a lot of them.
  20. Hi @waybeyondfedup, do you mind to further explain what is this about?
  21. I'm okay to choose female, but I don't really like it if I see only male and female options given on forms.
  22. I'm a boring person, as long as it's comfortable I'm sticking with the same brand. And i don't buy them online because it's often hard to buy the right ones.
  23. I wonder who don't use their phones a lot these days? My phone was sent for repair (due to the battery and unexpected shut down issue in certain iPhone 6s batch). It took about a week's time and today when I received my phone that has been repaired I felt so excited! As excited as when you buy yourself a new stuff. Without my phone, I still have my tablet and computer. It sounds OK, but when I am outside I feel really insecure without any device with me because I normally read Twitter, read news and contact my GF a lot. And I was also thinking what if there's emergency (okay I sound like I don't know how to use payphone ) So yeah, I salute people who don't rely on phone a lot!
  24. Which side are you on right now? I was on the flings side 10 years ago, but I'm on the relationships side now.