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  1. In case some of you don't know, gaydar is "gay radar", which means the ability to "sense" someone's sexual orientations. I used to believe it and I was right most of the time, until these two years my gaydar seems to have broken. The last two or three people that I thought they were turned out to be straight AF. Haha! I read some comments from an article about gaydar, they said it's only something to do with our own stereotype, nothing related to gaydar.
  2. My country is one of those that decided to cut the "gay" scene because "children will turn gay if they watch that". WTF. And now Disney gives our government two choices: 1) release the movie without cutting any scene, or 2) don't release at all. I personally prefer the second choice, because IMO there's no point to release the movie in my country unwillingly and cause LGBT community in my country being attacked. It's so much easier to watch movies legally (just a bit later) on the internet these days. So why worry? But of course, the positive is, through this incident, I saw many non-LGBT people stood up for us. Is the "gay" scene banned in your place/country?
  3. I hate this kind of situation. I often not strong/insist enough to be the one that start talking about it. And this kind of people often take it for granted and won't think from your perspectives! I would also like to ask the same question, have you talked about it to your hubby? Does he share the same thoughts with you?
  4. For me, it could be because I have had way too many crushes on women but not for men. I guess that's how I know I am *very* gay. I am also extra touched and excited (?) when I saw two women kissing each other (just like how straight girls love watching straight couples kiss in movies/drama?). And you would want to know them, get close to them and confess to them about your feelings.
  5. I was thinking this thread with polls might be of useful for members who want to personally make friends with other single ladies. You can acknowledge other members whether you're single or taken by voting and voters' usernames will be available for others to view. You can also describe more about your preferences or anything in below section. If you found someone single on this forum that you would like to communicate further, then you guys can proceed to talk via PM or chat. But of course, it doesn't mean you cannot make friends if you're taken. Just don't do something naughty, you know what I mean, (though there's the naughty option there "Taken, but.. umm.. well.." and I dare you to vote that). Poll options as follows: Single but not available Single and available Sorry, I'm taken Taken, but.. umm.. well..
  6. "Pretty sure we're both women" Sent from my iPad using mobile app
  7. I would say only introduce her to your mom when you're both ready. Have you introduced her to your mom since the last time you asked?
  8. Sorry for the late welcome, @whitetiger37. On- or off-site, good luck in finding the special someone.
  9. Yep time definitely flies! Can't believe I am almost 30 years old but still act like a teenager!
  10. Hey Jovanna, welcome aboard! I like that when new members get themselves acquainted. Thanks for doing so. Anyway, I am 27 too, soon will turn 28 in August. I can vouch for most of our forum members here being nice, friendly, open and so on!
  11. I for once thought the same. But that probably is going to be a different story for me since it's going to be a straight relationship. Anyway, welcome!!
  12. If you're listening to music, what song are you listening to right now? I am listening to The Scientist - Coldplay on Spotify
  13. This is real real bad! All I can say is she's very irresponsible! But first thing first, how easy/hard for you to move back to your home country?
  14. I came across a lot of people (and friends) like how you described and often found that they are straight. It probably has to do with stereotypes, because we often think that when a guy is feminine he must be gay as well as for masculine girl. This is probably because the majority of them are like what we think (feminine guy and masculine girl are gay people) but we can't say 100% of them are.
  15. This is bad to happen in a relationship.. First of all, we (Eugine) probably need to know if they have any relationship issues?
  16. [emoji23] Yeah, records definitely show you have a lot of entries i was worried that you weren't one of the winners when clicking on the "pick a winner" button! LOL
  17. Congrats to @JasminCottontail @PrincessElsa and @DeeRaw!! I will send you guys a private message about how to claim the 12 months digital subscription of DIVA magazine within two days! If you guys want more contest like this, please go to our Suggestion forum section, thank you all!
  18. Winners will be announced shortly!
  19. I'm listening to music too. So yeah I'm relaxed. It's been a hectic month for me!
  20. Thought vs action. Sometimes we just don't have the guts to do it. Being trans people is really tough, I really admire people who transition. I think a decision like this is somehow affected by how people view you for your transition. It's probably about how supportive the people around a person too.
  21. Love on the Brain - Rihanna
  22. Hey there, welcome!! Thanks for joining us and introduced yourself How are you?
  23. Love how you say it!! And cursing someone, badmouthing someone, angry at someone, etc etc etc are all sins it seems Oh, living on the Earth is a sin as well, because we human are destroying the mother Earth.
  24. Being part of LGBT feels just so great! But given the condition in my country, in terms of gay marriage and punishments, I will choose not to be gay if I ever given the choices.
  25. Hey Kitty, Welcome in joining us first of all, that's a bit unfair for you but I don't exactly know why your mom reacted in a different way. Does age has something to do with it? Since your brother is 27 seen as matured yet you're 17, which is probably the reason why your mom suggested that it's a phase. I know it's heartbreaking getting different treatment compared to your siblings, but I won't prove anything to her now since that's what she decided. Eventually your mom will know you're serious about it when you have a partner or stable relationship etc. I know it's easy to say than done. Perhaps you can ask her why when your brother came out she reacted positively? Also have you talked about this to your brother?