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  1. Yes tht is what im here for. He has no intrest in the matter. He is happy just to be with me he say's. He stays away for weeks on end. Leaving me lonely an heartbroken. Feeling a loss of love.. I would just love to have a women to share that part of my life. Mendy's Mega Galaxy
  2. Volbeat is another of my favorite bands.. Im into ALOT OF MUSIC tho. I will always an forever love Maynard James Keenan's music as well as anything by Dax Riggs. Mendy's Mega Galaxy
  3. Hello Raven, i know how you feel. An it is hard to find someone your willing to put your love on the line for. I'm lonley as well. My husband stays away for weeks on end workin' while im left at home lonely an hurting for love. An my advice for you is to tk one step at a time. One day at a time. Things will change & Love will come your way. Stay strong! Mendy's Mega Galaxy
  4. Well tht is really harsh if ya ask me.. I can be friends with people like tht. But i would prefer they keep their opinions to themselves. Doesn't help anyone when someone isn't nice or at least respectful of your feelings.. Mendy's Mega Galaxy
  5. One of my drawings from awhile bk.. Mendy's Mega Galaxy
  6. Mendy's Mega Galaxy
  7. In my opinion I feel that if you love who your with then you won't want to stare. A glance maybe ok but a lingering stare at another person is to much.. Way out of bounds when you are mkin it a point to mk the other person notice you looking at them. Especially if you are already in a relationship.. The small things do really matter.. Mendy's Mega Galaxy
  8. Summer i love it when everything is bright an green with vibrant color. An when it rains it feels an smells so clean an fresh.. Days an nights are beautiful. Intoxicating Mendy's Mega Galaxy
  9. I have to say i love [emoji255]Roses [emoji257]in all colors most of all. All flowers are beautiful though. [emoji4] Mendy's Mega Galaxy
  10. I love hiking and enjoying nature.. Even if its just a short walk its still nice to get out an enjoy everything.. Mendy's Mega Galaxy
  11. So many to choose but if I could be there right now I'd have to say the Hawaiian island's with a margarita in hand.. [emoji6] Mendy's Mega Galaxy
  12. Wheeping Willow and Cherry Blossom trees are my absolute favorite. Mendy's Mega Galaxy
  13. I love my cats as well i have 5 beautiful babies. 3 full grown leo, Covue, an mittens who is now a mommy to midnight and salem. An are Leo's babies. Yea i gotta get the situation fixed lol but they are so cute.. Gotta love em' Mendy's Mega Galaxy
  14. My favorite was True Blood until it's last season finale. Now I'm into American Horror Story, The walking Dead, Vampire diaries, an Almost Human (British version) Mendy's Mega Galaxy
  15. Yes i do know this. I have had my share of girlfriends. And everyone of them was just like that feeling of being in that special connected euphoric emotion. But for me this is my true emotion towards whoever im in love with. An i can relate to anyone else in any situation. Life is an ever changing experience an with time we can change with it some for better,some not so great.. All i do know is i can give love like never b4. Just wish i could find that right girl to fit into my life an want to. Not just a one time thing an bye bye.. Even if she wasn't into my husband. Because he doesn't want tht.. This is just for me. I've been in some dating apps looking for girls but none of them were worth the time. Everyone was to forward showing pics right off the bat. I wanna get to know a person not what they look like naked right away..i am 40 maybe im out of my mind. But don't get me wrong either i like to see a naked women like any other human. I cannot deny.. Mendy's Mega Galaxy