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  1. Does anyone here take vitamins/supplements for their health & wellness? I occasionally take a multi vitamin if I'm feeling run down, but I imagine it's probably more of a placebo than anything else! How about you?
  2. I just got a cut the other weekend and it had been since February since my last one!! It was more of a trim than a cut, though, just to make it look a bit tidier!
  3. Are you someone who prefers to be awake early, or stay up late? I'm usually awake pretty early, so I don't stay up all that late these days! Otherwise I just end up totally exhausted. What works best for your body clock?
  4. Do you eat a lot of veggies? I actually quite like veggies - there's not really any vegetables that I don't like! I'd say my favorite is probably broccoli (which is weird since I didn't love it as a kid!) Do you think you need more veggies in your diet?
  5. Do you have a favorite type of exercise? I like a few different things. Probably the thing I like most is anything that gets me outdoors instead of in a gym. I like hiking, cycling and things like that! I do also like some gym classes, but if I had a choice it's really always outdoorsy stuff! What about you?
  6. I went to a cosmos flower festival this past weekend since they are in bloom around here right now, and I think they're such a happy and cheerful flower!! I love them - definitely an unexpected favorite for me!
  7. It is interesting! But I have found in my experience not every trip to the thrift store is a beneficial one! Some stores seem to just be filled with junk or really out of date fashions!
  8. Anyone here into thrift shopping? I've found some pretty decent things (including brand name stuff!) for awesome prices at thrift stores before! How about you? Are you into searching the racks at thrift stores to find some treasure and good bargains, or maybe it's not your cup of tea?
  9. I've been trying to get into using my slow cooker more and more since the weather is cooling down here now. I find that it's easier to make yummy meals in there, because all the flavors seem to really come together well after cooking for a long time! We are making a chicken tikka masala slow cooker dish this weekend - it smells really yummy simmering away!
  10. OH I loooove bathbombs! There's a store called Lush near me that has all sorts of delicious smelling bath bombs - I love going there and picking up a few to treat myself! It's a perfect way to relax and unwind
  11. I love that you spoke about someone's creativity being super attractive, rather than just physical appearance - that's SO true, that often it's a persons unique amazing qualities that make them super attractive.
  12. I think the biggest thing I've realized is that you don't have to please everyone -- and quite frankly it's virtually impossible to do that. There's always going to be people that aren't happy with what you're doing in life and decisions you're making - but as long as you're being true to yourself and not hurting anyone I think you have to follow your heart!
  13. One thing that I need to get better at when it comes to healthy eating is meal planning. I think when I don't have an idea of what to cook, it becomes so much easier to turn to junk foods or takeout. Do you meal plan? Do you have any go-to favorites you like to cook that are healthy?
  14. Hey there - glad that you de-lurked and joined us! It's also great that your family have seemed to lighten up a bit recently - any progress is a good thing!
  15. So true - those teenage years really do see you not worrying about danger/health implications...or the cost! I didn't have as many responsibilities back then so I guess it was easier to justify spending money on alcohol - these days I'm like "oh man it's not worth it!"