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Found 5 results

  1. I've known people who aren't gay nor lesbians but acts so feminine and masculine. I have a friend who is a guy and dates girls but acts so feminine, so girlish but he said that isn't gay. It's just the way he projects himself and is cool with it. My hubby's cousin also acts too girly with the way he moves but he said that he is straight and oftentimes he feel mad and offended when people think that he is gay or bisexual. I also have schoolmates who acts like boys and men especially with the way they dress and walk, but aren't lesbians and dates men. What do you think about men being too feminine and women too masculine but aren't considered as LGBT?
  2. I was watching a TV series recently where one of the characters is bisexual. Her first love was a boy but she also fell in love with a girl who was her classmate. Initially her boyfriend was fine with it but the two when they, met demanded that she choose to be with one of them. In real life things may be that complicated and maybe even more complicated because once everyone knows your sexual orientation it might be hard to find someone to love. I've even heard it said that though many people think bisexuals "get the best of both worlds" bisexuals find it hard to find someone to love "forever" because [society as yet doesn't accept people who are attracted to both men and women] and when they do fall in love they have to make some really tough choices. Thoughts?
  3. According to an article I read lots of women even if they don't know it, are bisexual. http://www.medicaldaily.com/female-sexuality-straight-women-turned-attractive-women-are-either-bisexual-or-gay-360486 What do you think of these findings? Do they ring true? Do you think many women repress their emotions because they don't know the facts?
  4. Do you think it's just about religion and cultural concepts or is it something deeper within the human mind? Some kind of aversion? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  5. First official message, here goes. So, I just turned 20, less than 2 weeks ago, but I've never dated anyone seriously, ever. Some of my friends have steady relationships already, but I've never actually gone out with boys for more than a few weeks. I say boys, because until recently, this seemed to be my only choice. For years, my parents and group of friends keep telling me how dating works, and I grew up thinking girls are supposed to date boys, because it's "normal". The plan was always, find a nice guy, get married and have kids. But what if I find boys to be... not my type? I mean, I feel much closer to girls, I find them to be much more interesting. What I'm saying is, I do enjoy my time with guys, but I feel that there's something missing. I've never asked a girl out before, but when I think about it, I find myself smiling. I never thought I'd be so confused! Am I attracted to girls? Have I not found the right guy yet? I haven't told this to anyone, this is the first time I'm talking about how I feel, I don't even know anyone who's gay or lesbian so it's very difficult for me to relate. So, how do you know who you are? Am I bisexual? Am I just telling myself I 'have' to like boys, when in fact, I'm a lesbian? I don't like feeling like this, it's very uncomfortable, and have no one to talk to about it
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