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  1. Thank you so much everyone for your replies! You are awesome people and I'm so lucky to have found this lesbian forum I am actually saving money to afford therapy, I found work on the weekends so, hopefully, I'll give it a try soon because I really feel desperate! I hate feeling like this, it's like I'm going crazy every day. Yes, I am 18 and I did start going through this stage many years ago. I just figured, when I'll be an adult, I'll no longer be so afraid of admitting I'm a lesbian because I no longer can get grounded by my parents or told what to do all the time. I just thought things were going to change. They didn't. But I'm working on it! Thank you so much for your support!
  2. Omg! I almost never read this stuff, I'm always afraid my parents will search my laptop one day and see what I've been browsing. I actually barely have access to this forum.. It's a shame people can actually think such a thing. But it's an ever bigger shame such nonsense gets publicized and shared all over the place. So many impressionable people could read such accusations and who now, maybe even believe gay people are such sinners?
  3. I also feel guilty, but for very different reasons. I grew up in a very religious environment where being a lesbian is a sin Lying about it is also not OK, but hopefully one day I'll be able to let these fears go. I wish the same for you, @DarkRose97!
  4. I also think proposing on special dates is not a good idea. The reason the OP stated is one. But I also have another reason: a marriage proposal has to be a separate kind of special. Besides, why should you get just 1 present because 2 dates coincide? Isn't it better to get 1 birthday present and another present for the anniversary?
  5. Hi everyone, I'm Netty and I am a lesbian. I'm very glad I found this website, as I need some help and advice. I recently turned 18, and I was sure once I was legally an adult I could begin to really live my life as I feel I should. I was always afraid of my parents being mad at me and telling me what to do, so I figured once I turn 18, I can start living my own life. But age didn't change the fact that I grew up in a very religious family and, even if I have accepted myself as a lesbian, I always feel guilty when I think of girls a certain way... I'm afraid if I do something my parents or the Bible doesn't agree with, something bad will happen. I don't want to feel like this anymore. I know, deep down, that bad things don't happen just because you're gay! But I can't help it, for 18 years all I heard is being lesbian/gay/bisexual and don't even get me started on transsexual, is very very wrong. I just want a normal life, to have a girlfriend and just be happy, but I feel there's something holding me back. Has anyone ever felt this way? What did you do? Will therapy help? I'm ready to try anything that would help!