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Are you a good cook?

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20 hours ago, Decentlady said:

Lol it was fun reading this. Wives actually love it when their husband helps them in kitchen. It is only a problem when they start touching/opening every utensil/lid as if inspecting and actually stands in front of the stove and do nothing but obstruct! 😂


In my case she thinks that I will disturb her system of the kitchen. If I enter into the kitchen in her presence she immediately rushes and tells me about different spices, their quantity to be used, what to do and what not to do or use this cookware and not the other one.  Ghee is not good for health but one should use soy oil in this dish instead and so on.

She thinks that I will disturb her setting and the worst of all she thinks I am no good for nothing when it comes to kitchen. Incidentally I was the one who taught her how to prepare certain dishes after our marriage.


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