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Found 6 results

  1. Here's something that should develop into an interesting debate: what do you consider cheating? I'm not talking about the obvious affairs, that's definitely cheating! But, is kissing someone else cheating? Is holding someone's hand cheating? Is confiding in someone else other than your partner cheating? What do you think? Can you define cheating ?
  2. My friend just found out that his girlfriend made out with his best friend. Both of them are sorry and said that it was an accident because they were both drunk. He loves them both but feels really betrayed and cheated and he just don't know how to forgive them. I told him to drop them both. There's no excuse for what they did and they can't blame the liquor for their carelessness. But the problem is that he just couldn't since he loves them both. So it's really a tough situation for him.
  3. Hey gurls, I have a major problem I try to deal with but it's getting frustrating! So, I'm in a relationship, we've been together for months, we're happy and even got to the point where we say the L word to eachother! Problem is, I so want to come out!!!! But my girlfriend is afraid, we keep talking about it and both agree it sucks having to hide the relationship from everyone, so coming out is definitely the next important step. But she's afraid. Every time I talk her into it, she seems ready and all, then she backs out... What should I do?? I don't want to keep hiding it, I love this girl and want to shout it in everyone's face! Any advice?
  4. I think it's time for me to confess something I've never told anyone before! So, I'm a closeted lesbian, and for now it's going to stay that way! I have no intention of coming out anytime soon. The problem, however, is that ever since I have accepted myself, I started to be more interested in LGBT issues, I'm more involved in forums such as this one and so on. I'd love to have someone else to talk about this stuff but I'm afraid to tell my best friend because I think I might have feelings for her. At first I thought it was a phase, since we were always together and I was very confused, I thought this is something I shouldn't pursue because it will go away. But it didn't. I see my best friend almost every day, and instead of things getting back to normal, I feel more and more attracted to her and I don;t know why! I've never felt that for her before, we were best friends and that's it! And she's definitely not a lesbian, which makes it even worse! Can someone please help me with some advice? I thought about seeing her less, finding excuses not to see her but that would make her suspicious and eventually she'll sense that somethings wrong! I just don't know what to do ..
  5. I know the answer to my question is definitely "no", but before anyone jumps in, please hear me out. I once dated a guy who I felt was criticizing me a lot. Needless to say we're not together anymore, but being with him got me thinking. I believe if someone wants to be with me, then they gotta like the whole me. But if there are small things that bother them, I'd be willing to 'adapt'. Small things like, how much lip gloss I'm wearing or sending too many "cutesy" messages. It's small stuff, so not a big deal. But when they criticize stuff and compare you to others, that's too much, right? I've once literally been told I should change the way I dress and be more like his sister. Well, that was a deal-breaker! So, what about you? Where's your limit in a relationship? How much criticism are you willing to take in the name of love?
  6. From a scale from 1 to 10, how difficult would you say it is to hide a serious relationship? I find this to be one big issue when it comes to gay relationships. When either 1 or both partners are still in the closet, do you think hiding the romance a great deal or a necessary sacrifice that doesn't bother you that much?
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