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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all, I came across a few member profiles and saw that some members are struggling to fit their cover photos into the fixed height. I've added an option under Account Settings > Cover for you to set your Cover Height. Members are allowed to set up to 450px (instead of the default 200px). Check out my profile (SElf) and see the max height the cover photo can be. That's 450px. * The cover photo you upload doesn't need to be maxed at 450px, because for any cover photo that is higher than 450px will allow you to reposition your cover photo. For example, if you uploaded a cover photo of height 800px, and in your Cover settings you set 300px, then you'll be able to reposition the cover photo to show the best part of the cover photo in the height of 300px. I hope this makes sense.
  2. Hi guys, I have made Dark theme available to Admin, Moderator and VIMs because (Update) everyone although it's still not perfect yet. You can change your theme by scrolling down to the footer and choose your theme from there. Have your say if you think something didn't work as expected or if there's something need to be improved. There are still a few things I need to tweak for this Dark theme. Thank you.
  3. Hey guys, As suggested here, you can now add your self-defined gender by going to your profile, then Edit Profile.
  4. Hi beloved members, It's snowing on GLG site, and the snow is heavy enough for me so I made two cool snow women. They'll sit beside our logo and accompany us till 2017! If anyone encounter any issue, I'll disable the snow.
  5. Hey my beloved members, I have just created a new section called the "Gamertainments & Chillax". I don't know it sounds a little complicated, but yeah you get the idea don't you? Let's have some fun there!
  6. We spent a decent amount of time to add A LOT of emoticons, some are static emoticons and some of them are animated emoticons. As shown in the screenshot, click on the smiley face icon on your toolbar to bring up the emoticons interface. You can do an overall quick search e.g. "grin", or you can click on any category under the Categories dropdown list to find emoticons too. Old Skool is by far the category we love the most! The much younger generation might not seen them before, but it's probably familiar to us from the older generations. Enjoy!
  7. Hi, We received a number of questions recently, typically on how to use certain functions on the forums. So we decided to open a new section called "Site FAQs & How-To" (near the bottom of the forum list). In this forum section, members can post site's functionalities related questions. However, only staff members can answer the questions to ensure the accuracy of the answers. Feel free to ask any questions (even if you already know how) as this will help many members (especially the new members) to learn about how to navigate and use the forums. This section is a little different from other forum sections in terms of format but each of the questions you ask will be counted towards your total post count. Kindly ensure the question that you want to ask has not been asked before. And note that this section is only for the questions related to the site's functionalities, not for the questions you may have for girls/lesbian/bi issues and etc. which already has their own sections under "Support Corner" and "LGBT Lounge" forum categories. Thank you very much.
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