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  1. I would like to recommend Facing the Giants and Courageous. Both movies really moved me to the core and it discusses a lot of issues or problems that young people and families are experiencing today. Its really an eye opener.
  2. I loved anime a lot since I was a kid and I watched more animes that I can count but some of my recent favorites are: Hakouki, Arslan Senki, Akatsuki no Yona and Kamisama Hajimemashita. Anime really has a unique charm to it which makes it entertaining to watch. Most of the conepts are kinda out of this world which would be very diffiult to film using real people.
  3. I was really into Once Upon A Time, The Vampire Diaries and Gossip girl which always made waiting for the next season agonizing yet its all worth it.
  4. thank you guys;)))
  5. Mental health is really important since it literally controls our entire body. I believe that our mind is really a piece of art. I often wondered how it could make us think, act and respond. I consider the mind as the battlefield about your dreams, conscience, desires, greed, doubts and all other stuff. A healthy mental mind would make us more productive and happy while a weak mental mind would make us depressed, negative and at the worst case suicidal. This is why I believe keeping the mind healthy is really important. I usually do this through reading inspirational or motivational books, relaxing in a peaceful environment, meditating, chatting with loved ones and a nice cup of coffee or milk tea.
  6. I've been in a similar dilemma a year ago. I admit, its really hard to control your finances especially if you have to pay for a lot of things and want to buy a lot of things. Due to this, I decided to buy a book about financial freedom and it really saved my finances. I tried following his advice and tried some of the exercises. I was asked to write down all of my expenses for a week. When I say all I really mean ALL including buying candies and stuff. After a week, I was amazed on how much I was spending on unnecessary things and leisure. The next step is to determine your NEEDS and WANTS, things you can live without and things that you cannot live without. It makes budgeting a whole lot easier since your priorities are now determined. Just wondering if you would like to try it out too.
  7. Looks really do contribute a lot in making the first impression or the attraction stage because I think it is impossible to directly fall in love with the personality of another person especially if its a stranger. It is normal to look at his/her physical attributes first since you cant judge the personality of a person while just taking a glimpse. Therefore, looks really matter in building the primary attraction however, the personality is the key which will make the attraction last a long time before actually developing into a mutual affection. To sum it all up, you can attract a person with your looks and make him/her fall in love with your personality!
  8. hi people! I'm Claire and I have a lot of interest in talking about anything under the sun. Nice meeting you all!
  9. For me, books and movies have different allure and I loved reading the book first since its very detailed and it makes my imagination run wild. Its even better if the movie adaption matches up with my imagination. I really liked Nicholas Sparks novels turned movies like The Notebook, Safe Haven, The Last Song, The Best of Me and A Walk To Remember. Both the book and the movie adaption gave me the same sentimental and painfully satisfying endings.
  10. In break ups, I believe it is really important to assess your feelings first if you are really willing to let go of that person or external matters like financial, work, family,addiction,long distance relationship and mistrust are stressing both of you out which makes you think that you do not love the other party at all. It is really important to determine the main problem so that you can decide to fix it or learn a lesson before moving. If you are already sure that your relationship is not working anymore and you have to end it, its better not to sugarcoat the truth. The more you prolong being hung up on telling the truth, the more hurt it will cause you and the other party. Its better to end it with one blow rather than dragging it on and on.
  11. If you are looking for movies with strong female protagonists, I recommend: Winter's War- it has a serious case of pure female dominance throughout the realm Divergent and The Hunger Games both have awesome, fearless, witty and skilled female heroines If you are interested in watching historical based badass female warrior, try watching Mulan and Empress Ki