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Ability to Adjust Profile Cover Photo's Height

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Hello all,

I came across a few member profiles and saw that some members are struggling to fit their cover photos into the fixed height. I've added an option under Account Settings > Cover for you to set your Cover Height. Members are allowed to set up to 450px (instead of the default 200px). Check out my profile (SElf) and see the max height the cover photo can be. That's 450px. :)

* The cover photo you upload doesn't need to be maxed at 450px, because for any cover photo that is higher than 450px will allow you to reposition your cover photo. For example, if you uploaded a cover photo of height 800px, and in your Cover settings you set 300px, then you'll be able to reposition the cover photo to show the best part of the cover photo in the height of 300px. I hope this makes sense. :)


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