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Is the person you feel like and the person you act like the same?

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Mine are totally not and I'm hoping I'm not alone lol.

In my mind, I'm like this chill relaxed gal, listening to festival music and riding my bike everywhere and staying conscious of what I put in my body. Just very connected spiritually and therefore very calm.

The real me? Is a neurotic spaz; there is nothing "chill" about me. My mind is constantly running, worrying or planning.

I'm not easy going about anything really.

I have friends that I could say "Hey I'm leaving for Costa Rica tomorrow and I have an extra ticket wanna come?" And they would!

I can't even handle someone popping over for a visit without 24 hours notice so I could never!

Anyway, anyone else feel this way?

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Yes there is definitely two sided of me but not extreme. I think I feel like being a more perfect person in terms of temper and patience. But in fact I'm less of a patient person, i act really differently when I am driving. I couldn't even believe myself but other than that I'm quite fine and synced with what I feel I am.

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They definitely aren't the same as I always feel like I could be cool and collected yet I'm just a silent nerd who doesn't know how to have a normal conversation outside the internet. The "me" in my mental scenarios is merely an idealized version of myself and in reality I'm far from that version. Sometimes I even feel like a liar when I introduce myself online since it sounds so much different than what I'd say in real life. :grinning:


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I think I'm the same person inside out. I'm jolly and witty and always surround myself with people who loves me. I have different mood swings and always worry too much even though I always tell people not to worry. I can't help to be stressed out when things don't go smoothly and not keep it to myself. I don't pretend to be happy or sad if I don't really feel that way. I just simply express what's really inside me :)


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