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Do you guys want anything added to the forum?

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Can we have a theme where we get the clear option of New posts? That really help save time and my data as well lol. I love this theme too but I think that particular feature can be really helpful.


It is just easier to see what I have missed since my last visit. Can you please consider it?


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Hey @Decentlady,

I think maybe you're referring to this? :) This is exactly where you can see the unread topics (since your last visit), regardless of new or existing topics.


Also, the "My Activity Stream" is a quite powerful tool on this forum, you can use the default streams or create your own stream cater to your needs. :)

Screenshot 2017-01-11 16.23.43.png

Note: When it says "content", this includes topics, gallery images, blog posts and so on. When it says "topics", this is just the topics itself.

Hope this helps! If not, let me know again. :)



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