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How do I tell her? [split]

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Sorry, SElf, I guess I did get a bit off-topic *blushes* 

I agree, 'forever' just sounds too...permanent :*) Actually, my current GF is the second girl I've dated. Oh, I've absolutely experienced a lot of sadness and disappointment when it comes to romance. I had a bad habit of liking the wrong people who I knew were bad for me in the past and that led to a lot of heartache. So my advice would be to Lindsey to take it slow with the next girl she likes and confesses to. Going too fast too soon can be disastrous for your mental health.

I see what you mean, to7update. Sometimes it's good to make your feelings clear, even if it does confuse things for you and that other person. You're doing a disservice to that friend if you're lying to them about the true nature of your relationship by hiding your feelings. 


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Yeah, and it causes pain really. The nature of a relation should be clear, but of course that the beginning of a relation is anything but clear haha. As for being forever, of course it's not, or at least we should not see it like that. From the moment we take a relation for granted, we are killing it. ;)


Thinking about something clever to say here. :beach:

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