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  1. I definitely prefer roll on/bar or gel rather than spray, I feel like I can really measure how deodorant am I putting on, lol. And the spray ones end up lasting so little time! And that's because I can't really measure with the spray ones. So roll on (and basically any other option but spray) is always my go to.
  2. Well, I think that it would depend on the person. Some of them are not comfortable being labeled as queer and some are completely okay with that label. I think that we should start to see ourselves as just people, you know? The fact that you don't act as society tells you to act is not like an instant access to another box, I guess.
  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your situation, girl! but well, you can kinda start to see the bright side, I mean you are in a new country with a new job, and leaving everything behind it seems to be a pretty good way to have a bright new fresh start. I wish you the best look.
  4. Hmmm... It would probably be a dog. I haven't had too many pets so I can't really give an interesting answer. They are so cute and most of them are incredibly noble with basically anyone who can give some love to them!
  5. Hey Jovie, and welcome to this forum! I really hope that this is the place that you're looking for to be more open, there's a lot of really cool people around here. Read you around! [emoji4] Ps: I really really like your hair, it looks so cute! [emoji24][emoji1305]
  6. I used to think that being outed when it comes to my sexuality wouldn't be a big deal for me but, I'm currently attending to a new class with a bunch of new people and my two friends that I have in that class know about it but when I'm around other guys and they start talking about girls I don't really say anything and I try to keep the conversation, because I'm afraid of what they might think... And I'm constantly afraid that they might accidentally out me in front of them for the same reason.
  7. Hello, Claudia and welcome to this forum! I really hope that you enjoy your time here and of course, why don't make some friends! And I'm listening to my grandmas tv and her dog barking while I'm laying down without wanting get out of bed (?). But I have this thing about Grimes, she's so amazing and her music is the closest that I've ever been to magic [emoji177]
  8. Well, if she accepted your brother then that means that she will definitely accept you progressively. How much time has happened since you came out? Give it time, girl! I think that it was hard for her to take in because she is a woman and there's some type of identification going on there, but I'm pretty sure that she will accept you.
  9. K-dramas are life! Have you watched Goblin? That drama took my heart, my life and my soul away. (?) There's always something different about k-dramas, most of them are really pure and usually the stories are amazing ones, you just can't take your eyes out of them!
  10. As it has been mentioned before, Meryl Streep never lets me down! But also Angelina Jolie, omg, I still haven't seen a movie from her that it's not good (or at least her acting).
  11. Hmmm... I'm really bad with kids, but I guess that I would start with teaching them the different forms of love: when you love your pet, when you love your family, when you love your friends, when you love doing something and when you love someone, and those mentioned types of love are different for everyone, there is people who love painting and others love making exercise, people can love being with five members of their family and others can love just to be with their mom, people sometimes love men and sometimes women, no matter what's the gender of the person who loves them.
  12. Psychological therapy will be a good thing to consider before and after bottom surgery, it would be good for her to tell other people what are her fears about the whole thing in general, and after it, it would be good to see how she's adapting to it in general. And I think that it would also be great for her to have a good and deep talk with the Doctor that is going to do the surgery, really talk about her worries when it comes to the whole medical thing, because yes, it can be scary.
  13. I don't know and I don't care, man. Religion was created by people who have certain image about what's right and what's not, and between the things that don't enter to their acceptable category is homosexuality, that's it. Everything has to do with power relationships in every single aspect.
  14. I don't know man, it has giving me so much problems and situations that I'm still dealing with such as anxiety and depression but it also has gave me a certain sensibility that a lot of cis/straight people don't have, and I think that sensibility is a big part of what makes us humans... So, I would choose to be LGBT+.
  15. There was actually a situation like this in my country, it was during this whole thing about trans people on the bathrooms and in a medical center really famous on the country they literally made bathrooms with a big title on the door saying "trans bathrooms", lol.