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  1. This is like the second or third time and I'm already feel sick of it! My mum likes my GF a lot as a young beautiful person. She likes how straight forward my GF is and think she's a nice person. The worst thing is, she keeps saying things like "if you're a few years younger, I'll definitely want you to be my son's GF". Hey I'm not jealous, okay maybe I am..? but I think I'm more like suffocated because of 1) my mom cares only her son (my brother), and 2) I think she doesn't have a clue about my relationship at all. [emoji20] How can a mom not know that her daughter is in a relationship with a girl when we both sleep in a room with only single bed? [emoji53]nevermind me, just ranting..
  2. This is so true! Have never thought of this until you said it. It's indeed true that these messengers "help" a lot in letting people to ask for favours without having to do it face to face!
  3. How far would you go when it comes to you being taken for granted by friends? How much patience do you have before shut these friends out of your life? I feel silly because I am fairly forgiving when it comes to this kind of situations, I couldn't help myself. The moment when I knew I was taken for granted, I am angry of course. But after some time I just "forget" about what they did to me. How many of you are like this?
  4. You might wanna think of a way to get yourself acquainted to her first maybe. Have you thought about it? Like maybe join a same sports club or something. Lesbian or not, being asked to go for a date by someone she doesn't know may seem a little awkward for her, the chances of getting rejected are therefore higher.
  5. I like the bug and ladybug names!! Well I do agree that maybe it's something to discuss with our partners beforehand. Just like my GF wasn't really fond of me calling her, for example, dear, because I've used it in my past relationship. So we agreed upon something else.
  6. OMG, this is exactly what happened when I was starting this topic. She contacted me for favours and often don't enter straight to the point. And I'm tired of how she starts the conversation "hi how are you?". I don't need that because I know it's not sincere. Like what you did, i "provided" her solutions and even stop saying hi and concerning her. Every time when her name pops up on my WhatsApp notification, I'll be like Oh sh*t and felt annoying!
  7. I was thinking since my GF and I both are not very into having kids, I was wondering how many of you (as part of the LGBT community) would want to adopt children? According to this article, same-sex couple child adoption is now 1 in 10 in England (for year 2016).
  8. In my age of around 12-21, I was very boyish and I wanted to be a guy so much. I disliked myself being a girl. But you can't do much things about it from where I come from. And I bet it wasn't as acceptable as now too, though now it's still kind of a taboo in many places. But after being with my gf of 5.5 years, I started to become a little more feminine and I seem fine to be a female. I am not sure what's exactly changed my mindset. If I were to look at muscular guys, it's not because I like them, it's because I really want to be like them. The ideas of "i want to be a guy" and "i am a guy in the wrong body" are still there but not as strong as it used to be. Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
  9. Anonymous posting works well.
  10. This is one of the things I disliked when people said it. Including my sisters (used to). If they have nothing against the people, they wouldn't even say this kind of things. Another type of person would be, they think you'll fall in love with them. I think they are overly confident, like as if they are our cup of tea
  11. A reply made by one of our beloved members (you might know who you are ) mentioning something about choosing the right timing to break up reminds me of an idea that I dislike personally. But how many of us really like special events to happen on special dates? Let me explain with an example: a boyfriend thinks it's the best idea to propose to his girlfriend on her birthday, so he proposed on her birthday. I am not a pessimist, but I am just rather careful in things like this. Imagine if in case the marriage is broken in the future because the husband cheated on the wife and they divorced. This means the wife will be reminded of her past marriage and cheating husband for the rest of her life on her birthday every year. My example might sounds terrible, but yeah
  12. The apps were published back in July But thanks!
  13. Katie Hopkins doesn't just attack the LGBT community, she also bullies people (especially women) in bigger sizes. Claiming that she can gain weight and lose weight, why can't other big sized women do the same. In her show she clearly has professionals helping her to gain and lose weight safely. Anyway, maybe it's just for her own publicity.
  14. Don't think that's call demanding. Maybe a question kid! [emoji14] But as I said, I prefer questions than none. questions asked by members will help others.
  15. Came across some romantic and sweet quotes? Share them with us, so that we can use them and suddenly become way more romantic to our lovers. 😆 But do remember to credit the source you found! "Your voice is my favorite sound." - tweet by @whomikey
  16. It's not uncommon to have people blaming someone for their own fault. That's imperfection in human being. I was once like this, but I am glad that I've changed over the years. Well that was when I was much younger
  17. @Anna wonder if you notice any difference! Let me know :P

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  18. A hah! I found the issue! Sorry about that. It's now fixed!
  19. Just an update, I am still in the process of troubleshooting and finding the cause. I have also informed the forum software developer. Hope they'll find something soon. However, we can safely post in all other sections.
  20. Please excuse my previous (deleted) message if you seen one, the topics under General LGBT indeed missing. Not sure what's wrong but I will have a look at it now, sorry!
  21. I have only one purpose when I subscribe to Netflix, which is to watch Orange is the New Black
  22. My god father was a heavy smoker and drinker. One day his heart stopped beating and doctor almost thought he was dead. He "came back alive" and stopped smoking right away. I hope this is not the kind of "motivation" people need in order to stop smoking.
  23. You got your point, no one of course. But I've seen and heard a few that proposed on special dates like birthday then divorced, which comes the idea of whether or not it's okay to propose on such a special date of a person. And as @98Nettysaid, it's good to have another date for the special event!