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  1. Have you written and published ebook? Have you marveled on this idea? Of late, I am getting interest on writing an ebook and publishing on Amazon. I am undecided about the title and subject, however, I am thinking to write non-fiction.
  2. I know Pinterest,but I have never used it. In fact I don't find any reason to use Pinterest. There are already too many good things to do in life. Even if you are talking social media, there are many social media platforms, where I amalready busy and I don't want to join another to clutter my mind. Interest of visiting Pinterest for ideas, I prefer to do google search or stroll in the market place.
  3. I will choose to have a sunscreen. It not only protects your skin but also conceals dark spots and pigmentation.
  4. I am strictly against participation of girls under 18 in beauty shows. I also have reservations on using underaged girls in advertorials. Children should be let remain as children and never pose as grown ups. There are other kinds of contest where children can show their talent. Catwalking on a run way is not a talent.
  5. I buy clothes, only when I need them. I need new clothes when season changes, when my clothes go out of fashion, when my clothes worn out. I wear my clothes until I cannot wear them more. Thus, I buy just about two clothes every year.
  6. I like to wear low waist jeans. There was a time when I used to wear bell bottom jeans, however, these days I wear skiny jeans that perfectly fits my legs and waist.
  7. Amy Winehouse is my second best singer after Adele. Currently, I am listening to Amy Wine's Addiction. It is a good music album.
  8. I am not into drawing, but I admire people who have drawing skills. When I was in school, drawing was one of the subjects. However, I always failed in drawing. Later when I learned Photoshop, I tried to learn digital drawing, and I failed again, The only drawing that I can do is a female body. LOL
  9. I am sure you will love this book from Simone, who was also Sartre's girl friend. She is remembered as the first feminist writer. Second Sex analyzes different aspects of femininity.
  10. There was a time when I used to read Cosmopolitan, not a lesbian magazine though. However, I stopped reading this magazine because it only featured "men's issues." I have never read any lesbian magazine including DIVA. Actually, I found about DIVA on another thread where the admin wished to give subscription to DIVA through a contest.
  11. I think Philadelphia is not just one of the best movies on LGBT issue, but also one of the wonderful movies of all time. The movie is about gay relationship and is based on a true story. Tom Hanks and Antonia Banderas are the gay couple in the movie.
  12. Were you born like this?
  13. I take interest in religious study. Based on my readings of the scriptures from various religion, the only religion that is somewhat liberal towards LGBT is Hindu religion. In Hindu theologies, there are many LGBT characters. The Hindu religion even have LGBT deity. Interestingly, Hindu religion is divided on the acceptance of LGBT, in some places, it says LGBT should be accepted and in some places, it says LGBT must be defamed.
  14. You can off course hide your relationship, however, you cannot hide for too long. For the people, who have not come out and are still living in the closet, they would not want to disclose about their relationship. But can they for a long time? On the rating scale of 1 to 10. I will give 3 for the difficulty to hide a relationship
  15. Relationship should always stand on equal footing. Relationship sustain on give and take. You give her something, you get something. If you make mistakes, or hurt your partner, you should apologize and your partner also should apologize whenever she hurts you or make mistakes. However, there is no need to apologize for the things that you did not do. Being too much apologetic is harmful.