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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys, As you can see, we have three forum sections under Support Corner for members to seek support/advice. Then we have General LGBT forum section under LGBT Lounge for all LGBT related discussions that doesn't fit under the Support Corner sections. Is there something you want to see, specifically for lesbian, bisexual women and/or LGBT+ related? There's currently no plan to add more sections for non-LGBT related discussions.
  2. Hi our beloved members, As suggested by the title, is there anything you guys want on this forum? I do not want to blindly add features that nobody uses as it will slow down the website (though not much) unnecessarily. So be open and suggest. However, the implementation of the requested features will be heavily depending on the plugin availability. Also, if any requests require a paid forum plugin, I will be happy to consider paying for it as long as at least a few members will make use of it.
  3. u should add in the profile field on singup section Gender that way it shows in the profile
  4. The ability to jump up or down to the top or bottom of the page without scrolling. As suggested by @notathoughtgiven
  5. The ability to mult-quote when using the mouse to select a passage to quote. As suggested by @notathoughtgiven I have suggested this to IPS. Will update this topic if they ever consider this idea.
  6. The ability to bookmark in the forum certain posts. Sometimes I don't have the time to respond with the answer I want to give so it would be nice to be able to book mark it for later. Also sometimes a thread will become real interesting with someone's post and it would be nice to bookmark it there so I can go back to that point. As suggested by @notathoughtgiven
  7. I like to selective quote and write my comment to that quote as I go through people's posts on a thread. Which is fine as long as the posts don't go on to the next page. Would it be possible to have a "Save Draft" function like they do on Xenforo forums so when I go to the next page of posts what I have written already is in the post box. Even better for those times when I have to stop writing my post and come back to it later. Thanks
  8. Hey! Sorry in advance if there is one and I missed it.. But I couldn't find an FAQ on the forum and not only that, but I couldn't really find the answers I was looking for either. One of the biggest things I didn't really see the answer to is who is allowed / encouraged to post here? Obviously the forum is designed around girl love, but does it welcome gay males as well? What about MtF girls? What about people who are merely friends or families of a lesbian and come here for questions or help? It would be nice to know for sure policies like that. ^^ Again, apologies if it is already stated somewhere, but then maybe we can say the suggestion here is to make that somewhere more apparent?
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