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  1. Well, I'm not that happy with the "trans" option, because the majority of trans people are either male or female, and just a few of us are non binary. So, I think that it would be good to have a male female and other category, but the "trans" one seems a little bit aggressive for me.
  2. Hello and welcome to this forum! It's great to have you here. And why you don't make a lesbian romance with a little bit (or a lot) of horror going on? I would definitely give it a read. Anyway, is so cool that you have found your passion! I really hope that you have a good time over here, there's a lot of really interesting people, so you definitely won't get bored. See you around!
  3. I think that LGBT+ people in general are not happy with her since her "you're so gay but you don't even like boys" song, it was so really rude, like if we were something that it can be easily categorized, something that she tried to fix with Firework. So, I'm not surprised by this, Katy Perry is such a weird human.
  4. I'm not surprised that she was terrified to do it, if as a regular citizen I would be scared to speak out (because there's a lot of crazy people out there, especially in the United States) I can't imagine what it would be like as a public figure. But still, the cool thing is that she spoke off, and I really love her for that. She's so elegant and sutil.
  5. Definitely nope, it would be an option if I hated my job and I couldn't find my place in the working world(?), but if I love my job it would be really difficult for me to give up on it. So, I'll tell them that no, and we would look for another way to make it work without having to do such huge sacrifices.
  6. This is so cool [emoji24][emoji1305] since I saw that covergirl was going to have a coverboy I thought that other makeup companies started to open their doors to boys who love makeup it was just matter of time, and I really hope that this actually become a thing and we can finally see a little bit of LGBT+ visibility on the beauty world.
  7. Man, I can't imagine to be disowned by your parents just because your sexuality or even gender, that must hurt. But I guess that it must be worse to stay in the closet and hide basically your hole life and living with a lot of "what if's".
  8. Its great that the topic preventing mental health issues within trans people it's still something that it is being talked, especially because usually the hardest part for a trans person are they teenage years, I mean, for cis people being a teenager is already difficult, imagine how harder it gets for trans people. I think that transitioning early will somehow prevent future mental health issues of this population.
  9. Hey Renee! You have a pretty creative name going on [emoji23]. Welcome to this forum! I hope to see you around and maybe chat as you just said! Have a nice day! [emoji5]
  10. The most easy thing to do would be not telling them and just leaving with her, but they are still your parents and at this point they deserve to know what's going on, no matter if it was what they wanted for you or not. They are your parents, they will accept you progressively. Good luck!
  11. So cool! Thanks for sharing your story with us. Coming out is never an easy process and as you just mentioned, it's a process and I think that as you're coming out you are also accepting yourself at the same time, so it's mostly a win-win thing. But I'm really glad that you haven't received completely negative reactions. Good luck!
  12. Well, I don't have a partner but if I would it would probably be okay for me to let them grab my phone, but still it would be kinda weird because we are supposed to have trust for each other and that would be a way to tell me that they don't trust me. It would be really weird.
  13. I still feel really weird about my sexuality, a part of me also thinks that is impossible to find someone that will be with me and that we actually can make it on this society, you know? Especially in Mexico, were things are more dangerous for us in every way. And I'm not sure when that feeling is going to disappear, but I'm not letting it affect me that much as it used to.
  14. A really similar case like this happened on Mazatlán Sinaloa a couple of years ago and by the same homophobic reasons, it's a shame that homophobes are actually crossing the line of damaging the integrity of a person and maybe progressively affect their lives.
  15. Oh my god, really? This is so freaking sad! I absolutely love that tv show! It has been one of the few shows that I handsdown feel trapped by it on the good way, lol. It's really sad that it has to end so quickly. [emoji24][emoji24]