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  1. As far as physical illnesses go, I'm currently fighting to get some kind of information on a lot of problems I've had. Unfortunately, my current doctor doesn't listen to me at all... Working on that. I have chronic stomach pain, myoclonic seizures, and recently I've had the strangest uptick in fatigue, none of which I have any leads on whatsoever. When all we were paying attention to was the stomach pain, I was tested for Celiac and a handful of other things... no luck. It's frustrating to have things be so wrong and not know what they are, or what to do about them. I definitely relate to the need for a distraction, though, especially since I can't stand to not be doing something. (Recently, my distraction has been content writing and a pet site, when I can't do art.)
  2. I have a Miniature Schnauzer (named Molly) and a calico American Shorthair cat (Calliope/Callie). They're both really great! Unfortunately I'm allergic to both, so I'm supposed to not be cuddling them very much... Unfortunately, also, this doesn't stop the crafty escape artist Callie from getting into my room, so we've stopped trying there. Callie is one of the few cats I know of that adores belly rubs. Molly likes walks, but only short ones - very finicky. But that aside, I don't have a picture of Molly, but here's one of Calliope from December:
  3. I'm inclined to agree with the above. It's nice to check it just for fun, but I try not to take it too seriously. I've also found that a lot of horoscopes seem to have somewhat unsettlingly vague descriptions/answers, which has put me off from them a little for reasons I can't explain. I guess it feels like a cop-out sometimes? But that's me, no judgement either way.
  4. @redpanda, Sorry for delay on this - I did see that! I think that news happened right after or right before I made that comment, I honestly don't remember. :') After getting it and spending a day or so with it, and talking to my friends, I've found I do really like it. It can still improve, of course, but to start with, it's fun, and it's something to do. The park across from my house has a gym and a Pokestop, so that's really convenient and nice. There's supposed to be more Pokemon on the park trail, but said trail is closed for now because of a broken bridge. I wonder what area I have to go through first to unlock it! My only complaint currently is that I don't quite understand the little "leaf spouts" - I've gone right up close to one, but a Pokemon never appeared, and I've also found Pokemon in areas where there were no leaf spouts. I don't get what they might indicate, and clarification on that might be helpful. Or clarification on everything, for that matter. x_x A more in-depth tutorial would be really nice, but I can manage on my own for now, I think. For now, I'm referencing an online tutorial by GameRant. [Link for anyone interested]
  5. I helped design and decorate for a few weddings like this, and it was fun! Pinterest provides a lot of ideas that can at the very least help someone come up with a good concept, and a lot of them are fun and interesting, and unique! Unfortunately there's also a lot of work involved, which isn't necessarily bad, just tedious at times. The person I was working for/with saw this great idea that she was set on, that had these tiny paper cones hanging from strings to make an interesting backdrop for photos. She ended up recruiting her kids and spending hours on end making individual little cones of paper, cutting and stapling and tying... And then those cones ended up taking up so much time that she didn't have a lot of time to focus on other things. This resulted in a lot of last-minute stress for both of us. ^^" (Thankfully, we got everything under control in the end.) Even considering all that, I'd love to have a Pinterest wedding, provided I could manage/work around my fatigue. I've seen a few things that I really like, and I'm just keeping them in my back pocket for now.
  6. Do you play video games? Yep! I love them, always have. I've never met anyone I kept as a friend through video games, but many of my long distance friends and I will play them together. What games do you play? I play Minecraft a lot, in varying amounts... I've had several weeks in a row where I would play almost every day, and then sometimes months-long breaks from the game entirely. (I'm in one of those right now.) On Steam I typically play RPGs and adventure games. However, I also play on the Nintendo DS, where my favorite titles tend to lean towards Pokemon, Professor Layton, and recently the Legend of Zelda. Do you prefer console or PC? It's hard to say. For the nostalgia factor, and because I do really like some of the games I play on the DS or other Nintendo platforms, I'm almost leaning towards console, but PC gaming has been a lot more of an immersive experience for me, which is something I like just as much, if not more. I get major chills every time I watch the ending of Minecraft, and I've found many other games that give me that same feeling. If just for that, ultimately, I think I've got to say I prefer PC, but it's close!
  7. Earlier today, my friends and I were excitedly chattering about seeing Pokemon GO's release, only to find that it was only for Australia and NZ. (4 of us live in the US, one lives in Scotland.) Alas... But I'm crossing my fingers that it comes out in other areas soon, as well! I don't really have a lot of friends offline who play Pokemon, and I have the strangest feeling that this game just might help me meet some. It seems promising, from what I've seen so far. A friend of mine got into the beta test, but they weren't allowed to talk about it. I did notice, though, that in the 8 minutes of gameplay video from a little earlier in the year, it seems they only have Gen 1 pokemon? Maybe that was just a development build or something, I hope it is. I'd love to have a bunch of Eeveelutions walk around with me.
  8. Hi Chameli! I think you're the first person I've spoken to, ever, who's from Nepal. It's good to meet you!
  9. Hi Romy! I'm also new, just making the rounds here and trying to say hello to a few other new people. I can't quite tell, but are those forget-me-nots in your profile image? (They're my favorite flower, and it looks like that's what they might be, but it's hard to say.) Anyway, I look forward to seeing you around!
  10. I'm still trying to get the hang of this forum layout, but I'm going to persevere and figure it out as I go! :') Hi everyone! My name is Ara, they/them pronouns please. If sites on the internet are correct, it means "Lion" in Hebrew - don't take my word on that, though, I can't confirm it. It's a total coincidence that I really love cats, but I like to think it fits. I also like deer, space, adventure games, and the color blue. A few more fun facts: I'm allergic to grass (yes, really) I've never successfully done a cartwheel, and my favorite scented candle is "christmas cookie" flavor. As far as my place in the community and history goes... I've known something was up with me since about 6th or 7th grade. I had my first datemate in 8th grade (an adventure right there, middle school drama, but they were sweet) and from there on out I've been on the confusion bus. I'm 18 now, currently living in a not-so-swell family where I am pretty closeted in terms of... just about everything. But if I had to pick labels to describe how I feel, I would call myself nonbinary, asexual-spectrum, and biromantic. Might be demi-bisexual? I'm working on it. We'll call this a "working title," haha. I went through everyone's introduction posts so far, and I gotta say, I can't express just how heartening it is to see so many people older than me in this community. And more than that, people who are really... happy? Or a lot of you seem to be, but life happens. Everyone seems so friendly, I've barely been here an hour and I already feel at home. Anyway, thank you all for your time! I look forward to talking to people here. c: