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  1. I wouldn't say Donald Trump is a genius. The last few times he tried to run he faced competition that was different. This time round, his opponents in the Republican party were people who were not liked that much. Though he has got this far manipulating people I don't think he'll be the next president of the U.S. But who knows? Stranger things have happened.
  2. I've had to deal with heartbreak and it wasn't pleasant. My first love thought I was cheating on her with her best friend. She was wrong though and though we got back together after two months dealing with the break up was really tough. I'd try not to think about her, try to convince myself that it was no big loss but it hurt. A lot. Though I'm no expert at dealing with heartbreaks I think the best way to deal with it is accept what has happened and try to convince yourself that maybe you'll in future meet someone who'll make you just as happy.
  3. From experience I know that there is no "best" way to break up with someone. While you might be polite and try not to hurt your lover's feelings fact is they'll still get hurt when you tell them that you are leaving them. Nonetheless I believe you can make the heartbreak more bearable if no hurtful speech is used when you are breaking up. Tell your lover why you can't be together anymore and walk away.
  4. I don't see why their should be any gender roles in a relationship where the couple are equals. While I do agree that one has to assume the dominant role in the relationship, you shouldn't force it. Let it evolve organically and without having to talk about it each will take role which suits them best.
  5. According to some study which has been circulating around the net . . . http://www.washingtonstarnews.com/university-of-california-genetic-study-confirms-gays-not-born-that-way/ Another study published elsewhere says no one is born gay or straight. That it's experiences which make them turn out to be either gay or straight. Question though is what of some women who are never attracted to men? Or men who are never attracted to women? Or women who are attracted to both men and women long before they have an experiences? I'd like to believe that sexual orientation isn't something that is determined at birth. You can fight who you are but you can never be truly happy if say you were born gay and society forces you to act straight.
  6. You can like someone you hardly know. There could be something about them that simply makes them attractive to you. It could be their looks, charm or something else. In fact you can instantly tell whether you like someone. Love is entirely different. It's something much deeper and grows the more you get to know someone. It's the little things people do and the things you do together that makes you start caring for them. You don't want to see them get hurt, you feel good when you are with them, you know know no fear when you are around them — that is love.
  7. There's not much you can do to change the mind of someone who says they aren't attracted, say to girls. It's not a preference for them — it is their sexual orientation. This is why before making your move you should ascertain that the person you are in love with will probably love you back. There are lots of subtle ways to find out. When you've found out the hard way that they aren't attracted to your gender then though the rejection will will impact your self-esteem, you should gracefully back away and use what you've learned so you don't make the same mistake in future. You could in the mean time try a dating site because at least on this site the only thing that could go wrong is meeting someone who you don't like.
  8. There are some games which are very much like sports only difference being that with gaming, it is virtual. Take as an example racing games. There isn't much difference between playing a racing game (if you have all the gaming peripherals) and a racing competition in real life. This is why playing some games like Gran Turismo can get you a real racer license. This is why gaming can be considered a sport.
  9. Sports that don't need one to be too strong. I would say that since women are on average lighter than men, should they do some horse racing then odds they could win easily because the horses they ride will be faster than those a heavier man is riding. I've also heard that women are better at long distance swimming but I'm not sure if that is true or not.
  10. The reason I don't trust horoscopes — they are too vague. A vague statement like, "you'll have a good day" will most likely come true for many people because they'll be looking out something that will make their day better. And even if it isn't they can still assure themselves that their day was "good." Nonetheless I do read horoscopes occasioanally just for fun. On one site my horoscope says: ". . . you will use your mental competency to complete all your work on time." Thing is every who has a job does that every day!
  11. I know that there are some people who'll be on dating sites for the fun. They just like flirting. @Krnasmommy before making any conclusions you need to find out the truth first. Well you may not ask your SO about the email directly but you could find out what they know about the hookup site. The answers you get could tell you whether your SO cheating on you or not.
  12. There was a time looks did matter to me. That's before circumstances forced me to spend more time with this girl whose face had been disfigured in a fire. Though she didn't look that good it was a pleasure to be by her side and the end result was — we fell in love. Unfortunately though the relationship didn't last because I had to leave the State but I learned something an important life lesson — if you are drawn in by looks only, you'll probably end up with some vain person who may think she's probably too good for you.
  13. I've seen a few these guides on a number of sites for the LGBT community but I'm not that sure that they are all that helpful. While a guide can offer some steps on what should be done they may not prepare someone for negative reactions that might follow and how they should respond to them. Have any of you read any of these guides? Do you think someone who's struggling and unsure of how or when they should come out will find the information contained therein (in these coming out guides) helpful?
  14. Security experts are warning that anti-malware technology is getting be less effective at protecting your devices and data. The U.S Department of Homeland Security this week issued a warning about anti-virus software made by Symantec after security researchers found critical vulnerabilities. http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/antivirus-software-1.3668746 And it's not just sofware made by Symantec that's horrible. According to security experts Kaspersky and AVG are just as bad. So if you use anti-virus software and believe that your devices are secure, you are wrong. Some don't make your system secure at all even though they'll slow it down.
  15. I don't think there'll come a day when it won't be necessary to come out. Supposing someone wants to date you and you aren't bi-sexual or straight, wouldn't you be forced to tell them that you can't date them? That's sort of coming out, right? I think though there'll be less hostility towards the LGBT community in the near future, to avoid complications coming out will still be obligatory.