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  1. I used to prefer skinny jeans because I really like the way that they look but the majority of them are not as comfortable as I wish, but lately I'm pretty much into jogger jeans, lol. They are extremely comfortable and you can wear them for almost every casual occasion, I have probably four of them and I don't want to let them go, lol. They are definitely my go-to.
  2. Not that often... Probably 3-4 times a year? But on those times I make sure that I'm covered up for every occasion, some people but stuff when they need it but I guess that I'm not like that because sometimes there's no time for shopping! And that can be a really stressful situation to deal with.
  3. Well, I think that I am attracted to the style of the other person, how they dress and I think that a big part of that type of style is your attitude in life and if those two are in lined up that can be killer for me, lol. And besides of that is the way that they think/feel about other things more related to existentialism and the things that they want to do with their life.
  4. This week I read the title of an article that claimed that gay parents are more likely to abuse children. And I mean, I'm not saying that a gay parent never would abuse their children, because people are weird and evil sometimes but why is there the need to relate those things? I think that there is still a lot of stigma saying that the only thing that we care about is sex and more sex.
  5. " - Person: should I refer to you as a he or a she? - Me: he, please. - Person: *makes a mistake* OHMYGODIMSORRY!! I'm so so so sorry, hey dude sorry, sometimes is difficult to interact with you, I don't know how to treat you." "*random person uses "it" as a pronoun to refer to me*" "So, your ex boyfriend is gay but he is only gay when it comes to gender, not sex, right?"
  6. I don't really think so, it would be difficult for me to stay friends with someone who would prefer that "people like me" wouldn't exist... Maybe I could interact with them at the point of not touching those topics, maybe a coworker or a colleague, but nothing else.
  7. I actually went to thrift shopping for the fist time about two weeks ago, and it was definitely an experience! There's a lot of interesting and even creepy stuff there. I got two really cool jackets for 10 dollars, so it was a good deal/experience in general. I will definitely look for thrift shops around my area [emoji1305]
  8. This is so sad... A lot of those people were really young and had so much to live and to contribute to the world, it's a shame that people like this guy still exists and the most dangerous thing about it is what are they capable of, no matter if it's certain community or not, killing random and innocent people it's unforgivable.
  9. Well, lists are always going to be there but I understand that gender dysphoria can be a killing thing to deal with. But I guess that nowadays with crowdfunding being a really big thing it's great that he has taken the first step towards his happiness. I really hope that he reaches his goal.
  10. It's something similar that's going on with Caitlyn Jenner... I think that we all were living for her when she came out, but I guess that it's still hard for her to separate herself from her initial ideals... And now I think that she's going to be on Trump's inauguration.
  11. Oh man, I really want to go to Buenos Aires, it's a beautiful city in general and the food and culture seems to be really interesting and delicious. I definitely will keep this lost with me just in case, lol!
  12. I do pray but I don't make it for an specific God or something like that... But instead I like to "talk" with my grandpa who passed away 3 years ago, I tell him what's going on but I don't really ask for something, I think that I feel way more comfortable with the idea of telling those things to my grandpa instead of a God, I guess.
  13. Yep, I was/am. When I told my parents that I'm trans I expected the worst scenario, I actually prepared myself mentally to be kicked out of my house, but it really wasn't like that, I'm still here, lol. The problem is my dad and just my dad, I still get those looks of completely disappointment from him every single day, and I feel like he would never be proud of me because I let him down by being trans, but, you know, it's not really something that I can change and if he doesn't accept me that's his problem, not really mine.
  14. I think that it depends on how serious the relationship is... I used to hide my relationship with my ex boyfriend because it was really hard for me to really accept my sexuality, but now I already accepted it and I don't have problems with that part anymore, but I'm kind of dating this guy who is deep down in the closet, and now I feel like I'm on the other side, you know? At this point it's nothing serious but what would happen if the relationship really starts to grow? So... For now it would be a 5.
  15. Oh girl, that sounds complicated [emoji26]. First of all, does your mom knows that you and her are in a relationship? Because it would kinda make sense if she thinks that you and her are just friends, you know how moms can be... But still if she knows that you and her are a couple you can just talk to her and let her know that you are not comfortable when she is saying those comments to her, I guess.