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What operating system do you prefer?

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7 hours ago, Decentlady said:

I tried Apple iOS for smartphone but found it really a nuisance especially when I wanted to share or transfer files.

I am an Apple geek, BUT this definitely annoys me to the max. I am also an Android geek, but Android is annoying in terms of random battery draining - even if I optimised the phone so well there will still be something that on and off draining the battery, especially Google Play Services and some random 3rd party apps.


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I'm choosing Android as my favorite and preferred OS simply because of the fact that there are thousands of available free applications that can be downloaded, it's user friendly and customizeable. I tried iOS plenty of times but never owned one as I always like the feel of Android phones.

For my laptop, I've been using Windows ever since I learned how to use a computer but now I plan on switching to Linux. I just want to try it and see the difference. And even if I would like to keep my Windows 10 on my ancient laptop, I just can't because of how much RAM it's consuming. So I need to convert to a lighter and faster OS.


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