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Found 10 results

  1. Just saw this video on YouTube and I thought it is worth sharing. For those people who are scared to come out and for those who already did https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3K0CJ8usPU
  2. How did everyone here *know* you were ready to come out? I'm afraid if I come out to may parents and family and friends they'll look at me differently, and I don't want that to happen. Yet, I can't stay in the closet forever! How do you know you're ready to come out as a lesbian? Is there a defining moment you can describe?
  3. I've seen a few these guides on a number of sites for the LGBT community but I'm not that sure that they are all that helpful. While a guide can offer some steps on what should be done they may not prepare someone for negative reactions that might follow and how they should respond to them. Have any of you read any of these guides? Do you think someone who's struggling and unsure of how or when they should come out will find the information contained therein (in these coming out guides) helpful?
  4. Hey gurls, I have a major problem I try to deal with but it's getting frustrating! So, I'm in a relationship, we've been together for months, we're happy and even got to the point where we say the L word to eachother! Problem is, I so want to come out!!!! But my girlfriend is afraid, we keep talking about it and both agree it sucks having to hide the relationship from everyone, so coming out is definitely the next important step. But she's afraid. Every time I talk her into it, she seems ready and all, then she backs out... What should I do?? I don't want to keep hiding it, I love this girl and want to shout it in everyone's face! Any advice?
  5. So, here's a question for everyone: are you ever afraid someone you confessed your sexuality to might out you one day? I've told my sister about me being bi, and I trust her completely, but sometimes I think, what if she tells someone I'm LGBT by mistake? What if - even if I told her not to tell a soul, no matter what! - she blabs everything out because she thinks it might help me? I'm not constantly afraid my sister will out me, but sometimes I wonder about this stuff.
  6. So, even if coming out to both our families was our New Year's resolution, my gf. backed out again. That's ok, I can understand her, and I will love and support her until she is ready to tell people. However, I was yet again very excited about doing 'the coming out' with her, I had build it up in my head and, well, it's a bit disappointing it didn't happen. For a few days now, I keep feeling guilty. I'm ready to tell my family and everyone else, but I can't betray my girlfriend! However, I feel guilty towards my family, I feel that I'm somehow cheating in them or something. Have you ever felt like this before? Will it pass? I haven't told my girlfriend I feel guilty yet, I don't want her to think I'm pressuring her.
  7. Hi everyone! This is my first post here. Let me introduce myself, I'm Kitty, I'm 17 and I recently came out to my mom. However, my coming out story was a disaster and now I just don't know what to do anymore! My brother, he's 27, is gay. He came out as gay, and my mom acted all OK with it. This was last year. A few weeks ago, I decided to come out to my mom as well. I was SURE everything was going to be fine! So, I told my mom I like other girls. That's when things started getting weird! My mom doesn't accept me as a lesbian. She says it's just a phase, she says it's because I grew up without my dad and I just don't know what a man figure is. But that's not true, I really am LGBT, she just doesn't want to understand it. I don't know what to do anymore. Why does she accept my brother but not me? It just doesn't make any sense
  8. Coming out can be difficult and, before officially coming out to family and friends who don't know, I'm sure everyone knows reactions can be both good or bad... But is anyone really prepared to be not accepted as gay/lesbian/etc?
  9. I was wondering, how much encouraging is too much? We (my gf. and I) have a few friends who are afraid to come out. None of them is a teenager anymore, some already have girlfriends but they hide the relationship, some want to meet same sex partners but can't because they're secretly gay. Can't meet someone if you don't put yourself out there... So, we've been out in the open for a while now and felt free and, of course, there's the occasional judging behind our backs but you live with it.. no one's perfect.. and we keep trying to talk to these women and encourage them that it's OK to come out. It's not that scary, and it's a good thing because we'll be there for them to support them through the whole coming out process! However, I was wondering, do we risk forcing these women to come out? We did kinda talk about it a lot... sometimes I feel we're too pushy and I know this is a difficult thing to do, even as adults, so I thought, maybe we should back off for a while. What would you do? Do you usually encourage other people to come out? How much encouraging is too much? How do you know you're not forcing someone to do something they don't want, just because you think coming out is good for them?
  10. I was wondering, why does the LGBT community have the 'need' to come out? Sexuality is personal and, while I understand some cultures are more conservative, most countries in the world aren't (I think). Family can be against it, but they can just as well be against an opposite sex partner they simply don't like. It happens a lot.. Happened tome with my first boyfriend, no one in the family liked him. So, I was comparing situations, what's the difference between a boyfriend loved ones don't approve of, and a girlfriend? They either approve or they don't, your feelings will remain the same whichever the case. I wonder if the day will ever come, when a couple can just "be", without the need to explain your sexuality to your family and friends. The day when you would come home and present your girlfriend to your parents.
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