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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY hope you have fun and enjoy your self today.


  2. Hello, Happy Birthday! :) 

  3. I'm allergic to dust mainly and I'm also lactose intolerant (not really an allergy though). I stopped eating strawberries and oranges because my doctor thought I could have food allergies before it got worse and I finally got screened for dust allergy, which was positive. Talking about the sun, I'm also really pale myself so the sun is quite an enemy I also burn really easily and sunscreen is also a really necessary thing for me! It's a big issue when one lives in a place where rarely rains
  4. Meeting people online is okay, but I don't really believe in online relationships lasting if people don't meet personally at some point. I'm not in a relationship and I don't really find the need to be right now but I don't think I would try to find people online unless they were from somewhere near me, so I could get to meet them in person. In my city there aren't really any places specifically for gays so there isn't exactly any places to go if I'm looking solely for women. But in my opinion love is something that can happen anywhere, whenever Maybe we won't need to look for it.
  5. I agree it's personal choice. I do have a lot of body hair (oh portuguese genes ) and I usually shave my legs and underarms, as well as my upper lip and I also do my eyebrows at home with a little machine I bought especially for it. As for the rest, not so much. I do have a lot of hair on my arms and they're black, but they don't really give me any trouble. I usually wear jeans and pants all year long do I don't really show my legs much, but it feels good to shave them. Sometimes I'm lazy on winter though
  6. I agree that the worst part about it is the rejection from people we thought they loved us. It's really hard to lose our best friends and/or family because we want to be true to ourselves and live our lives like any other person, especially when that person was supposed to be with us no matter what happened. Friends still come and go, but family isn't exactly the same and it's really painful to experience that look of disappointment in our parents' faces when we know that we did nothing wrong, but still get judged by it.
  7. My favorite movie is Amélie, a french romance from the early 00s about Amélie, a girl who finds the joy in helping others in their lives. She eventually falls in love, but this movie is not the usual romance type. Even if you don't like the genre I think you might find some amusement watching it. The visuals are stunning and they almost transport you to France. But the high part is really the soundtrack, composed by Yann Tiersen and one of my favorites of all time! You should check it. The humor parts in it are also really worth it, I still cry laughing at the things Amélie did to his neighbor
  8. I have the same experience as @lexinonomous, I never had any influence to like girls and I wasn't even aware that it was possible until I went to school, because nobody talked about that with me ever. For me it's something natural, and while some people may repress their feelings, I guess they'll be always there. That's one of the reasons why I think a lot of "repressed" people can't live with those feelings and sometimes choose to harm themselves, even to commit suicide, like it was talked before. If I didn't have friends to talk to me and tell me these feelings are okay, maybe I would be one of those people.
  9. I'm a big Pokemon fan and I'm so sad I can't play Pokemon Go because my phone is still Android 4.3 and i can't update it Well, and its RAM isn't the best so I wouldn't be able to play either way... this way I kind of accept it more or less. I've seen some friends play though and for me it's an amazing idea. We spend so long playing at our computers that it's finally good to see people doing exercise and reading all about the different "accomplishments" this game has got people, such as making sick kids happier. But at the same time I think the media try to portrait it in a bad way due to some particular incidents in which its gamers are responsible for it. Can't really talk about the game itself but let's hope good things keep coming from it!
  10. I lived through that before and I tried to deal with it the same way I would deal with being rejected by a person of different gender as mine, since it was technically a rejection. But deep down I also felt what you did; after that experience I couldn't help to feel really anxious about making the move again with a person of the same gender. There's also this "ridiculous" feeling. I don't really know how to explain it in words, but it seems the person you hold feelings for feels wrong about the idea of having someone from the same gender fancy her/him. They can be LGTB friendly, but it still gives off that vibe of "what the hell, why do you like me". If that person starts watching you in a different light after that, then maybe it's better to rethink your friendship. This according to my experience, of course there are different people.
  11. So, according to the above-above () post I was the 31st member! Glad to be able to be here and get to know a lot of people with similar interests and views about life and things in general! Hope I can find some good and lasting friendships on this little space of heaven!
  12. I don't know if I'm really helpful and if I can find words to express my feelings on the matter but in my opinion there aren't really defined lines to both concepts. You can love someone in different levels, with more or less intensity, and in different ways, be it romantic love, maternal love, etc. I believe that "line" isn't really a line, and loving and liking aren't really "one thing or another" but instead a mix of feelings that can be different on many variables.
  13. I agree with the previous replies, it depends of various factors. I believe they can give an insight on how to approach the subject and tips on how to deal with various reactions, but I tend to think they're "the norm" and there's no way to know exactly what will happen when you come out. Every person is different, the same with every situation and while I believe they can give us an idea about things and seem to work on theory, they're not really that helpful in reality. I think that knowing different stories and experiences of people who went through the same is more helpful.
  14. I had a few episodes of sleep paralysis. With me they mostly occur when I'm nervous and I can't sleep well or in the early hours of the morning when I already slept a lot during the night and I can't fall asleep deeply again. I never had any visions, I just remember a ton of footsteps and I can't move my body; it's slightly scary. When it happens I have to remember myself that it is going to pass soon or else I go into full panic mode. Also, like @lexinonomous I already had conscious dreams, but it happens the exact opposite. I become so startled that I wake up just after getting to understand I'm dreaming. This field of study is fascinating yet scary.
  15. My hair's natural color is dark brown but I've dyed it several times in the past, mostly red. Nowadays I tend to leave it to be, since I'm currently job hunting and in my area it can be seen as unprofessional. I still want to try a less "normal" color in my hair, be it blue or purple, as I absolutely love these two colors and it looks gorgeous in my opinion!