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  1. And I must say I like your courage to post those two things on FB. I don't even have the courage to do so, trust me!
  2. Hey, sorry for the late reply. I actually no longer have the time maintaining this website and have put up a notice on the web version that the forum will be closed soon. But anyway, for now, I'll comment on your post I usually advise people not to rush to come out to family members or close friends. I surely understand it's important to have their support. However, sometimes the outcome saddens us even more. Since you have already confessed to them, there's nothing more you can do to make them accept you. You know most of the people do not think at one's shoes. So don't even try to convince them. This may sound harsh, but at the end of the day, you being you, you don't need additional noises.
  3. I was thinking this thread with polls might be of useful for members who want to personally make friends with other single ladies. You can acknowledge other members whether you're single or taken by voting and voters' usernames will be available for others to view. You can also describe more about your preferences or anything in below section. If you found someone single on this forum that you would like to communicate further, then you guys can proceed to talk via PM or chat. But of course, it doesn't mean you cannot make friends if you're taken. Just don't do something naughty, you know what I mean, (though there's the naughty option there "Taken, but.. umm.. well.." and I dare you to vote that). Poll options as follows: Single but not available Single and available Sorry, I'm taken Taken, but.. umm.. well..
  4. I do miss having alone time, but I cherish the moment I wake up beside her
  5. I will start off with three words, and the next person will need to add three words and keep going on to form a story! I am feeling... (Assuming I am next person) a little sad... (Assuming I am next next person) because this morning... <---- now people continue from here!
  6. Came across some romantic and sweet quotes? Share them with us, so that we can use them and suddenly become way more romantic to our lovers. ? But do remember to credit the source you found! "Your voice is my favorite sound." - tweet by @whomikey
  7. I don't believe it's a discrimination. Individuals should have their preferences. I mean like if I don't date straight people that doesn't mean I'm discriminating them, right? [emoji14] Sent from my Redmi 4 using GirlLoveGirl.net mobile app
  8. I know her from the singing show back then. She sings really well. And I also came across this news some time ago. I don't mind at all with her (now, him) being herself (now, himself). At least he has that guts to do it. I can only say haters gonna hate. Only he has his rights to decide what is right or wrong.
  9. Hey, I dont see this as rant by the way. It's great to see you're letting it out. It's not a great day for me either. I don't feel like sleeping because my head is not cleared. But that's another story. As for you, I know sometimes we just lost the motivation to move forward. Maybe no aims. I wonder why you said you miss your therapist? Is your therapist work according to school schedules and that's why you were unable to talk to her at this point? Sent from my Redmi 4 using Tapatalk
  10. I used to dual boot Ubuntu and Windows one or two years ago. I can't really remember but I don't recall any error cache issue. I am a bit late in replying you, mind updating me the current state?
  11. Thanks for sharing this!! :')
  12. Yes there is definitely two sided of me but not extreme. I think I feel like being a more perfect person in terms of temper and patience. But in fact I'm less of a patient person, i act really differently when I am driving. I couldn't even believe myself [emoji23] but other than that I'm quite fine and synced with what I feel I am. Sent from my iPhone using GirlLoveGirl
  13. I'm gonna say the right person just yet to come. I went through lots of chasing straight girls horror stories. I usually end up heartbreaking because I made all the initiatives. There was even one straight girl took my feelings for her for granted and stolen my phone in school.. how mean! I only met my first ex girlfriend in college, she confessed to me. Then current girlfriend who happened to be but, also in college, both had feelings and confessed to each other. This 24th is our 6th years together. [emoji4] Just don't worry, the time will come [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using GirlLoveGirl
  14. What are your pet peeves? I think my biggest pet peeve is rude customer service even when you smile at them, being extra friendly and being polite to them. I can understand it if I am rude to them. But in most of the cases I'm always the friendly one and get rude customer service in return.
  15. Exactly how I feel and how I "overcome" the thoughts. I know I can't exactly be a guy, so I learn how to live in the body I am in but I still dress in a more neutral manner instead of feminine.
  16. In my age of around 12-21, I was very boyish and I wanted to be a guy so much. I disliked myself being a girl. But you can't do much things about it from where I come from. And I bet it wasn't as acceptable as now too, though now it's still kind of a taboo in many places. But after being with my gf of 5.5 years, I started to become a little more feminine and I seem fine to be a female. I am not sure what's exactly changed my mindset. If I were to look at muscular guys, it's not because I like them, it's because I really want to be like them. The ideas of "i want to be a guy" and "i am a guy in the wrong body" are still there but not as strong as it used to be. Sent from my iPhone using GirlLoveGirl.net mobile app
  17. I gotta say go with Ubuntu. I haven't tried Elementary OS (I think it's quite new distro?). But Ubuntu has been around for very long and their updates are frequent, as well as long term support. Maybe I'm biased because I personally like Ubuntu more than others I tried
  18. Nice! I love to see the drawings members post here. Keep them coming if you like
  19. Thank you very much Karina! I'm exactly in need of good vibes (but who doesn't [emoji14] ). OITNB is kind of a comedy drama, but it does stress you out at times. The thing I like about the cast is that they are really good friends in backstage. Sent from my Redmi 4 using GirlLoveGirl.net mobile app
  20. Hahaha, a good fact! [emoji16][emoji23] Sent from my Redmi 4 using GirlLoveGirl.net mobile app
  21. My country is one of those that decided to cut the "gay" scene because "children will turn gay if they watch that". WTF. And now Disney gives our government two choices: 1) release the movie without cutting any scene, or 2) don't release at all. I personally prefer the second choice, because IMO there's no point to release the movie in my country unwillingly and cause LGBT community in my country being attacked. It's so much easier to watch movies legally (just a bit later) on the internet these days. So why worry? But of course, the positive is, through this incident, I saw many non-LGBT people stood up for us. Is the "gay" scene banned in your place/country?
  22. If you're listening to music, what song are you listening to right now? I am listening to The Scientist - Coldplay on Spotify
  23. In case some of you don't know, gaydar is "gay radar", which means the ability to "sense" someone's sexual orientations. I used to believe it and I was right most of the time, until these two years my gaydar seems to have broken. The last two or three people that I thought they were turned out to be straight AF. Haha! I read some comments from an article about gaydar, they said it's only something to do with our own stereotype, nothing related to gaydar.
  24. What about OITNB? Will you be watching it? Counting down, 1 day left. But I'm feeling sad because I must concentrate on something more important this month
  25. Sleeping time is a mess. I'm off to bed! If I'm not that active recently, it's because I'm writing up my PhD thesis. :(